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General Information

Hammerting is a unique online multiplayer game that has a strong base in tactical, strategy and card game elements. It sets itself apart from other similar games by allowing players to earn money through actual game play, rather than having them rely on losing other people’s money.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from some of you and it’s been most excellent. We have tried hard to make this a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone, and we have just about nailed it. With that said, all of you that have been around since the beginning are due an update, and we are going to deliver that to you this weekend on Steam. We will get your orders out to you over the next few weeks as we build and test. We are happy to announce that we will be launching a separate Discord server to house new players, as well as for other socializing purposes. I will be personally managing and monitoring the server, as well as making sure that this is a safe space for everyone. Additionally, there will be a separate set of rules so that the people can play how they want to and not worry about hurting people’s feelings. I would like to remind everyone that this is a video game, and the social stuff is part of that, but the server is for player, not player-player interaction. We will see everyone this weekend, and hope to have you all in, excited to get started!”

Developer’s Description

The game is an ode to the cult classic game Galaxy Trucker, but with a different and new perspective on combat. It’s a strategic turn-based game that allows players to choose and lead their own custom interstellar freighters from the year 2093, and to go out and explore the galaxy on a journey of profit. Just be warned, there’s a lot to do to become a legend:

Earn money
It’s all about the money, so get to work.

Build the ship
The ship is the driving force in the game, so make it the ultimate space-going vessel.

Explore the galaxy
There’s an awful lot of it out there, so you might as well pick up some pocket change as you go.

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest review. This time I have a game I picked up at a bargain price on my first foray to the Steam Summer Sale. Hammerting: Space Empires is a beautiful turn-based strategy game from a company called Peak11 Games. It�


Features Key:

  • Colorful graphics and animations. A high degree of detail polish
  • 2 unique game modes


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Realistic Physics
Easy to use and maneuver your locomotive in the sandbox mode.
Optimized especially for Train Simulator 2014 to ensure maximum realism.
Surveyor mode
Surveyor is a unique feature that allows users to play your locomotive on virtual
tracks in the Sandbox mode. The locomotive will be automatically loaded into the
Sandbox with the default graphics, sounds and animations and it will be placed at
your chosen sandbox station. Trainz finds the perfect graphics, sounds and animations
from your Steam Inventory to fit your game. This allows users to bring their Steam
inventories to the world of Train Simulator for the first time.
Minimum Requirements:
Requires Train Simulator 2014
Windows XP or later
Trainz Original Full License

Prairie Enterprise:
The modern era of locomotives began with the steam locomotive, today they are a
smooth running, noiseless power in the Railway field today. With Trainz you can be
one of these modern day locomotives. Trainz is a realistic simulator and simulates
the behavior of the real world. It does this by using state-of-the-art physics
engine, 3D visualization engine and with help of a graphics-processing unit (GPU).
Trainz will show you how real train engines would behave, how hard they brake and
how long it takes to stop. Trainz will teach you how to become a real
railroad driver.
At the center of Trainz is the engine, which powers the train and controls its movement.
The engine is responsible for turning the gears that the train uses to move and will
be your friend throughout your journey. The engine will never leave you stranded, even if
the train is a bit stuck in an area. It will never run out of fuel, even when your brakes
are fully on. The engine will often need maintenance, and the repair shop will come in
handy to help you out.
3D Graphics:
3D graphics powered by the graphics-processing unit. Using the GPU gives you real-time
animation, high quality 3D graphics, realistic particles, shadows, lightning and more.
Recommended Requirements:
Requires Windows 7 or later
CPU: Quad-Core 2GHz or later
Memory: 2GB+
Video: GeForce 8600 or later or Radeon HD 2650
Storage: 50GB HD space


Astro Adventures: And The Portals Of Madness For Windows [Updated]

A science fiction adventure game set in the year 2106, when Earth is hit by devastating cosmic storms and is on the brink of total annihilation. The survival of Earth’s population depends on you and your hero vehicle. Keep your cool in extreme conditions, overcome the obstacles of this futuristic setting and ultimately ensure the survival of humanity. Mission Instructions Guide the crew of the “Green Arrow” along a journey where every second counts!
Key Features:
• 10 missions with 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard
• Realistic car physics: The weight and balance of the vehicle are just as important as the controls. Car settings for the vehicle must be adjusted to ensure optimal performance. This includes detailed handling, suspension, shift, and brake settings.
• Great mission design and story: Meet interesting characters and solve diverse mission objectives
• Realistic nature setting: You navigate through nature in environments and weather conditions ranging from winter to tropical island
• Dynamic, immersive environment: From the arctic tundra to the storm-wracked ocean, the environment is a huge part of the game.
• Daily and weekly challenges: Completing challenges opens access to new items, vehicles and modules.
• High replayability: The game is great for both beginners and seasoned gamers
• Several endings
• Over 70 different vehicles and accessories: Think of them as your own customised Hero vehicle, capable of incredible abilities that are available to upgrade
• Great graphics, authentic sounds and design
Enjoy real, intense, high-speed racing in the ultimate driving experience:
New vehicles. New locations. New challenges. Driving is no longer a luxury but a necessity. To stay alive, your vehicle must remain balanced and ready for action. The only thing that can stop you from winning is bad driving.
Discover unique settings. It is not just the weather that matters, but also the terrain you are driving through. In the arctic, the tundra is smooth. In the desert, there are sand dunes.
High-speed action. Like the racing world, the track is always evolving. The three difficulties allow you to tackle your challenges the way you want.
Realistic handling. The handling of the vehicles is just as important as the controls.
A physics-driven driving simulator with real car settings.
Record your best driving times and test your skills.
A huge variety of vehicles. Take your pick from over 70 different vehicles and their upgrades.
A huge variety of locations. Drive through ice, desert


What’s new in Astro Adventures: And The Portals Of Madness:

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