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Q. Can I play “Elden Ring Activation Code” regardless of age?
▶ Elden Ring Game is available only for PlayStation 4 at the moment.

Q. What are the “Elden Ring” Bonus Crates?
▶ Check our blog periodically and get more information about the rewards that will be given out when the “Elden Ring” goes live.

Q. Can I add additional character pages to the “Elden Ring” from PlayStation Network?
▶ The “Elden Ring” will be equipped with a login system. However, you will be able to add additional character pages in the “Elden Ring” if you register them in PlayStation Store before the game is available.

Q. How do I register my character page in PlayStation Store?
▶ If you register your character page in PlayStation Store before the game is available, you will be able to use your additional character pages in the “Elden Ring”!

Q. Will there be more “Elden Ring” available when it goes live?
▶ A new “Elden Ring” will be available at the time when the game goes live. We will be providing more information on the “Elden Ring” and its contents in the future.



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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World with an Entirely new Unique Style

    • A vast world with many fields and dungeons surrounding mountains, forests, farms, and seas. A vast Open World enables you to freely investigate what is around you.
    • Unique Battle System Where Combat is Taken to the Next Level
      Like real life games, your character will be able to perform a variety of active movements and martial arts moves, as well as execute special attacks.
    • Unleash your Attack Bonus Up to three times by combining the elements of your armor, weapons, and magic, resulting in a combat system that is different from other RPGs where you only attack once with your selected weapon.
      Ensure victory against your enemies to progress while fulfilling the demands of the fantasy, such as defeating your opponents using a variety of weapon attacks or magic.
    • Discover, Collect, and Boost
      Use the special abilities and items scattered across the open world, and find the help that you need to battle. As you make progress, the volume of materials increases, creating a more advantageous role in battle for your character.
    • Immerse yourself in the Mythic Fantasy Setting
      Take an adventure through the Lands Between, where you forge your own destiny while engaging in a historic process to awaken your clan and attain Elden Lordship in order to discover your own roots, evoke the mysteries of your past, and explore your own fate.
  • Deep System that Combines the Sword with Shooting
    A shooting system whose combat characteristics have been heightened with sword combat skills
    A whipping action that can be used in combat to enjoy attacks with a real cinematic feeling. The normal attack is easy to use, and it is possible to enjoy the surge of great power that accompanies the attacks of the various weapon types, which are demonstrated with a variety of motions in action scenes. Perform an action with a sword or whip and rattle off skills in rapid succession.
  • Characters that Breathe Life to the World
    A collection of living characters with distinct personalities and unique histories that take active involvement in their stories to keep the Lands Between in a state of flux.
    Characters take an active role in cultivating new friendships through the sharing of heartfelt letters.
  • An Unrivaled Soundtrack
    Unparalleled action encompassing the atmosphere of fantasy, employing


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    -GameFront, Nov 29, 2018:

    «An exciting action game with an ambitious new style.»

    -AppSafari, Oct 26, 2018:

    «It’s truly one of the most thrilling RPGs I’ve played in a long time.»

    -Google Play, Oct 8, 2018:

    «The RPG genre meets Heavy Metal!»

    -iJoyApp, Sep 26, 2018:

    «If you liked the first Elden Ring, you’ll definitely love this next Elden Ring.”


    • Diverse & Intricate World Environment

    A complex 3D world environment that brings the fantasy world to life.

    • Compelling Art Style

    Fantasy characters with deep expressions drawing you in with a classic art style.

    • Beautiful & Atmospheric Music

    Classical music with an epic atmosphere bring to life the story of the Lands Between.

    • Co-Op Play for Two Players & Support

    Open world co-op play is available for up to two players.

    • UI Overhaul

    An intuitive user interface that provides more detailed information to meet your needs.

    • Endless RPG Fun

    An endless RPG RPG where you can freely combine weapons, armor and magic and develop your unique character.


    • Classic FEATURES

    – Classic Actions RPG

    – High Quality Graphics

    – A Rich Story with Complex Cinematics

    – Multilayered Gameplay

    – Four Classes – Warrior, Magician, Paladin, Thief

    – Six Classes – Fighter, Magician, Paladin, Thief, Warrior, Wizard

    – Over 20 Character Classes

    – A Variety of Fighting Styles

    – Three Fighting Styles – Double Sword Style, Unbreakable Sword Style, One-handed Sword Style

    – Three Magic Styles – Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Earth Magic

    – Nine Magic Styles

    – Three Skills in Combat – Polearm Strike, Advanced Polearm Strike, Quick Sword Strike

    – Three Skills in Healing – Summon, Advanced Summon, Mass Cure

    – Nine Skills in Combat – Block, Perform Arts, Advanced Performance Arts, Perfect Performance Arts, Critical Strike, Stream Flow, Amplification, Awakening, Awakening

    – Nine Skills in Magic – Summon, Advanced Summon, Mass Summon, Mass Cure


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    Risk of Ruin will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, and PC platforms in North America on August 28, 2016.

