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The debut meeting of the club occurred on 24 October 1857 at Parkfield House in the suburb of Highfield in Sheffield. The first base camp was a nursery on East Bank Street loaned to them by Thomas Asline Ward, father of the main club president Frederick Ward, and the nearby field was utilized as their most memorable playing ground. At first, Sheffield FC games were played among club individuals themselves and took the configuration of «Wedded v Singles» or «Experts v the Rest».

Creswick and Prest were liable for drawing up the club’s standards of play, which were chosen at the club’s AGM on 21 October 1858, and distributed the next year. They were alluded to as the Sheffield Rules, and were the main itemized set of rules of football to be distributed by a football club (instead of an everyday schedule).

At that point, before the arrangement of the Football Affiliation (FA), various sorts of football were well known in Britain. For instance, every one of the different government funded schools played football as per their own singular standards, and these shifted broadly. The Sheffield Rules were subsequently taken on by the Sheffield Football Affiliation when it was framed in 1867

Sheffield’s close to neighbor, Hallam FC was shaped in 1860 and around the same time the two clubs initially met each other in a Nearby Derby which idn poker is as yet challenged today.

They became individuals from The Football Relationship on 30 November 1863 yet kept on utilizing their own arrangement of rules. On 2 January 1865, the club played its most memorable installation outside Sheffield against Nottingham playing eighteen-a-side under Nottingham Rules.

At this point the club had chosen exclusively to play groups outside Sheffield to look for a greater test. On 31 Walk 1866, Sheffield played a ‘London’ group under FA Rules at Battersea Park. The game, played as an eleven to the side, was won by London by 2 objectives and four contacts down to nothing. Nonetheless, the question of Rules being questioned around the nation was addressed by the transformation by Sheffield FC of the FA rules in 1878.

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