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If you’re looking for the Photoshop icon, it’s the small, single-pointed tool with an S on it.

Figure 1-1. Photoshop opens with a large, bright workspace, ready to start image-editing chores. Left: If you’ve opened a file, you see a thumbnail of the image in the background of the window. Right: Photoshop in a window on the desktop with a single layer of a compressed image in the foreground. If you mouse over the image thumbnail, a light gray box with the image’s name appears. (See the box on the next page.)

The Photoshop window looks familiar. It’s a lot like the image editor you use for photo-editing on your mobile devices. But it contains a number of keyboard shortcuts that work in both desktop and mobile modes. If you’re familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for iPhoto on the iPhone, you’ll be right at home in Photoshop:

* **C** orks the most common function on your keyboard, Cut. To cut a layer, select the layer in the Layers palette or the thumbnail of the layer in the workspace, and then press C.

Figure 1-2, left, shows the Layers palette in the main window with two layers on it. Double-

Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 PC/Windows

So what tools does it provide that are not in Photoshop?

Under the hood:

Depth of tools:

This tool is more powerful in Photoshop than in any other editor. Its functions, such as Edit > Fill and Stroke and Edit > Extract > Mask are all very useful.

For example, you can easily change the opacity of a layer in Photoshop to make it translucent or opaque. If you are using Blended Photoshop (an old version), the channel will automatically become Opaque.

Where to find the tool in Photoshop:

You can find the function by going through these steps:

Open the layer you want to modify. Open the Channel mixer (View > Channels). Click on the icon of the foreground color. It will appear as a channel that you can edit. Select the icon in the white area. Change the value of the channel.

This function is not available in Photoshop Elements.

You can find some similar tools in other editors. You can refer to this article.

Drawing tools:

In this edition, the drawing tools is fully equivalent to the professional version. It has the same advantages and tools.

Where to find the tool in Photoshop:

You can find the function by going through these steps:

Right-click on the image to be edited. Press the Draw tool. Press the brush icon (Paintbrush). You can select the brush. Press the Brush tool (Eraser).

You can draw any shape you want. You can turn it into a polygon and manipulate the angles and sizes to quickly add or remove parts from a figure. For example, it is convenient to add a hand or other body parts to create an interesting image.

Where to find the tool in Photoshop:

Go through these steps:

Draw the shape you want. Press Lasso tool. You can select the surrounding area of the figure and draw it. Press the Select tool. Convert the shapes into outlines with the Draw tool.

You can change the direction and layer of your drawing by pressing the Arrow keys.

Where to find the tool in Photoshop:

Go through these steps:

Select the layer you want to edit. Click on the layer thumbnail. Press the drawing tool. The draw tool will be selected in the layer.

You can erase and change the shape of the drawing. The tool has similar functions as the Line tool and Pen tool in

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What’s New In?


For most image editing tasks, the Brush tool is a great choice. The Brush tool can be used to add, remove, or manipulate specific portions of an image. In addition to modifying the underlying pixels, you can change the brush size or width. The brush can also be used as a drawing tool.

As the previous image has shown, the Brush tool can be used to draw and paint with any colors. Some of the tools in the Brush toolbox include the Paint Bucket, airbrush, burn, blurred, burn-in, brush, dodge, exposure, fill, flatten, fill, grow, paste, spot healing, soft-edge brush, spot healing with contrast, spot healing with contrast and shadow, spot healing with saturation, spot healing with lightness, spot healing with colors, and spot healing with recovery. You also have settings called Sample All Layers and Apply to Smart Objects that allow you to modify an image or selection in layers.


The Burn tool allows you to burn away parts of an image to create a highlight effect. (BURN is the Burn tool in its own right.)

The Burn tool is the counterpart to the Dodge tool, discussed in the previous tip. The Burn tool is best for burning out highlights in a photo. To use the Burn tool to create a highlight effect, follow these steps:

1. Select the Burn tool from the toolbox.

2. Click the area of the photo you wish to burn out.

3. Drag across the photo until you have a highlight effect.

4. Press Ctrl+K (PC: , ) to duplicate the burn.

5. Select the Burn tool again and drag the new selection over the highlighted area.

You can also achieve similar effects by using the Dodge tool and the Burn tool.


The Brush tool is great for adding small amounts of paint in specific areas of a photo. You can use the Brush tool to add a paintbrush stroke effect to a photo.

To apply a brush stroke to a photo, follow these steps:

1. Select the Brush tool from the toolbox.

2. From the Tool Options area, select the Brush preset you want to use.

In Figure 7-10, you see the brush presets. These brush presets are very well organized. Each preset can be used in different ways. For example, the Airbrush preset is a subtle brush

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