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The Elden Ring is a game where fantasy and action combine for an epic drama. Reunite the three Elbereth, an Elder God who wields the Elden Ring. With the Three Faces of the Elden Ring, a representative of the gods is chosen from the players and there is a large-scale war among the three factions with an epic war theme. Become an Elder Lord of the Elden Ring and help lead the land of Odus from the Lands Between.


1. The game supported the Facebook service. It was updated to the new interface. For details, visit:

2. The points of influence of this game will be greatly increased. Character creation is now easier and the game becomes more fun.



*Standalone version*

This version is available at the site of the publisher, n-ron.

*Windows 7 or Windows 10*

This version is only supported with PCs.


This version is only available for Mac.


This version is only available for PC.


This version is only available for smartphones.


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Any unused points of influence will be lost after 6 months have passed.

*Subscription fee*

Any unused points of influence will be lost after 6 months have passed.

*Subscription fee*

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Controls
  • Open World
  • Continuous Action
  • A Festival Called the Lost Paradise
  • A Myth-Filled Story
  • Gameplay Screen Shot

    Game Screen Shot

    Take the hike!
    New Fantasy awaits!
    Strap yourself up, test your gear, and break out of the dungeon. Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

    Elden Ring Android App is completely free!

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    Build your own legends!

    Screenshots of Nimdr

    Elden Ring [2022]


    «The gameplay is simple but satisfying, and solo content is well balanced, which gives the game a solid foundation for anyone to enjoy. Anyone looking to expand their gaming portfolio with a familiar story and action gameplay will love Elden Ring, and thanks to the hard work and passion shown by the development team, it’s sure to be a hit in the West as well.»


    «Elden Ring is gorgeous and tense, with gorgeous visuals and tense gameplay. It’s also the type of game that I wish I’d been able to make for a living.»


    «Elden Ring is an action RPG with a fantasy-setting, set on a large scale map, and uses fighting and RPG features. The game is a turn-based game, but it features only 6 buttons, so you won’t be overwhelmed by many buttons.»

    RPG Site

    «RPG fans, get your wallets ready! Elden Ring is a game from the same developer as recent releases such as World of Tanks, Battleborn, and Destiny, and the game blends great looking gameplay with an intense online experience. Because it’s also a fantasy setting, it also brings some nice, old-school charm to the game.»


    «Elden Ring looks to be a solid game, with visually pleasing anime aesthetics and a deeply satisfying action RPG system that has to be seen to be believed. Its unique take on both action and role-playing elements promises a lot of fun in the long term.»

    RPG Watch

    «Elden Ring is definitely a very nice looking action RPG with an enjoyable story and a nice and interesting experience. Even if you like other action


    Elden Ring Activation Code Download 2022

    When you start the game, you can play as characters that are available for free during the beta test. Over time, new playable characters will appear, and the equipments that are available for use will increase, as in a traditional role playing game.

    You can utilize the free weapons you can get during the beta test. Once you start the game, you can freely select and use the weapons, and you can take in the impressive appearance of Tarnished Knights from around the world.

    The equipment system of Tarnished Knights places a strong emphasis on customization. As you acquire items, you can develop the attributes and skills of your character as you see fit. You can acquire gear suited to the situation you are facing. That’s right! You can develop the gears based on the contents of the world, and you can customize your own gear without limits.

    The Equipment System of the game can be described as the combination of two different elements. In the 1st part, the Game Mechanic, the Equipment System is divided into three parts:

    1. Equip: The attribute and skill developble and can be freely selected

    2. Equip: The primary items equipped to the character

    3. Equip: The items equipped to the equipment used for the primary attributes

    The 2nd part, The Character Development Mechanic, is a sub-system of the game, in which you can change the characters’ appearances, skills, combat attributes, and the content of the character’s equipments. If you want to see the effects of your character’s equipment, first, you need to make a change with the Character Development Mechanic and then equip the corresponding item.

    As you explore, the world will be remarkably rich and complex. The place where you can embark on quests will be as diverse as a traditional role playing game. Dungeons will be complicated, and there will be situations where you’ll be presented with unexpected challenges.

    The story of Tarnished Knights is composed of fragments of the story set out by games with a similar theme. It is a vivid story that takes place in a far


    What’s new:


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    Free Download Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

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