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ErrMsg Crack+ For Windows [Latest] 2022


Windows system errors are almost all higher numbers (in the hundreds) and are usually codes to suggest there’s something wrong with your hard disk, printer, or system file.
Windows codes (called Error Messages) usually begin with ‘0x’ or ‘0x800’, before an eight digit number and can also have letters before or after the number.

How to Use ErrMsg 2022 Crack

Visit the ErrMsg website at
Select the number you want to check for a description of the error that number represents. Then press on ‘Run ErrMsg’ and wait.
The results will appear. To exit, just click on the ‘X’ mark in the upper right hand corner.

ErrMsg and Mmmm

Mmmm is the error number column. The number codes are either found at the bottom of the table, or at the side of the table
ErrMsg begins with a description of what happened. When finished, press on ‘Run ErrMsg’. Mmmm
will only display if you have set it in the ‘Settings’ section when the program is run.

You can set Mmmm to display any time:

Settings for Mmmm

ErrMsg Crack+ [Win/Mac]

szBuffer – buffer containing error message string or description text
szFileName – file name of DLL that caused the error
szLineNum – line number in DLL that caused error
szModuleName – name of DLL from DLL name
eError – window error code
Return value: returns the error description string or 0 if no error is
Possible Error Return Values are:
E_INVALIDARG – The szBuffer buffer has
insufficient length.
E_OUTOFMEMORY – The szBuffer buffer
did not contain enough memory.
E_NOTIMPL – The parameter (szModuleName,
szFileName, szLineNum) does not support
an error message.
E_OUTOFPROCESS – A process error has
E_NOTFOUND – The parameter (szModuleName,
szFileName, szLineNum) is not
in an existing DLL.
E_FAIL – The szFileName argument does
not exist.
E_ABORT – C program has aborted.
E_ACCESSDENIED – Access to the file is
E_BOUNDS – The parameter is outside the
buffer allocated to it.
E_BUFFER – The szBuffer buffer did not
contain enough data to read the
needed string.
E_ERROR – The szFileName argument does
not exist.
E_FILE – The szFileName argument
does not exist.
E_HANDLE – The parameter is invalid.
E_INVALIDARG – The szLineNum or
szModuleName parameter is not a valid
argument is not a valid filename.
E_LOSTEVENT – The GetMessage()
function has not been called.
E_NOTIMPL – A file name was
specified, but no file was found.
E_OUTOFMEMORY – The szBuffer buffer
did not contain enough memory to
hold the string to be returned.
E_PATH – The szFileName argument
does not exist.
E_OUTOFSTACK – The parameters (szLineNum)

ErrMsg Free

0x300 Internal Error.
The error happened while accessing the file system.
1 0x00000800 System Error
The operating system failed.
1 0x00000100 Syntax Error
A syntax error occurred.
2 0x000000d0 Error in File Function.
Some specified file function failed.
3 0x00000080 File Access Denied.
Attempted to access a file that you do not own.
4 0x00000100 Automation Error
The automation service failed.
5 0x00000110 Access Violation.
The application attempted to access some part of the system it is not authorized to access.
6 0x00000120 DLL Function Failure.
The DLL file is missing, or not digitally signed.
7 0x00000220 Object Overflow.
The system cannot handle the object being operated on.
8 0x00000228 Object is Null.
Object has a value of NULL.
9 0x00000231 Object is an Invalid Type.
Object has an invalid type, such as a network path or disk path.
10 0x00000140 The connection to the database server could not be established.
11 0x00000150 The selected database is too small for your requirement.
12 0x00000160 The selected database does not exist.
13 0x00000170 The connected database is not the one you specified.
14 0x00000180 The password format is not correct.
15 0x00000190 The number format is not correct.
16 0x00000260 The value is too large or small for the data type of the parameter.
17 0x00000270 The parameter is an Out parameter, it cannot be modified.
18 0x00000280 The parameter is an Input or Output parameter, it cannot be modified.
19 0x00000290 The parameter is an In or Output parameter, it cannot be modified.
20 0x000002a0 System has encountered an error, please try again later.
21 0x000002b0 System error occurred: %i.
22 0x000002c0 The server could not be contacted.
23 0x000002d0 System error occurred: %i.
24 0x000002e0 System error: %s.
25 0x000002f0 Insufficient memory is available.
26 0x00000300 The specified driver is not installed.
27 0x00000310 The file version is

What’s New In?

Error message descriptions are provided for use when system messages are returned on error and need to be displayed to the user.


HRESULT function codes:

How to use:

Example Usage
Locate a code like 5010, for example, then input it on the first line.
Windows Error Codes
Error Code Details
You cannot access the specified resource.

Windows Error Codes
For more information, see Windows Error Codes

How to use:

Windows Error Codes

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System Requirements For ErrMsg:

Keyboard and mouse.
DirectX 9 compatible video card with at least 64 MB of VRAM.
Mac OS X 10.5 or Windows 2000 / XP
A browser with Java 1.3 or newer.
About 4 MB of free disk space.
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