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Name Elden Ring
Publisher isaicha
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 4528 votes )
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The fall of the Elden was long ago, but the presence of a legend still spreads across the Lands Between.

It is said that the Elden Ring, the weapon of the Elden Lords, has strength and majesty. In its power, it has cut through magic, forged the Lands Between, and forever shaped the destiny of the Elden.

Now, the power of the Elden Ring is wielded by those who attained the first rank of the Elden Lords, those who have completed a trial of purity to fuse their strength with the ring.

But with the fall of the Elden long ago, the powers of the Elden Ring have faded over the years. Now, it is claimed that it has been fusing with the Lands Between.

One day, a young boy with no connection to the Elden Lords learns the fate of a creature and the truth of the Elden Ring from a nun of the Great City.

As the boy attempts to leave the capital, the ruler of the country intercepts him and demands he be put in the tower of the gatekeeper.

In the tower of the gatekeeper, the boy meets a girl with golden hair, who is the head of the order.

She explains that the existence of the boy is a secret of the Elder Gods, the same gods who abandoned the lands of the Elden, and is that the reason why he was unable to enter the capital.

The young boy then reveals that he is the child of the child of the last Elden Lord and intends to destroy the castle and reunite the fragmented Elden Ring.

The young boy is then confronted by a member of the Court.

For the sake of the country, the member of the Court explains that the boy will need more time to weaken the walls of the castle, but even if he fails, an order of punishment will be put in place.

With the completion of the order, the boy is led to a dark tower and is told to wait.

And so the young boy waited…



Features Key:

  • Elden Ring is based on a brand new fantasy action RPG.
  • The formation of a party is possible, although you are given the choice of fight alone or play alone while traveling.
  • The game is an online experience that can be played either synchronously or asynchronously.
  • A wide variety of monsters and enemies are hidden in the overworld, all of which have their own special advantages and disadvantages. Discover and obtain them to survive at your own pace.
  • The game story is told through the fragments of its characters as the game progresses. Multiple endings are possible depending on your own choices.
  • Create an original character and develop it by freely combining the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip.
  • There are several in-depth, unique mini games that are fun to play even when you aren’t in an online game.
  • The game is optimized for use on the mobile OS.
  • Many mini games and other game components can be downloaded and installed via the acquired game browser feature.
  • The game is bundled with additional data, payment information, and data required to download mini games. This content is obtained through the installation of the game.

    After registering and installing the game, you are able to play through the entire game using the account that you created. Additional paid content can be acquired using in-game currency. If the in-game currency is purchased, you can play without spending additional money. The additional content will be downloaded following a short download time, and played as one large file using the acquired content. Additional content will be offered on sale on the PlayStation®Store and iTunes.

    Elden Ring – Download

    • Sony Entertainment Network Account required.
    • Requires PlayStation®Plus membership to play online.
    • Thoroughly check the status of your security solution prior to downloading. Check the status of your PlayStation®Network authentication information in the "SETUP" section within the "Update" section on your PS4™ system homepage. Please check your PlayStation®Network account information before downloading.
    • Download is possible only after 8GB


      Elden Ring Patch With Serial Key Free

      Jeffrey L and Jacob J

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      Lovingly crafted, with a creative flair, providing a play-style that retains the old school mantra of simplicity, fun and exciting.

      Justin W

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      A unique and very detailed online RPG. This online play aspect adds a really cool addition to the game, it’s a pleasure to play with other people and a pleasure to be able to solo through the dungeons. The graphics are very well done and the atmosphere is very nice. The music is great.

      Nathaniel M

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      A very immersive action RPG. A lot of effort was clearly put into designing the world and game, with it’s wide variety of classes, dynamic backgrounds and impressive upgrades. There is a wealth of content for players to explore, so that you will never get bored. The gameplay is of course wonderful, and there’s a lot of fun to be had online. There are no real flaws in the game, but personally I think it still needs a fair bit more polish and content before it’s ready for release. It will be a fantastic game to watch develop, and I can’t wait for my first try at it. Great work!

