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Dread X Collection: The Hunt is a collection of 7 all-new horror shorts from a handpicked selection of talented and creative indie devs. Play as the newest member of the Dread X Collection who is being hunted by deadly and chaotic forces. Meet a variety of enemies, solve puzzles, and uncover the meaning of this new X-Cinema adventure. Keep an eye out for more games from this world.
About The Developer:
David Szymanski (DUSK, The Music Machine, Squirrel Stapler) is a long-time indie game developer, amateur horror filmmaker, and founder of the long-running indie horror festival, The Fright Night Film Festival. He likes to read. He likes to scream. And he likes to make games. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Rounding out the Dev Team is Jennifer Chen (Ark 43, Unnamed Project) who has worked with Szymanski on several of his titles. Together, the pair have already made two chapters in the Dread X Collection series. When Dread X Collection: The Hunt was created, they intended for all seven shorts to be standalone stories. All seven are now free-standing stories in their own right.
If you enjoyed this chapter of the Dread X Collection series, you will enjoy the next chapter. It’s also available for free on and for 10 days.

If you’re a big fan of unironic horror, then you will absolutely adore the brand new DUSK game that I’ve made. This is my first game ever, and it’s just as fun as it is terrifying. I’ve been a horror fan my entire life, so I feel like this year has really been one of firsts for me. I’m doing a lot more than usual this year, and this is my first game. I’m proud of it, but I still need to be better.
DUSK (Dread X Collection) is a third-person horror game. You play as a detective who opens a crime scene, discovers a dead body, and you’re on the hunt. Every few minutes, you get a notification, and something happens. You need to investigate, solve the mystery, and change the world.
DUSK is mostly a silent game, but you do learn a little more every time you play. For example, you unlock a detective form, which changes how you interact with the world. Different animations, different responses. It’s a really great


Features Key:

  • Fully implemented for all platforms
  • 4 playable characters to select from
  • Unlockable costume sets for each playable character
  • Unlockable gear sets for each playable character
  • Recommended for all ages
  • Original made by Devon Cole Jr.


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Battle City: Sky is a tower-building simulation set on a 4×4 grid. You control a building that can be placed on the board, and attach windows, doors, and other structures to it to build your city. Each round, you take actions to earn cash, which you can use to perform upgrades on your structures and engage in social interaction with other players. The objective is to become the wealthiest player in the game by organizing and building skyscrapers of unprecedented size.
Key Features:
Unique grid-based gameplay – Place and build structures on a 4×4 grid, with unique rules for building buildings with windows and doors on a hexagonal grid.
Open-ended maps – A large range of maps will be presented, each with its own gameplay and challenges.
Realistic inflation – As with real life, your buildings will lose value over time, requiring constant upkeep to keep them in good condition.
Upgrades – With cash, you can upgrade all structures in a building and add new decorations, giving you more options for upgrading your buildings.
Numerous ways to win – Complete challenges, earn the most cash, reach the highest building height in a round, or assemble the most crucial structures to win.
As the game progresses, the potential for a player to win changes dramatically. Most of the buildings are set up to use a specific action (usually placing a new building of a specified shape) to build. However, some are set up to have a property that continually increases their value, which can be played for even if they are not built.
Social aspect – Build your city up together with your fellow players. Chat with them, work together, and build the best and brightest structures.
Full support – Our full support, including the development team, is available to players throughout the game.
Note: This is a sandbox-style game. As such, its rules are subject to change.

In this game, I need some help. I would like an employee to help me with a job. I have never done anything like this before so please be patient with me. Just a simple job, just call. The company is going to charge me $5/call. If your interested please message me on here, on Facebook or in game. VASP, and Amass^[@CR18]^. The statistical significance of the differences was assessed using a Student’s t-test, whereas that between mouse strains was assessed using a Mann-Whitney test.



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Slack Games: You’re about to lose your eyes in all directions and your mind in one. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime!

Sidescroller Developer: Desura Game Creator: Ubisoft Reflections

Mechromancer Developer: Darkworks

Project: Supremacy Developer: Square Enix

Rime Developer: Tarsier Studios

Mercenary X Developer: Bitfinex

The Card Coder Developer: Don’t Panic

Till Time Do Us Part Developer: Boundless Realms

The North Developer: A-F Design Studio

Mobile Card Game: Dwarves Upon purchase of any season, all entries for the associated mobile card game will be added to your Steam Games library.Adventureland Developer: The Game Crafter

