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The first and second editions of AutoCAD were sold for $2,995, though it was not possible to obtain a copy until after the Windows-compatible version was released in September 1983. AutoCAD’s initial slow sales were due to its high cost and lack of an internal plotter, which in turn prevented it from competing with the lower cost, more widely available CAD programs available for minicomputers at the time.

In addition to its software applications, Autodesk produces AutoCAD Certification and other «certified training and service» programs for CAD users.

While not a commercial software program, Microsoft Visio is a desktop drawing and diagramming tool that is part of Microsoft Office.


According to Autodesk’s web site, «AutoCAD was originally a custom-built, microcomputer-based program that was designed to address a specific need in the early 1980s. AutoCAD, which stands for Autonomous Computer Aided Design, was made for the military in order to replace the labor-intensive and error-prone method of producing technical drawings with an automated drawing system. AutoCAD was designed to make it easier to build the objects and assemblies represented in the drawings. It used human-machine interfaces similar to those that existed at the time, and was written for the Apple II microcomputer. AutoCAD was originally designed by Tom Tomlinson and Steve Patterson, who is now the CEO of Autodesk. Early versions of AutoCAD are available from the Autodesk archive.»

Although the most successful early version was AutoCAD II, which was introduced in 1987, AutoCAD has been continually upgraded and updated since then, and is still sold as a continuously evolving piece of software.

Version history

In 1986, AutoCAD was released for the Apple II platform as a user-interface-only version called AutoCAD II.

AutoCAD II was initially available only for Apple II, but was later ported to other platforms including DOS, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and IBM/AS/370. Since then, Autodesk has released 32-bit versions of AutoCAD for all Windows platforms, and 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Mac OS, starting in the year 2001.

AutoCAD 2000

AutoCAD 2000 was introduced in March 2000, and includes upgraded user-interface graphics, as well as a major revision to the underlying programming architecture, which brought the program

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Automation and customization

AutoCAD Product Key can be customized through a number of ways. Some of these are:
Customizable User Interface (CUI)
Customizable Drawing Environment (CDE)
Customizable Views
Customizable Menu Bar
Customizable Task Panes
Customizable Toolbars
Customizable Panes
Customizable Toolbars
Modifications to the ribbon

AutoCAD offers a number of customization features. Some of these are:
Different Language/Dialect
User Interface (UI)

AutoCAD’s UI is customizable. It can be customized in many ways to match the user’s needs and preferences. UI elements can be disabled, renamed, and removed. Also, the button placement can be changed for an improved interface.

Customizable UI elements, includes, and commands can be altered as well.

CDE, the drawing environment, can be altered by the user as well. This includes changing the file format and the options that are available to users when viewing a drawing.

The drawing environment is customizable in many ways. Some of these include:
Template (standalone/inserted in drawing)
Placement (left/right/top/bottom)
View Zooming
Zoom Window
Filter (viewable)
Zoom Window
Tool Options
Toolbox (disabled/visible/filtered/full)
Selection Pane
In place commands
Window commands
Buffer Settings
Snapping and Grids
Filters (print-preview)
Toggle Features

AutoCAD’s views can be customized as well.

Customizable views include:
Title bar
Views (inserted in drawing)
Zoom Window
Zoom Window
Filter (viewable)
Window Commands
Buffer Settings
Snapping and Grids
Filters (print-preview)
Toggle Features

AutoCAD’s menu bar can be customized in many ways. Some of these include:
Buffer Settings
Snapping and Grids
Toggle Features

AutoCAD can also be customized in more ways than just the viewable, accessible, and customizable elements. This includes the appearance and behavior of elements on menus.

AutoCAD has many customization options. Some of these are:

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Click on the “Get” button at the bottom of the page.








Enter your license key (if you have not already downloaded the key)
Go back to the page
Click on the “Acad License Key” button


If you see the following message, just accept it
Press OK


You have successfully activated your license


You should see the following message


If you have not already done so, please Download Autodesk Autocad

Then you need to download the Autodesk Autocad software
After you have downloaded the software
Launch it, the program will begin to install. After this is complete,
you should see the following message

If you are seeing the following screen, just click on “OK”


If you are seeing the following screen, click on “OK”


The message will disappear and Autodesk Autocad will open.


I can’t open Autodesk Autocad

There are a few reasons why Autodesk Autocad will not open:


You are running Windows XP and you need to run Autodesk Autocad on a Windows Vista or Windows 7.


You are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you have not activated your license.


You have done the steps above but Autodesk Autocad is still not opening.

To fix this, follow the instructions below.

Note: If you have been given a key by your instructor, you will not need to download Autodesk Autocad because you will use the key provided to you.

How to set your license key

Go to, click on the license keys tab

Click on the “Acad License Key” button. This will take you to a page where you can download Autodesk Autocad. After you have downloaded the software, launch it.

Click on the “Acad License Key” tab, and you will see a list of your licenses

If you are seeing the following screen, just click on

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The Markup Assist feature combines the capabilities of Markup Import, Markup Author, and Markup Assistant, making it easier than ever to incorporate feedback into your designs. Markup Assist reduces the time and effort it takes to import printed feedback and add it to your drawings automatically. In addition to importing PDFs, you can also import drawings from within AutoCAD and export models from your drawing to the cloud.

Blend the best of marker-based and digital editing, to ensure your designs are top quality and your work remains error-free. Blend lets you combine the best of marker-based and digital editing, and ensure your designs are top quality and your work remains error-free.

When you create a 2D drawing in AutoCAD, objects in the drawing are automatically placed. To create objects in an existing drawing, you can use the Insert command to make objects that are virtually placed. You can also add other objects as layers to an existing drawing and make them virtually placed.

Accessing layer information in a 2D drawing is streamlined with Layer Details. With Layer Details, you can switch the current layer and use it for editing. You can see information about layers and object types from a drawing window. In addition, you can select objects in a drawing and quickly switch to and from the Layer Properties Manager.

In a 2D drawing, you can perform most commands by placing a cursor on the drawing canvas or object. But you can also right-click and choose a menu item or hotkey to do a task. When you right-click, you see an interactive context-sensitive menu.

The Legacy Graphical User Interface (GUI) remains available to users, while the new interface is designed to be familiar and easy to use.

The new AutoCAD menu bar and ribbon were designed with familiar tasks in mind, and the user interface has been simplified to provide an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

A series of common tasks in AutoCAD are now grouped together, making it easier to access. For example, the current application and template groupings can be found on the menu bar. The toolbars are streamlined for quick access to common commands.

With the new ribbon, you can customize the interface to meet your specific tasks. For example, you can choose to display or hide the ribbon, individual ribbon tabs, and the options bar. With the new ribbon, you can customize the interface to meet your

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Processor: Intel Core i3, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Pentium Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Nvidia: GeForce GTX 460 or ATI Radeon HD 4870 or Intel HD4000
Storage: 9 GB available space
Other: Web Browser (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox)
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (wired USB keyboard) or Magic Trackpad (wire

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