      Jared F

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      This game is just great, an experience all its own. Its a very fun game with excellent combat and story. And best of all, it’s free.

      Scott S

      Post Comment

      This game is amazing!

      Karlo D

      Post Comment

      This game is probably one of the best action-RPGs on the market. I like the simple straightforward combat system and the class customization. It’s a ton of fun to go around killing monsters and getting loot.

      David A

      Post Comment

      This game is great, the most enjoyable RPG I have played in a long time. The combat is a lot of fun and the difficulty level is perfect. The bosses were tough, and the loot is top-shelf.

      Ben M

      Post Comment

      This game is a great one! I felt like it has the right balance between shooting and combat and the characters and upgrades were interesting and colorful. As with all ARPGs, you have one big choice when it comes to your character’s progression and there are many ways to do it.

      Ralf A

      Post Comment

      Phenomenal action with enjoyable


      Elden Ring Patch With Serial Key Download [Updated] 2022

      Ensuing Story Formed of Shades of Greed – A Character Development Game with a Multilayered Story ELDEN RING game:

      History The origins of this story go back to the legends of the Elden time. The adventures of a great long-gone hero are the main theme of this story. The character development occurs within the story of a certain country, as the hero and the villain both achieve their goals and stories merge. A Mythic Drama of the Long-Gone Era A multilayered story where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between. The Game Engine The core engine of this game was created through the collaboration of over 80 developers from Japan and Europe with many awards. The game engine was developed to support a large scale, intricate and diverse world, along with a deep story and gameplay. The game engine is designed to provide not only a beautiful graphics, but also to allow the player to enjoy a game while focusing on a single action. The game engine was jointly developed for users to enjoy the game that is not in the deadlock of series and hardware. The Game Assets Tales of the Elden Ring is created from top-notch game assets that are combined with storytelling and character development. As the main character of this game, you will face many powerful monsters, and you will also gain more power to help you at every stage. The story is an original story where the heroes of the past and the present join together. The gameplay is set within an entire continent, so the game progresses through numerous scenarios. In the midst of all this, the tale of the protagonist – the character you control – is created through the synergy of the various elements. The Project Team The development team consists of over 40 developers. This was a big team whose main task was to create a game that can attract users around the world. For a project with such a scale, this is a project of the year. The Project Lead The first project leader of this project was the experienced director of Games of Toren. Jiro Sugiyama, in close coordination with the development team and other directors, oversees every detail of the game design. He is very responsible for the project design, world building, and the development of the game engine. The Project TAKESHI MORI Development Director TAKESHI MORI, a popular game director of Seirei Gensoukyo, is the development director. He was responsible for the game design and the design of the story.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      The Fastspring Instance Shuffle Period begins from the 20th June 2014 and 14 days and 9 hours 27 minutes will be left until the Shuffle is completed. During the period, the players will receive the following new items, an ‘Ardent Tome’ and ‘White Mage’ title will also be given to players based on the number of times that they have participated in the Instance Shuffle. Additionally, commemorative Instance Quest items will also be generated.

      * Fastspring Period Exclusion
      For this time period, the Fastspring Period will be open for 14 days and 9 hours 27 minutes from the 20th June 2014 at 11:00 KST. Players who log in to play during this period will not receive the title or item corresponding to the amount of Fastspring Period Points that they earn. After that time period, no matter how many times you participate in the Instance Shuffle, you will not be able to earn the title or item.

      Participation in the Instance Shuffle is inevitable, however, if you are unable to participate in the Instance Shuffle due to the commencement of Fastspring Period, you will not be able to obtain item and title in the Shuffle. Therefore, it is essential that players do their best to participate in the Instance Shuffle during this time period.

      Should you play with another identity, your participation won’t be recognized as you are not a single player.

      Please note that this information is subject to modification. If there are any changes that could impact the current information, we will officially notify you through the game website.

      Development Team: Riot Games <p>

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 2000/XP/Vista 32-bit or 64-bit
    4GB RAM
    2GB RAM if you plan to install the expansions
    16GB of free space in your HDD
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