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Queen of Spades is a visual novel game that was created with the purpose of bringing the Japanese visual novel culture to an international audience. The success of my previous game however, brought me the opportunity to work on something different again. I felt the graphical novel would work very well for mobile gaming and decided to create the first «Swiss RPG Maker» game.
Queen of Spades was and still is the first original game I’ve ever created for mobile devices. I think I’ve learned a lot from this game and I’m very satisfied with the results.
You, Lieutenant Froussard, are the last hope for humanity. A super-hero with an identity crisis at the mercy of a female madman.
You are invited to investigate the mysterious Countess de Rais, who has vanished from the castle and who has a terrifying connection to a magical card game. Follow the leads, decipher the clues and defeat the gruesome villain.
Is she really the Countess?
Is there really a cursed card game at the heart of the mystery?
Our hero must fight to save his identity and his career, in a confusing and challenging adventure on the road to the truth!
Experience the thrill of solving intricate puzzles. Delve into a beautifully illustrated narrative that will leave you breathless. Relax during long waits with the many unlockable and challenging mini games.
I hope you’ll enjoy my game as much as I enjoyed creating it.
Thank you so much!

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Whether you’re a fan of Hidden Object Games or not, these games are for you! Taking on a new genre genre, the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Games are offered by the majority of mobile gaming fans. The point of these games is to use a multitude of different items from the game to piece together a complete picture of the game. While the gameplay will be fun and easy to pick up, I encourage you to challenge yourself and try to see how far you can go.
The games are broken up into themed sections such as My House, City Life, Cartoon Land, The Portal, The Woods, Horror and more. These sections will offer you a number of different items to choose from that fit perfectly with the theme.
The games have tons of hidden object scenes as well as mini games that you can play while you do your research. In the


Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Features Key:

  • Keyboard and Mouse compatible
  • Controllable from F1 to F8
  • Fully supported all 9 goals (with some limitations on some goals)


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A summary of Rogue Isles is:
Team up with a band of hot-blooded swordswingers to defeat the criminal element! Find quests and equipment, fight through increasingly difficult levels, trade with your fellow outlanders, and better yet, watch as townsfolk fight alongside your band. Now’s your time to rise to the challenge!
You and your compatriots must wage war on the rotten denizens of the island: Thugs, murderers, and rival outlander factions.
The world of Rogue Isles is not a predictable place. The landscape is malleable; where enemies stand, outlanders can stand — where enemy fire is, outlanders can stand. It’s up to you to do what the outlanders do best: fight back!
You will join a band of hot-blooded swordswingers on the wilder shores of the continent in a world that is not a predictable place.
Outlanders are one of two major races in the world of Rogue Isles. Outlanders are a fearless, sword-wielding people who occupy the shores of the Middle-Eastern continent and the shores of the eastern islands. Outlanders share an intimate knowledge of a world that is not a predictable place.
It’s up to you and your fellow outlanders to kill the criminal element of the world of Rogue Isles with a band of hot-blooded swordswingers.
Rogue Isles is an action-RPG with a side-scrolling perspective.
Contingent objectives (no scripted paths), with narrative and response-based dialogue systems instead
Permadeath – your characters can die, and you must start over at a new save point
Epic setting and lore
Racial roles and classes are further defined
12-24 hours of gameplay per episode
Several unique weapons and equipment pieces
100+ quest elements
Multiple quest lines to continue even if you miss a save point
Cursed features. Environments with corrupted areas. Hidden areas that can only be opened by defeating the bosses at the back of them.
Rogue Isles is a 2D action-RPG with character progression. Rogue Isles will feature narrative and response-based dialogue elements as well as a full class progression system.
The game takes place on a living world with key events that can affect its evolution. This means that players will be able to go their own way and experience the consequences of their actions.
Each character in the game has unique abilities, equipment, and stats. Your choices are what will shape who you are. Your story will unfold


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Deep Sea Adventure 一个人的主机默认会在食物库里等候这是一个













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