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The AutoCAD Torrent Download software engine runs on most Microsoft Windows platforms, including Microsoft Windows 10 Home/Pro, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. AutoCAD 2017 SP1, released in October 2015, requires Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update for Business. AutoCAD 2018 SP1 requires Microsoft Windows 10 version 1607 or Windows 8.1 Update for Business. AutoCAD 2019 requires Microsoft Windows 10 version 1803 or Windows 8.1 Update for Business. Windows Server 2019 requires Microsoft Windows Server 2016. The source code for AutoCAD software is available.

The Autodesk’s AutoCAD website states that Autodesk is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company and that the company was founded in 1982. However, the Autodesk website does not indicate what happened to the original publisher of AutoCAD. In March 2003, Autodesk announced that an investment group was buying the company, stating that the company will continue to support its older products and develop new software and services. On October 13, 2003, Autodesk announced that it was selling AutoCAD and related products to X-Plane Technologies, Inc., which will maintain the AutoCAD brand and continue development of AutoCAD products, and that the company was converting its Autodesk-owned AutoCAD Design Suite, AutoCAD Architecture Suite, and other products and services to X-Plane Technologies. X-Plane Technologies, Inc. was later renamed Altium Inc. in 2007.

On June 11, 2005, Autodesk announced that it had acquired the German AutoCAD company, AGC. AutoCAD AGC included AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD-2000, AutoCAD Web Designer, and AGC Manager.

Autodesk AutoCAD R14 (Revision 14) was released on September 30, 2009.

In 2014, Autodesk acquired Tekla Software, a small, private British company which developed design automation software.

Version history

AutoCAD components

Key applications in the AutoCAD product family include the following:

AutoCAD – a desktop-based CAD software application.

AutoCAD Architecture – 3D building design tool for architecture and engineering.

AutoCAD LT – a cost-effective CAD program for medium- to smaller-sized organizations.

AutoCAD Web Designer – web-based

AutoCAD 24.2 With License Code [Latest] 2022

AutoCAD came to be on May 1, 1989, when Autodesk developed the first version of AutoCAD.

The first Autocad design program shipped on August 8, 1989, and was called Advanced Technology version.

AutoCAD LT (Light Version) was developed in 1993. It was the predecessor to AutoCAD LT and Basic. The first version released for personal computer was AutoCAD Basic 3.5. The first Autodesk product based on AutoCAD LT was AutoCAD Architecture 2.0 (based on AutoCAD LT for Architecture 2.0).

AutoCAD 2000 (known internally as 2.x) was introduced on October 26, 1996. It was the second iteration of AutoCAD. AutoCAD 2000 introduced a brand new drawing/plotting engine, a new tool palette and user interface, and a command line.

AutoCAD 2.1 was released on May 31, 1997. It was a major update to AutoCAD 2000, which was at version 2.0. AutoCAD 2.1 was the first Autodesk product to include a built-in rendering engine, which was based on the Xerox ClearType software package. This provided support for high quality typesetting (including variable pitch and true type fonts) as well as subpixel rendering. In addition, the rendering engine enabled the inclusion of graphic layers.

AutoCAD 3.0 was released on November 9, 1997. It was the first version of AutoCAD to include a 64-bit software architecture and a 64-bit operating system, Windows NT. Other changes in AutoCAD 3.0 included: 32-bit and 64-bit support, Power PC support, integration with Microsoft Word and Excel (including the ability to import and export DOC files), enhanced user interface, new plotting engine and an updated command line. In addition, 3.0 added functionality to AutoCAD for generating 2D drafting and architectural plans.

AutoCAD 3.5 was released on November 9, 2000, along with the AutoCAD (Advanced Technology) family. The first AutoCAD release that included both AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD for Architecture (based on AutoCAD LT 2.0 for Architecture) was AutoCAD LT for Architecture.

AutoCAD 2004 (version 3.x) was introduced on September 8, 2003. It included many enhancements to the command line, including

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The Markup Import option enables you to import any source for feedback. The document format needs to be standard; no compressed images or other proprietary formats are supported. The source information can include a paper draft of a drawing or any text file with design feedback (an image or PDF). This is faster than using an image or PDF to provide feedback. The source information must be in the same file format as the drawing.

You can set any text or callout that appears in the source document as a callout in the drawing. The text or callout can include any of the editing commands that you can apply to text in the drawing. For example, you can edit text that contains dimensions, edit the width of a dimension, or even erase it. Text in the source document that is not a callout can be copied to the drawing, but the entire text in the source document will not appear as a callout in the drawing. When you make a callout in the drawing from text in the source document, the text in the source document becomes a callout in the drawing.

You can optionally remove selected text from a callout in the source document and save the changes to the drawing. If you mark a text field in the source document as a callout, the callout is saved with the text in the file. If you mark a callout in the drawing as a text field, the callout is saved with the text, but only if the text in the callout is the same text that was originally imported into the drawing.

Markup Assist is now available on both Windows and Mac systems.

The new Markup Assist feature can be used to create a finished drawing from the source document. The drawing that is created is available to use as a finished drawing immediately. If you want to view the source document, or if you want to make changes to the drawing, you can open the document in a separate window.


You can print drawings on paper using a PDF option. The PDF settings determine how the drawings appear on paper, including the page layout and the included graphics.

You can now print drawings with colored graphics and using a custom page size. The graphics color settings determine the appearance of the graphics in the printout. You can print with custom page sizes and create any number of prints.

You can set up a profile to automatically print a selected group of drawings and/or pages to a PDF file

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 (3.20 GHz) or equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or equivalent
Storage: 25 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 (3.4 GHz) or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM

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