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Jivitam is an Indian traditional style puzzle game based on a story. The game is entirely made in a ‘Kalamkari’ traditional art style. Features: • It is an entirely made in traditional art style. • You can choose how long you want to play the game. • For an easier time, you can choose to save the game and resume later. • Story based in India. • Drawing is of Nataraja (The God of Lord Shiva). • All the puzzles are completely logical and easy to understand. Play Jivitam Game, a complete Indian art style puzzle game. Enjoy the simple gameplay and amazing art of your game. The game contains two parts, a Hidden Puzzle and a Visual Puzzle. You can combine these two parts to solve the puzzles. When the game is finished, the app will remind you of the story. Available for your tablet. Jivitam, A collection of puzzles have been brought out on Android. All the puzzles are based on logic and require no more than mere puzzlement. You need to combine in a logical manner two or more blocks to solve each puzzle. There is also a visual puzzle to complete. You need to click on the pieces. You can view the picture and you can use the pinch-zoom mechanism to move between multiple blocks. Jivitam is a digital puzzle game with art theme. It is based on the Nataraja (The God of Lord Shiva). In Jivitam you can play and solve the puzzles. The game is an application of puzzle game in 3 different parts: 1. Hidden Puzzle, 2. Visual Puzzle, 3. Story Part. All of these puzzles will be solved by combining the blocks. You can find two modes of playing these puzzles. 1. Tap to solve, 2. Swipe to solve. Jivitam is an all-Indian game. The art theme in Jivitam is traditional painting style. You can even see the process of creating this artwork in full glory. There are 16 types of blocks with 18 sub-blocks. You can share this game to your friends and even share the screenshots of the different puzzles. It’s party time! Enjoy a party with your friends. You are a DJ and playing the music for the party. You are a party starter and


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