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When Talisman was first released, it was a collection of add-ons for the original game. As time went on, the lack of content became evident – it was therefore decided that Talisman should be a single board game with a number of expansions to increase the number of challenges it can offer.
The Highland Region was designed to be the expansion set – this content was designed to complement the original game – to add options and challenges.
Classic Talisman cards remain the same as in the base game. Spell Cards were introduced in the original game and are exclusive to the Highland Region. Adventure Cards were introduced in the original game and are part of the Highland Region board piece.
Classic Talisman Items are the same as in the base game. Eagle King Cards, the new board piece, share the same line of cards as the Adventure Cards. The new Cards added to the Highland Region are the Highlander Card and the Alchemist Card.
The new Alternative Endings were designed to allow for new ways to play the game, complementing the Highland Region and the existing game.
The time between now and the release of the expansion set has been used to balance the game and add new cards to the base set. Talisman is still a stand-alone board game.
The Board
The Highland Region is a 4 x 4 board with the mountains in the middle. The Mountains are the length of two Character spaces. Half of the Mountain peaks into the Mountain pass which is the only way onto the board.
In the Alpine region and Mountains there are tall trees which can be crossed. In the Highland Region, you have to climb up the mountains to reach the Highlands.
All Talisman characters are the same as the core Talisman characters. A core Talisman character cannot be used to cross the Mountain pass.
Fellow Heroes
During the game, the board is divided into four regions. On your turn, you may visit each region and encounter new challenges along the way. These challenges come in the form of Adventure Cards.
The Alpine Region – Mountains
In the Alpine Region and Mountains you’ll find the noble characters, Great Spirits and Ogres. Each of these characters start the game with 2 different Spells.
The Great Spirits are noble characters with large amounts of resources. Great Spirits have a special ability to create a spell when they attack.
The Ogres are the biggest and baddest Characters in Talisman. They are strong, smart and are always hungry for gold.
You encounter


Features Key:

  • Game Key Features
  • Content One / Two
  • Main Characters Introduction
  • Main Scene Creative Selection
  • Win / Lose
  • Favorites Scenes


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Game Story:
Miranda was summoned by Morgana, who could see the fading fairy town. That’s why she needs you to save the fairy town. But the fairy town was protected by a giant. Therefore, it is necessary to help the fairy town to become strong, so that you can clear the giant in the time limit. And the fairy that you saved will follow you if you save them.
Game Features:
* 16 characters with special skills
* Clear the game by meeting the time limit
* A variety of skills
* More than 5 million combinations of using skills
* Highly artistic graphics
* Beautiful music and sound
* Draw each of the sixteen characters in stunning detail
* Full HD
* Support image and music uploading service
* Camera function
* Game Center Support
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Hex Alignment – v3

Hex Alignment – v3

Hex Alignment – v3

Though we don’t need it for power, we need our position for transportation, security, or better visibility. But where are we supposed to locate our area? The surface of the planet is a jumble of mountains, volcanoes, savannas and wilderness. The reason we prefer our location, is because it has a very good infrastructure, power and resources for habitation. Our area, or our town, is on the edge of the savanna. But in order to remind people that we are not in the


What’s new:


This is a FGRD Article.

The Chumash welcomed our civilization with open arms. Our initiation into the other worldly, shamanistic network that followed was an inescapable good thing.

Heroism, blood and chaos…what’s not to love?

Below is the official 5E graphic for the Heroes of High Fantasy book series. These books will be crossing over at least five realms throughout this series. Heroes of High Fantasy: Greenskin play is extremely simple. Play a human and follow these guidelines. Roll your die and keep track of how many successes your heroes have. When you are in a combat, flip over the new page and use the heroes/monsters as the other side of the die. Ultimately, the GM will adjudicate what is going on in the play area and players don’t need to worry too much about rolling for stats or abilities. Insofar as character campaigns work, the PLAYER doesn’t need to do anything besides BE. Apply that philosophy to all 5E games and be happy.

These are our 2nd to 4th editions works. You can find the first two in trade form now. 10 minature humanoids and their rules.

Also just out of print are the forums for the 3.5e Hero’s of High Fantasy book and Hero of the Gale that were pretty wild and funny.

I would encourage our players to look those up on Drive Thru.

Our 5E framework will be – High Fantasy, Blades, Mage: The Awakening, Pathfinder and DnD. Mastering our Star Wars sense of humor will be a skill requirement and we will keep our cheeky spirit. We will be using the famous Soldiers of the Empire and Hoth Veteran NPC’s from the D6 adventures.

FRANCHISE AGREEMENT We will have at least three heroes who will come through the holy Trident in our first campaign. Those three will play a recurring role in the campaign.

Each character will be part of our band (at a minimum) and will get a name/origin. All characters will be able to choose to be members of a faction and/or the Greenskins depending on their playstyle. We can have allies being recruited to be Greenskin here and there.

Heroes of High Fantasy: Greenskin

Below is our defined races, history and our most important character pages. Yes, we have a page for each character in our campaign and there are no exceptions


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«Black Lazar is a gripping thriller in the vein of “Thief” and “The Talos Principle.” Indeed, the next-gen dark fantasy adventure does not just ask questions but reveals the answers. In this game, where every choice has a consequence, everything is a matter of point of view.» -Ludius,

Story (skip to the «Download» section for direct access)

Chapter 1

I was gazing at it for a long time – the orb, the source of all three of the civilizations that I knew had come from. I had discovered it when I was still a child and by the time I had grown I was almost totally obsessed with finding out about the people who had built that temple. But I was very afraid and would not stop living there, always hiding and watching, moving only at night when I was sure no one was watching me. At the age of 17, I gained enough courage to commit the necessary deed. I crept there one night in the process of doing this, using my pick and shovel to hide the fact that I was digging a hole. I chiseled the rock away from one of the columns of the temple, and made my way inside. And there, staring at me, was an unknown writing. I used the torch in my bag to take a better look at it, and read the words on the wall. «From here I was going to build the Tower of Souls and the Temple of Souls.»

Chapter 2

After I returned to the surface and had told the elders what I had seen there, we built a shrine in one of the main temples to express our gratitude to whoever had been looking after us. I made the plans, and later, when I’d completed them, I put them in a briefcase and buried them. For almost a year I did not think of them again. Then one day, when I was going down to the cattle drive with the elders, I forgot my briefcase in a corner of the main temple. The head elder scolded me, saying that it was not our custom to leave anything on the temple grounds – but he did not take the briefcase. That evening, I went back to where I had left it, to discover that the briefcase had disappeared. But the longer I thought about this, the less convinced I was that the elders had taken it. Someone must have seen me bury it, someone must have read the plans. I was thoroughly


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