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DreamScape X64

DreamScape is a complex reverb plugin that is designed to deliver the best and most satisfying sounding reverb.
Based on a complex set of algorithms, DreamScape has a very large number of presets that you can use to deliver a particular reverb sound.
There are no traditional (anymore) compressed reverbs included in the plugin. DreamScape gives you an infinite number of presets that can be used to deliver the exact reverb sound that you need.
DreamScape has a dark, rich and warm sounding reverb that is easy to listen to.
DreamScape focuses on delivering a warm reverb sound. The plugin uses an advanced reverb algorithms that are highly optimized to deliver unique and rich sounding reverb. The plugin is designed to deliver a strong and direct reverb.
The reverb is a very soft and rich sounding reverb and has minimal distortion.
DreamScape has an independent feature that allows the user to easily change the direction of the reverb (left, right, or dual) and the amount of reverb.
The plugin has 2 options for reverb diffusion; Presence and Time.
DreamScape also has a low latency mode that allows the user to use the plugin with a delay effect on the dry signal.
The plugin includes a simple but powerful preset manager that allows the user to manage all of the presets. The presets can be sorted by name and/or by category (Surround, Room, Hall, Delay, etc.).
DreamScape has the option to use a 24bit/192khz sampling rate.
Setting the plugin to Low CPU usage, the plugin uses less than 1% of the CPU.
The plugin does not have a GUI (Graphical User Interface), so the user can save a lot of CPU usage by using presets, presets and settings from the presets section.
DreamScape supports all major (or most of them) effects plugins.
DreamScape has 9 category (3 categories in the Preset manager):
– Surround
– Room
– Hall
– Custom
– Delay
– Room Settings
– Width Settings
– Presence Settings
– Width Display (not in the preset manager)
DreamScape has an independent option called Echo (not in the preset manager).
This option allows the user to set the amount of echo in the reverb. It also has a adjustable beam width.
DreamScape comes with a set of presets that contain variations of the type of reverb

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DreamScape Crack is an absolute must-have tool in your music-mixing arsenal. This revolutionary reverb plugin from DreamAudio is a no-compromises weapon for all musicians looking for best results from their instruments. Thanks to its secret algorithm, the plugin delivers amazing natural-sounding character along with the perfect room sound for all your tracks. If you’re looking for a plugin with real-time control, advanced, quality-of-life features, and a highly usable GUI, DreamScape is the only plugin you’ll ever need. It’s 100% plug-and-play and comes packed with presets optimized to the most popular music styles. You’ll love how it lets you add that «atmospheric» touch that’s hard to get with multiple instances of the same vintage reverb.

The Premium Bundle includes the following plugins:
* DreamScape
* Advanced Presets – A collection of optimized presets
* Harmonizer
* Vocoder
* Chorus
* Delay
* Spiraliser
* Bass Boost

Additional plugins are available as separate downloads:
* VOCALOID – a 4G plugin for Vocaloid and Vocaloid Stage 2 users
* Mastering Plugin – a high-quality tool for audio mastering and finalizing the mixing stage
* Twilight Obscura – a real-time, multi-effect pedal from the Heart Of Midlothian company

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DreamScape Crack For PC [Latest]

DreamScape is a unique plugin that delivers a great reverb effect. The effect is warm and subtle, not over-the-top, giving a convincing reverb sound to tracks.
The inspiration of Dreamscape is to transport the listener to a mysterious space, as if they are inside a cavern or in an empty room.
Users are well served with the amount of preset sounds, the many different types of reverbs, different styles, and custom settings.
DreamScape Features:

Loudness Warmer

Low Latency

High Resolution

Great Sound Quality


Personalized Sound

Super Unison

Compatible with any DAW

Free Version

Your DAW or audio player



DreamScape can be used to add an extremely deep, dark ambience to your tracks, or to add an excellent echo and reverb to your tracks. I am using DreamScape to create some really relaxing scenes for the Deli music. This is an excellent tool for doing some of the ambiance heard on the Deli music.

The Soothing Tracks

Take the Deli music ambient track with the ambient sound that is in the middle of the track, and open up Dreamscape, turn on Low Latency and set the latency to 0ms. Set the Reverb to 1 and the Pan to the left or right and you have a great reverb that sounds like it has passed through an old and musty room.

The Bedroom

Open DreamScape, the pan right now to the far right and turn the high Quality to its maximum value. Set the Reverb to 1, the Pulsation to 10 and the Feedback to 0. You should now have a fantastic reverb that is highly personal. This is a great tool for adding an ambience track for your bedroom.

Wet and Warm Reverb

Open DreamScape and set the Pan to the far right, now turn the Reverb to 2 and turn the Feedback all the way down. You should now have a very wet and warm reverb that has a large amount of echoes going on. I hope you enjoy this plugin

Deli Music

This is the first set of Deli ambient tracks that I’m going to make. They are very easy to make and put together. This set is designed to take the listener to a relaxing and calming

What’s New In DreamScape?

The perfect solution for overdriven or dirty mixes.

The INO technology in DreamScape has an extremely subtle recreation of the acoustic reverb recording process giving a warm and unique sound.

Combine INO and DreamScape to create the perfect overdriven reverb.

DreamScape will be your stomp box for overdriven mixes.

Sweep function to control the tail of the reverb

DreamScape is designed for use in live situations, in this way it can be used in PA or mixing situations.

DreamScape in the rack

DreamScape can be used in any mix or PA. It can be used as a dry reverb effect or be used as an insert effect.

How to use DreamScape:

Main View
Selecting a preset will open DreamScape in the context
left – Main View
– Video Tutorials
– Audio Tutorials
– Project Examples

Right View
Selecting a preset will open DreamScape in the context right – Right View

A selection of presets
To start with, DreamScape offers a selection of presets

Preset Selection Window
The Preset Selection Window helps you find the perfect fit for your material.

Preset Selection Window in the main view
Selecting a preset will open DreamScape in the context left – Main View
– Video Tutorials
– Audio Tutorials
– Project Examples

A selection of presets
To start with, DreamScape offers a selection of presets

Preset Selection Window in the main view
Selecting a preset will open DreamScape in the context right – Right View

What is the difference between Main View and Right View?
In the Main view, DreamScape offers a dynamic tab where you can select a preset


The resolution is the number of dimensions that are available. A higher resolution provides a more authentic simulation of the original recording.

The presentation is the overall shape of the reverb. A lower presentation will give a more classic sound but will also sound more transparent. The presentation reacts differently to attack and decay: attack is simulated by hard reflections, decay simulates the decay of the original recording.

The ambience is the overall size of the room. A lower ambient simulates the small

System Requirements:

– A Wii U system or later
– An Internet connection is required to play
– The system must be signed into the Nintendo Network to download software
– Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID are both required to use certain features
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