Dwarf of Fantasy Developer: The Game Crafter

YotV Developer: The Game Crafter

Armageddon Artifact Developer: The Game Crafter

Minions of Mayhem Developer: The Game Crafter

Ancient Legends Development Team Developer: The Game Crafter

Gladiators Development Team Developer: The Game Crafter

Gladiators Developer: The Game Crafter

Adventureland Expansion Developer: The Game Crafter

Classical Demons Developer: The Game Crafter

Time and Space Developer: The Game Crafter

Vanguard Company Developer: The Game Crafter

Stability Protocol Developer: The Game Crafter

Guild Saver Developer: The Game Crafter

Minions 2 Developer: The Game Crafter

Mystery Realms Developer: The Game Crafter

Trial of Valor Developer: The Game Crafter

Frozen World Developer: The Game Crafter

Faction Leader Developer: The Game Crafter

Xander Developer: The Game Crafter

Anarchist Dwarf Developer: The Game Crafter

Battle of the Gods Developer: The Game Crafter

Battle of the Gods Developer: The Game Crafter

Battle of the Gods Developer: The Game Crafter

Battle of the Gods Developer: The Game Crafter

Defender of Dagon Development Team Developer: The Game Crafter

Legend of the Three Kings Developer: The Game Crafter

Redemption Developer: The Game Crafter

Shelter of Heroes Developer: The Game Crafter

Force of Truth Developer: The Game Crafter

Trial of Valor Developer: The Game Crafter


What’s new:

World of Tanks players who step up their game play with our Nimble Sharpshooter Pack of premium vehicles will be rewarded with even better gains than before. This package is available to players on Ranked Battles and PvP. For those not interested in this pack, sorry! We’re already working on making our own turrets for the new vehicles as an alternative.

Taking Aim with the Nimble Sharpshooter Pack

We consider the new vehicles to be our holy trinity — the Tanks, the MO, and the Assault vehicles. Two from each are available to the Nimble Sharpshooter Pack and they are:

Ploybunker Mk.II

Stalwart Assault

Fervor ER

Shadow IIL


Stalwart Assault

These vehicles are all from similar game lines, that makes them viable to play with the Nimble Sharpshooter Pack. The Ploybunker Mk. II and Stalwart Assault are from the Claymores game line. The other two vehicles are from the Assault Star game line. The Fervor ER is a real beast, and can fit the role of a sniper in a squad. The Shadow IIL is intended for those who like the shakari role. And Scorch is a tanky sniper that can come in handy for quick hits with both sniper and shakari rifles.

Vehicle Overview

Scorch Tank

This is a tier VIII assault vehicle developed to be a budget-friendly alternative to tier X tanks. With nearly 100+ hitpoints, a high ammo capacity, and an increased view range, Scorch has a lot going for it. Even though it doesn’t have hidden camo, it’s still able to keep its position stealthily with a good eye, which is handy in certain situations.

Ploybunker Mk. II Tank

The Ploybunker Mk. II is another tank in the tier VIII setting. This design takes a lot from the old Ploybunker Mk. I, but has a few changes. The main turret is now placed on the right-hand side, and the angular shield is now bigger as a tradeoff for a longer gun with a shorter firing time. While it’s better at clearing bushes than the Mk. I, it’s more vulnerable to small projectile damage.

Stalwart Assault

Stalwart Assault


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Blanco is a cute cube creature with a want for adventure.
You navigate through Blanco’s world to find the «Blanco Man»
who gives you the power to dye the cube in a color of your own choosing!
Pick a color, pick a direction and get searching for the «Blanco Man»!

Version 0.3.6
– No more animation art.
– Tweaked

Version 0.3.5
– Balance fix
– Beta 2.5
– Added a sound for red gems

Version 0.3.4
– Tweaked
– Better keyboard controls
– Tons of bugfixes

Version 0.3.3
– Added a tutorial
– Tweaked
– Added a tutorial
– More moves
– Better keyboard controls
– Bugfixes

Version 0.2.6
– Bugfixes and new moves!

Version 0.1.0
– The start!
– Game has been improved
– Fight Game!

– Now you can go left and right
– Now you can jump and move
– Now you can use the gems to change colour
– Remove the coins
– Ability to block projectiles and bounce
– Joysticks and Gamepads supported

– First version!
– Quest system implemented
– Player movement implemented
– Weapon balancing
– Weapon upgrades implemented

– Windows version
– Gamepad support

– First version

– Version 3
– A new conceptQ:

«Ich werde tun»: What does it mean?

In German there is a noun phrase consisting of a participle and an adjective.

Ich werde tun

This is an example.
What does this phrase mean?


You are right, it’s a very German construction.
If you are looking for something a bit more official, it’s a phrase that can be used in many scenarios


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