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“GATE -Renaissance-”, the latest installment of the “GATE” series, is a fantasy action RPG developed by a new team called LEVEL-5 and published by Nintendo.

“GATE -Renaissance-” is set in a fantasy world where two cities – “Emhyrran” and “Anamar” – are about to unite in a conflict which will determine their future.

In this action RPG, you and up to three other heroes will explore a vast world while unleashing elemental powers of a hero that you will strengthen throughout the course of the adventure to defeat powerful enemies. The action RPG is combined with a huge world and the role-playing game (RPG) genre, enabling you to enjoy the adventures as you pursue a path of your choice to experience various events and enjoy a story, while gathering together allies and obtaining items in your quest.


LEVEL-5 is a video game developer based in the Tokyo Metropolis. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in creating enjoyable games that have a strong story and strong hero characters. In addition to its own series, such as the “Pegasus in the Soda” series and “The Snack World series,” the company also develops games for other studios, such as «Degica Games» which is in charge of “Kantai Collection” for the Nintendo 3DS and “Trick Factory” which is developing the “Cave of Darkness” for the Wii U. For more information on LEVEL-5, please visit the company’s website at

© 2002-2014 Nintendo / © 2014 LEVEL-5, Inc. / © 2017 Mass Media Research, Inc. Published by Nintendo.Q:

Why cannot we use constexpr to initialize the value?

According to my understanding, we can use constexpr for initializing literals but not to initialize. For example,
int test = 5;

int main() {}

//not constexpr
const int test2 = 10;

int main() {}

Is there any reason why it is so?


The code you are trying to compile is ill-formed, C++17 [dcl.constexpr]/1:



Features Key:

    Be immersed into a universe of world, featuring an incredibly detailed fantastical story that unfolds before your eyes. Fight together with others, or form a team to unravel the dungeons ahead.

  • ART:
    Elden Ring offers character customization functionality to strengthen the senses of your character.

  • A vast world that is worth exploring:
    Explore vast landscapes filled with unique and mysterious dungeons.

  • High degree of freedom:
    An unlimited amount of equipment can be combined to create your ideal character.

    Welcome to the world of Elden Ring.

    Copyright © 2014 Tri-Ace Entertainment All rights reserved.

    Note: The above images are for illustrative purposes only. The final game may differ.



    Adventurers Camp


    Arcade Shop




    Alchemist Waial


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    The reviewer was surprised by how good this game is. I didn’t expect them to use upgraded graphics on this one either. The hero is said to be on the war of his life and he really needs the power of the Elden ring to defeat his enemies. I’m also enjoying the game’s huge PvE content. Tarnished has a lot of secrets and they’re actually interesting, and I think the cooperative quest can be fun.

    The reviewer liked how he could customize his character’s look and also enjoy how the game has a unique crafting system with a lot of customization options.

    The reviewer also liked the unique crafting system with a lot of customization options: he can strengthen his weapon or armor, and improve its various attributes. While he has to defeat enemies to get a crafting template, the review says that this isn’t too tedious. The other way to get a crafting template is to speak to one of many NPCs in the world.

    The role-playing video game, «The New Fantasy Action RPG: Rise, Tarnished,» is an action RPG by the Japan-based company Acquire. Acquire has crafted a story of a hero’s journey during the time of the Elden Ring War, and a high-quality RPG for consoles based on the Japanese RPG classics.

    In this video game, the player controls the protagonist, a young man who was raised as a child of the nobility. He is a «War Hero,» and he serves under the king of Elden. An evil force invades the lands of the Elden Ring, and it has declared war against the king of Elden. The player has joined the king’s army and must journey through the world to fight the enemy.

    The goal of the game is to complete an alliance with the King’s army, and fight the war with the protagonists of several kinds of characters. However, before joining the army, the player must go through the training of the story and also choose his protagonist and his army’s class.

    The player is given a great experience of the Elden Ring Wars in the training, and battles against various monsters and enemies.

