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Welcome to Neon Dimension! – It’s time for some arcade action: you will face all sorts of obstacles on the way to destroying all the neon blocks in the room. Your goal is to destroy all the block with the plasma ball. Your goal is simple: destroy all the neon blocks with the plasma ball. Sounds easy? Well, it is not! Your goal is to destroy all the neon blocks in the room. You have to throw the plasma ball at the blocks and can only move it back into the field once the ball is on the floor. You start on the bottom of the screen and need to throw the plasma ball upwards to clear the neon block. The neon block is a translucent block colored in bright neon colors. The neon blocks can’t be destroyed except the transparent field. Once you have cleared the room you can continue playing the game with new levels!
You lose a life when the plasma ball hits the floor but you have a special gadget that moves the plasma ball back into the room so you can try again. How to Play:
How to Play:
Use the tap or swipe screen to throw the ball back. This will throw the ball back into the play field.
Get the ball back with your plumb ball and throw it back into the play field.
-Throw the ball as far as you can to get the bonus for throwing.
There are various bonuses:
Bonus: When the ball hits the energy grid.
-Plasma ball bonus: Can be used on the blocks only when the energy grid is active.
-Missile bonus: The ball can move through the neon block.
Energy grid:
The energy grid is activated after 10 seconds the ball hits the plasma block. The energy grid is the potential field that destroys all the neon blocks. If the plasma ball bounces on the plasma grid, you get a bonus:
1 energy point for every neon block that is destroyed.
Note: You need to be able to handle the energy grid.
How long can you hold on?
Some bonuses have a maximum duration, that can be achieved after not losing a life. If you reach the maximum duration bonus you can earn 1.5 times more score for one try.
Stuck in a game? Need help?
Simply contact me by email:

Neon Dimension


Welcome to Neon Dimension!
Play an old-school arcade game with a modern design, in which you will


Features Key:

  • Ranked Ranking
  • Game Center leaderboard and achievements
  • User statistics, view and compare your data
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multiplayer Support:
    • Multiplayer Main Game (same level)
    • Multiplayer (Coop/Competition)
    • Multiplayer (Coop/Competition)
    • Multiplayer (Coop/Competition)


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There’s Only 1 Way To Play The Horror Game You’re In
The Sisters Are Who Stay In The Entire Game As They Can Switch
Characters At Any Time And No 2 Of The Sisters Are DIEing In The
Survival Based Casual Server And Private
After Tastes Of Fun Come The Fun Of Free Shooting Game in Horror Setting
You Can Play With 5 Other People In A Team And Fight Against The
Its A Free Horror Shooter With Beautiful Graphics and Sound
The Game Is Developed In Unity 3D with A Scripted Engine
Characters Can Jump
They have 3 Abilities
They can Shoot
They can Run
Characters Each Comes With 5 Equipment
they can Take
They can Throw
They can Reload
they can Drink
it’s up to you to choose what to equip them With so they’ll have the Best
They Can Use Equipment Like
Gun and Balled Weapons
They Can Throw Bomb
in the Team they Can have them use The Death Clamps
Every Game Is Different
You can Explore the Gun Terriot
Insecure and Haunted Gouses
Grave Farm
Artists and Famous Buildings
its Always Different
The Game is in Early Access so its Developed By A Small Team
Its Free to Play you Can Play It on Steam Platform
Escape from the Asylum
Tap on the screen To Select the Screen (Casemods)
Long Tap To Pause Game Play
Short Tap To Spawn Grenade
Z On The Left Arm Of Your Charecter to Switch Characters
C On The Right Arm Of Your Charecter to Show Your Gold
Tap On A Weapon on Your Right Hand To Equip it
Left Mouse To Aim
Left Mouse To Take Out a Enemy
Right Mouse To Reload


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Remastered – Remastered (Remastering) project is an adaptation of remake project for RPG Maker VX Ace, MV and MZ. This project contains all of the stuffs from its original version. You don’t need to download the original project again, but you can make your own customizale version by selecting new extras and changes you like to appear in the game and replacing the others.And this project was made to be used in both free and commercial projects.

FAREWELL MEGA HD – Mighty Redeems (Farewell) project contains everything necessary to build your own retro world map using Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy World Map Tileset, RPG Maker MZ and some of the ideas of RPG Maker MV, such as monsters and traps. This new version is a big and more detailed adaptation of the original project. Also, new elements and monsters were added to the game.

TERMS OF USE:Content can be edited to allow you to add your own customizale version of the game. You’re responsible for your own changes.* Original content and images included in this pack are from their respective owners.* I do not own any images, vector resources or logos included in this project.* This project is for free usage by both commercial and non-commercial projects.* If you do not own the rights to use the image or the photo used in this project, please contact me to resolve it. And also, if you’re using the content for a commercial project, I will require a link to my commercial website.* If you are wondering how to use customizale elements or assets from this project, please use the ideas from both remake and remake remastered projects.* If you like my work and you want to support me, please buy my official merchandise! This will help me to make more projects like this and also helps me to go on working! Thank you for your support!

TO THE NEXT GENERATION – Episode 1 (To the Next Generation) project is a remake/recreation of the original project. This new version is a big and more detailed adaptation of the original project. Also, new elements and monsters were added to the game.

COMMERCIAL/FUNCTIONAL – Fun Collection (FUNCTIONAL) project contains the world map tilesets of Monster Hunter/Final Fantasy World Map Tileset and RPG Maker MZ, with the idea of FUNCTIONAL as a commercial project. It includes the monsters/traps from the original project and


What’s new in Blood Of Steel:Beginning Pack:

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