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Japanese novels are highly praised for their exotic influences and the vivid plots portrayed within. Several digital tools have been created to assist authors in improving the overall aspect of their works and cb's JNovel Formatter is just one such tiny utility.
Convert Japanese TXT documents to HTML format
Specifically, the lightweight program can be employed to convert single or multiple Japanese novels in TXT formats to a more befitting HTML layout. As the previous statement implies, one can also load entire directories and a preview frame allows users to accurately adjust the input parameters before any conversions are performed.
The application supports Aozora formatting, as well as special characters, such as Gaiji codes, as well as furigana symbols. Available encodings include EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, Shift_JIS options, as well as UTF-8 and UTF-16 formats. All output documents are built with the UTF-8 text encoding.
Can process or ignore Aozora formatting
Bookmark anchors can be inserted after every punctuation mark in the source TXTs and segmentation options allow one to break output documents into several parts. Although by default the tool processes Aozora formatting, users can opt to ignore it, as well as to remove it altogether.
Several stylistic customizations ca be employed to ensure proper results, such as the ability to adjust fonts, or text and background colors. The alignment, orientation, and margins can all be adjusted and a simple preview frame allows users to foresee the final results and make adjustments, as needed.
A simple, but practical solution for conversion of Japanese TXT documents into HTML formats
To sum up, cb's JNovel Formatter is a very simple solution for anyone seeking conversion of Japanese novels in TXT formats to HTML files. The application supports several common Japanese encodings and can parse most special characters, including Aozora formatting and Gaiji characters.







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