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If you are the kind of user who easily gets bored with their work space and constantly needs something to get their attention between tasks, resorting to a software solution such as BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator could do the trick.
What the application can do for you is animate your desktop using videos and GIFs, which it plays without requiring any other adjustments on the user’s side.
Helps you play GIFs and videos on your desktop
Sporting an approachable user interface, BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator packs a set of basic editing tools you can resort to in order to customize the resulting dynamic wallpaper.
First and foremost, you need to indicate the folder bundling the files you are interested in, with the mention that both GIFs and videos and supported. As for the latter, you can choose anything from AVI, MPEG, MP4, and WMV to OGG, MOV, 3GP, and more.
You then need to select the item you want to see on your desktop and look into the panel on the right for a series of adjustments you can make. You may, for instance, opt for a blank desktop or add color in specific areas for better visibility.
Lets you easily customize your animated wallpaper
Aside from that, you can choose between automatic and user-defined frame delay, and as regards the scale of the video playing on the desktop, you may indicate a percentage.
Regardless of your options, the CPU usage is displayed at the bottom of the main window so that you can always know more about the program’s memory footprint.
There is room for improvement
All in all, BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator is a lightweight program whose purpose is to create dynamic wallpapers using your favorite GIFs and videos as a starting point. The program is easy to interact with, but its set of features is rather modest. What’s more, during our tests, we have experienced some performance hiccups when trying to play some videos, so it could use some improvement in order to stand out from the crowd.







BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator 1.3.0 [Mac/Win] (2022)

New version.
With this new version of BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator Crack Mac you can set the time interval of each frame after the animation is finished, you can change the resolution, you can choose the play mode and you can edit the movie.
Choose your favorite video and watch it as a wallpaper on your desktop.
Choose your favorite GIF and watch it as a wallpaper on your desktop.
Add a custom image on the video in an external program.
Choose the animation speed.
Choose the screen resolution.
Choose the time interval between each frame.
Choose the play mode (loop, endless loop, live preview).
Choose the graphics environment.
Choose the video compression (aVI, mp4, mpeg, wmv, mov, 3gp, png, jpeg).
Choose the display (full screen).
Save your files as AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, BMP, GIF or PNG and use them to share your desktop.
Play videos and GIFs on your desktop.

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BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator 1.3.0 Activation Download

BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator is an application that will help you to create animated wallpaper on your desktop.
You may choose between making a blank space or use an image or part of it to build your own animation.
The program uses two sources: the first is the selected image or image fragment, the second is a pre-defined animated GIF file.
Now you can create dynamic wallpaper on your desktop.
Great simplicity of use and rich enough editing possibilities.
It supports animated GIFs and videos of any format.
Capable of creating a dynamically changing wallpaper on your desktop.
Faster loading of the program with many more video format support.
Faster loading of the program.
Customize the colors and shapes of the video and image.
Faster loading of the program.
Can be started from any folder.
Included when installation.
We hope you enjoyed our review and had the chance to judge for yourselves whether BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator can be useful to you.
If it proved to be so, we invite you to read some of our previous reviews, such as Pantic Software’s Luminar 2018, or HandBrake’s HandBrake 3.5.
Be sure to leave a comment and let us know if you own a copy of BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator.
You can also join our community forum.
Eager for more reviews like this?
You can always find more of them by visiting our website.

Unpack the downloaded file by double clicking it and then follow the instructions.
Our test was performed on a PC with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM memory.
You can learn how to use the HDS Video Player downloader to download video files or any other freeware that may suit your needs in the sidebar at the top of our site.
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BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator 1.3.0 Crack+ License Keygen

• Play animated GIFs and Videos on your desktop.

• Uses your preferred set of desktop videos and GIFs.

• Create dynamic wallpapers using videos and GIFs.

• Choose the starting point for the video to play on your desktop.

• Choose a delay for the animated video.

• Choose the scale of the video to play.

• Choose an automatic or user-defined frame delay.

• Choose between various HTML5 video or Flash video formats.

• Supports a variety of video formats.

• Selects the default folder to save the.aiff files in.

• Allows you to specify a percentage of the video to play on the screen.

• Also specifies how much time the video should play.

• Easy and intuitive interface.

• Compatible with any window size and position.

• Plays only the foreground (video).

• Makes it easy to add music and images to the animated GIFs and Videos.

• Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

• Easy to use and can be used by beginners.

How to Activate it:

1. Choose the default folder to save the.aiff files in.
2. Select the items you want to play and click Apply button.
3. Set the delay (ms) for the application by pressing the auto-play button.
4. Choose the duration of the video in seconds.
5. Choose the location where you want to save the animated GIFs and Videos.
6. Choose the resolution for the animated GIFs and Videos.
7. To get started, click AutoPlay to start playing your videos.
8. To stop the playback, click Stop Play.
9. Save the.aiff files to the default folder.
10. For any queries, visit BioniX’s official website.

And that’s it! It’s easy as that! You’ll be surprised that it’s not too complex and you’ll be able to create the best dynamic wallpapers from the start. So, don’t miss to download BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator and click on the button below to download it.

BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator is a good utility designed for those users who want to add exciting animated wallpapers to their PC. In fact

What’s New in the BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator?

BioniX Video Wallpaper Animator is an app that lets you create dynamic wallpaper. Use your favourite videos and GIFs and get rid of any boring static wallpaper background. Great for Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Skype and more!

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