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Android is a free, open source software mobile operating system, developed by the open source software company, Google, originally released in Android 1.0 on October 2008. It is available for the Google Nexus One as well as many other device models. Nexus One is a smartphone manufactured by Google, and was the first smartphone model shipped with Android. Google announced in August 2010 that Android would be available on many more phones and tablets in the coming year.

Android is the most downloaded mobile operating system in the world, by number of users, in 2011. It is also the most downloaded free software application in 2011, with over of installations in 2008. In November 2011, the Android Market was launched, allowing third-party applications to be sold via the Android Market Store.

Android is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, which requires source code to be shared for development purposes. As a result, several Android devices, such as the HTC G1, the first Android device, are fully open-source, offering complete source code for development purposes.

Google developed Android to extend the reach of the Android Market. As of early 2011, more than 700,000 apps had been downloaded from the Android Market, including many free apps. The Android Market was closed on January 11, 2013.

Android was developed by Carnegie Mellon University students as an open source project on January 5, 2005, by Chris DiBona and Mike Olcoz while at Google. At the time, DiBona and Olcoz had no intention of supporting the project commercially.

On April 21, 2008, Google released the software as open source, along with some ideas for what Google’s long term vision was for the platform. Shortly after, acquired the code, and updated the open source version with the Amazon App Store.

Android 1.0, released on

Good day,
I am using the following script, which finds a text that is fixed. I need this to happen on each row (a FK is used to select a row from one table). The script works well when I run it directly from the SQL console, but fails to run when I run it from vbsscript. The error reported by the vbs script is:
‘Operator not defined: text = «Text Line»
I have debugged it to see that the script is working as it should, in the SQL console, but when it runs from the vbsscript the function finds a different line. When I run this from the SQL console, I get the correct line.
Any suggestions?


This is the contents of my repo:
$ cat.gitignore

My dpAndroid Folder has everything, but my Android project doesn’t do anything. It’s blank. Do I need to add my.apk somewhere?


in order to compile a project we need to have:

A layout to be used for the application
A source code to be compiled
Android SDK installed

So you cannot get such a project from git because you don’t have any of them.
You also mentioned you might have the files elsewhere and you could have them with you but it’s not a good idea to add your APK to your git repo.
Instead you should create a new project and add these files to it.
This way you would be able to work with the project locally and push changes to the repo later on.
I’ve answered to your comment below.
You have to add the apk file to the Android project so it can be compiled.
You don’t have to «add» the apk. You just need to set it as the «Project Properties»->»Android»->»Add»->»Existing project…»->»Select»->»Your.apk file».

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