    The story-based video game, «The New Fantasy Action RPG: Rise, Tarnished,» is an action RPG by the Japan-based company Acquire. Acquire has crafted a story of a hero’s journey during the time of the Elden Ring War, and a high-quality


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    – An epic adventure where I enter the lands of the Elves.
    – A state-of-the-art battle system that takes the virtues of swordplay and action role-playing games and combines them together.
    – A dramatic, dynamic story full of twists and turns!
    – A vast world with many new experiences.
    – A wide variety of character design and customizations.
    – A large map with beautifully drawn enemies and areas full of enemies!
    – A deep and rich online world full of content!


    The game is made up of two main parts:

    · The scenario, which is divided into chapters with a fixed number of stages.

    · The battles.

    The scenario is a story that takes place in the Lands Between. This is a world full of beauty where an endless variety of opportunities awaits. You will explore a vast world full of dangerous challenges and exciting battles, as you take on the role of a drudgery-a tattered elf called Tarnished who dreams of becoming an Elden Lord.

    In the game, you begin your journey in the Elonian Castle, where you can meet with Roland, a friend of your father and friend of the Elden Lords. You can forge relationships with Roland, and gather strength from him as you set off for a brand new adventure in the Lands Between.

    You will explore a vast and unfamiliar world as you strive to become the strongest elf who has ever lived.

    You will encounter many different situations as you fight against monsters and monsters. You will face many different sorts of opponents and interesting puzzles as you try to find and use various items and equipment.

    In the game, you can fight using a variety of items. You can equip items that will let you perform special attacks or items that will increase your attack power. You can also equip items that will increase your defense power. These items will have the effect of bringing out a part of your character’s latent potential.

    You will also encounter many situations and puzzles. Many different enemies and monsters will appear and attack you. In addition, you will have to use your thinking ability and rational faculties to solve the challenges that you face. In a great many situations, enemies will have “witches” that give off various effects on the adventurers in the game.

    Finally, the player gets to fight with the bosses that appear at the end of a certain number of stages


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Copyright 2013 by Rune-Medical Development Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • Free Elden Ring [Latest-2022]

    1) Download ELDEN RING full free and install it.
    2) Start ELDEN RING and tap on the menu icon on the upper left corner of the screen.
    3) Under «Main Settings», tap on the «API Settings» option.
    4) Under «Actions Settings» tap on the «API Settings» option again.
    5) Touch the «APIName» that corresponds to the version of your phone and click on «Confirm» to save the settings.
    6) Now go back to ELDEN RING and wait for the game to connect.
    Enjoy the adventure of ELDEN RING.Q:

    Unable to remove an item from the list in stl map (C++11)

    I am using a map to store some information about each node inside a binary tree. I want to remove all nodes that are having null pointer as its parent.
    This method (to remove the node) is a part of my binary tree class:
    void BinaryTree::remove(Node* node)
    if(node->left==nullptr && node->right==nullptr)
    delete node;
    delete node;

    In my main method, I am trying to remove nodes that has a null parent:
    int main()
    BinaryTree t;
    printf(«%d», *t.find(5));
    return 0;

    The above code gives an error, which says:

    invalid conversion from ‘int’ to ‘Node*’

    How to get rid of this error?


    Node nodeToDelete; // pointer to node to delete



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    TheNewFantasyActionRPG THE DARK GODS OF WAR



    In a world shrouded in darkness, the richest factions battle for control of planet Terra. As turmoil grows, the great powers soon push humanity onto the brink of extinction. Uprising, a revolution, threatens to break out. The fate of the world now rests in the hands of five regents selected as trainers by the gods of war themselves. As successful trainers, they must defeat deadly challenges in the Towers of War to deliver a mortal blow to the great evil empire.


    The New Fantasy II


    Devil May Cry


    D3 Publisher


    2K/Deep Silver


    2013 Kalypsys Inc.

    All rights reserved.


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1
    DirectX® 12
    2 GB RAM (4 GB for GPU-powered versions)
    2 GB available hard disk space
    Internet connection and microphone required
    DirectX® 11
    4 GB RAM (8 GB for GPU-powered


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