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* **Illustrator:** Adobe Illustrator is an illustration program used by designers for vector graphics (see Chapter 12). It has features to create illustrations as well as graphics that will work in Web browsers. * **Flash:** Flash is used for animation and many other design elements. Flash’s features come in two versions: Actions, which can be used from a menu to perform a sequence of tasks, and code, which is used for coding individual events in animations. Both work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms and on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. * **Illustrator, Flash, and Photoshop:** You can use these three programs to create graphics or produce digital material for a Web site (see the section «Getting More Out of a WYSIWYG Editor,» later in this chapter). In other words, a Web designer, illustrator, or programmer often works in one or two of these programs. Either way, I discuss the import-export functions of these programs for moving information between them in the section «Importing and Exporting in Photoshop,» later in this chapter. * **InDesign:** You can use InDesign to make layouts of text and graphics, as well as manipulate such elements as placeholders, stamps, and frames for titles and other design elements. Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing. It’s ubiquitous and almost certainly on any machine a Web designer needs to use. Because of this, learning to use the program is essential if you want to create a site that has all of its digital elements defined and published. The software is available for several operating systems and multiple platforms. You can get Photoshop on a Mac or an Intel PC, as well as on a Windows PC or in a Mac OS. You can also get the software through an online service, Adobe’s online subscription service, called Creative Cloud, which is an update to the company’s Creative Suite subscription. (For more on Creative Cloud, visit If you’re not familiar with Adobe products, a service such as this will let you get Photoshop (see the next section) as well as a lot more other tools for a reasonable monthly fee. The other components of the subscription include the following: * **Creative Suite:** This is the collection of tools that includes Adobe InDesign and Premiere Elements, as well as the standard Adobe PhotoShop Elements

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Adobe Photoshop is used by photographers and designers to take snapshots, edit images, design print and web versions of their work, as well as create interactive graphics like videos. It also enables them to create, manipulate, and print high-resolution documents, photos, and graphics. Photoshop was introduced in 1990 as a tool designed to quickly and conveniently edit and create digital images, in addition to being a program for those who wanted to do graphic design. It is now a standard part of the toolbox for artists and designers. Adobe Photoshop was originally named ‘Adobe Photo Deluxe’, but was rebranded in 1987 to distinguish it from other software based on the word ‘photo’. It has since become a multimedia tool for creating vector graphics, web graphics, photo retouching, compositing and various other digital-based projects. Users can use Photoshop as a photo editor, or a vector graphics editor. The latter allows users to create complex, clean and intricate illustrations and graphics. When they do so, they use an imported or converted graphic as a vector figure. Photoshop is suitable for creating anything from a simple drawing to an elaborate print design. The program is also popular among designers because it is good at separating images and graphics. With the help of this software, a user can split and manipulate photographs and images into separate layers. They can also combine many layers into a single image. For example, a user can use ‘Edit > Layer > New’ to create a new layer. They can then use ‘Select > Inverse’ to select the inverse of the selection and use the ‘Dissolve’ command to create a seamless image. You can also cut or chop an image into segments by using the ‘Select > Modify > Cut’ or ‘Select > Modify > Cut’ commands. Once it’s chopped into a number of segments, you can combine the segments into one. You can then use ‘Select > Combine > Join’ or ‘Select > Combine > Join’ commands to put the segments together in one image. You can also use the ‘Modify > Expand > Recycle Bin’ command to take a selection and copy it to the recycle bin. You can then use the ‘Select > Modify > Blur’ command and blur that selection to create a different result. a681f4349e

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# 模板引擎 > 当前所有实现了文件,表单, 全局,语法解析,注释和模板引擎的模块

System Requirements:

Pentium 3 or later Windows 7 (32-bit only) DirectX 11 (OpenGL 3.0) or later A 2.8GHz processor 4GB RAM 19GB free HDD space 1024×768 or better display resolution Windows XP with Service Pack 3 DirectX 9 or later 2GB RAM Minimal details are used to ensure the immersive

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