    ■ Game Contents
    ■ Release Date
    PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2), Xbox One, and PC—August 28, 2016
    PlayStation 4 (PS Vita) and PC—September 5, 2016
    PlayStation 4 (PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2) and Xbox One—October 31, 2016

    ■ Overview
    ■ Storyline
    ■ Characters
    ■ Features
    ■ Overview
    PlayStation 4 (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita) and PC release date
    August 28, 2016
    PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2) and PC release date
    September 5, 2016
    PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2) and Xbox One release date
    October 31, 2016
    ■ Storyline
    After the events that led to the abduction of Mikahara Darayoshi’s daughter and his visit to the realm of the Elden Ring, Mikahara, who is in search of a cure for his daughter, was coerced into becoming an unwitting pawn for the Elden Ring.
    ▼ The Power of the Elden Ring will be the savior of Mikahara
    In the wake of betrayal, his daughter is kidnapped, and Mikahara is left in chains, with the Elden Ring turning its strong presence to the northern country of Kona.
    The Country of Mikahara lies in the middle of the Lands Between, with two of the four continents that make up the world of Elden Ring split in half.
    Mikahara finds himself in the country of Badu, in which a massive peak known as Ushinom, more than 100 kilometers away from the capital city of Kasugayama, represents the boundary between the Northern and Southern part of the Lands Between.
    In the capital city, Mikahara encounters a man called the Unicorn King, who summons Mikahara to participate in the 30th Great Battle of the Elden Ring, which unfolds in accordance with a set ritual known as «the way of the Elden Ring,» an ancient ritual aiming to purify the land of Elden Ring and restore the Nine-Tailed Elden.
    To participate in the 30th Great Battle of the Elden Ring, Mikahara must fight against the denizens of the Lands Between and purify the land,


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Game Features
    — You can customise your avatar —
    As an action RPG, Tarnished Union offers customization for your hero’s character in a variety of ways, including «customisation bar» that allows you to customise your hero’s appearance according to your preference. You can even customise your hero’s skin colour.
    — Real-time world action. —
    A rich world full of events and a progression system, and unexpected factors including a variety of monsters arise within you. You will live the action in the world continuously.
    — Your concepts —
    You choose your own hero’s appearance and customise each set of equipment. Fight and explore your way toward a new future. You can even think of this as customising your hero’s equipment and re-evolution.
    — Confront a full-scale dungeon. —
    Compete with your friends or opponents in real time to face the full force of Shurugal. Exquisite, three-dimensional designs have been prepared, and there are no signs of familiarity. Roar furiously or stay still. The obstacles on the path ahead will be encountered either way.

    — RPG World foraging action where the hero can harness the power of the ages —
    Fatal confrontation on a time limit. It is based on a JRPG and the augmented reality technology. You will find the world itself is a battlefield and the four elements act as allies, «invisible powers» that will allow you to have fun.The game proposes a scenario where a plant, «necessary» for your survival, and consequently the evolutionary course of your character changes with time. By harvesting the plants, an improvised device that changes the negative physical properties of water is utilized to manipulate the four elements, and is also used to collect energy source during battle. Battle and study, utilizing the Four Elements. The continuous battle of the plant forces you to change your total body, and performs the loss and recovery of equanimity. As the monster’s will is lessened and the tiredness of the Total Body is lost, Strength and Stamina levels will rise, allowing you to use magic and equipment.

    — Innovative RPG puzzle —
    Die, die, die. This is where consciousness is made. This is a game that suspends time. The game world will change, and then does not return. Utilising on-screen arrows, the player is required to bite, vomit, squirm


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  • ABOUT ORIGINALLY YOURSHUAKU. Our passionate engineers are dedicated to delivering quality games and technologies to our players. We are a team of enthusiastic gamers and developers who are passionate about games. The last few years we have extended our expertise to multiple genres and platforms, with several titles being released.

    With a slight relaunch, we are returning to our titles and bring you «Elden Ring» – a fantasy action RPG that combines thrilling fun combat with an exciting storyline and vast world. In Elden Ring, you’ll ride the Dragon, War Robot and Horse, face fierce monsters and hordes of enemies and traverse the vast world of The Lands Between. Use your skills to explore the vast world full of adventures. Brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the lands of Madain Ssuun.

    2-3 Players Local/Multiplayer & External Connection

    A new fantasy action RPG that features deep fight elements created by «Your Suzuki». The world of Madain Ssuun, ravaged by the mysterious enemy, is unlike anything we have seen before. As a hero, you enter the mysterious world on a quest to save the Madain Ssuun.
    In «Elden Ring», the world consists of three tribes, one of which will be chosen to be the chosen hero.
    The three tribes are as follows:
    The Dragon tribe (Unytd), whose totem is the Dragon.
    The Robot tribe (Durjkld), whose totem is the War Robot.
    The Horse


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Please be aware that Switch Game Online will not function on select Nintendo Switch models and certain software, including the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch Online subscription, and Nintendo Switch Online.
    The Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo Switch Online, and Nintendo Switch Online subscription do not support Nintendo Switch Online.
    Link to Supported Models:
    Nintendo Switch Online:
    Nintendo Switch Lite:
    Nintendo Switch Online:


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