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The hyper-functionality of the game is driven by gameplay, where new player skill animations and ball physics are delivered with more fluidity and speed.

Animations have been redone for more authenticity, while also maintaining “realism while delivering a new style of play and using our technology”.

In addition to new animations, FIFA 22 introduces new player control tactics, new attacking weapons, such as the new RONKO, AI improvement and ball physics.

“FIFA 20 was an incredible commercial success and continues to enjoy a loyal following of fans,” said executive producer Andrew Vlahos. “We believe that with our ongoing commitment to the FIFA development cycle and the powerful tools that make up the FIFA series, we’re poised to deliver the most authentic and enjoyable FIFA experience to date.”

Since the launch of the FIFA series, the development team at EA Canada has set the benchmark for football simulation by offering the most realistic features to players.

HyperMotion Technology

The HyperMotion Technology engine delivers “the most flexible, natural and realistic controls to date in an AAA console football game”. This includes physics-driven moments, animations, ball physics, control, passes, and off the ball actions.

The gameplay engine follows a player’s exact movements in a match, using the input from Sony’s unique DualShock 4 wireless controller, and is made possible by its range of sensors and audio.

More realistic and varied gameplay scenarios are enabled by the EA SPORTS Season Goals, a unique feature that allows players to easily see goals, score, and manipulate the match based on the score or game situation.

EA SPORTS Game Engine 3

EA SPORTS Game Engine 3 delivers “the highest resolution and the most realistic graphics the series has seen” with dynamic shadows, realistic lighting effects, animations that use improved player models, animations that improve under pressure, and improved collision detection in all areas.

EA SPORTS Season Goals & Global Invitation Progression

The EA SPORTS Season Goals system lets players complete their own goals, set-ups, and tries.

Global Invitation progression is a new feature that lets players earn an invitation by earning reputation with online teams they’ve played for in a FIFA or FIFA World League match.


Features Key:

  • New Club Ownership System brings a new level of ownership and control to FIFA from a new player perspective. Allows a player to set up and manage their own personal club. Huge innovation on the pitch and around you in FIFA –\u201cnow you can play \u201c.
  • New camera gives player the ability to track opposing players and in some games build in a player-to-player broadcast tool. Coach builder enables global and local customization in all aspects of your team. New organiser interfaces allow exceptional customization and match day experience e.g.. Restart any pitch attack. Build your team the way you want to! Full 360 player move when recording.
  • Triple camera gives broadcasters new ways to broadcast the game. New replay options allow fans to rewind decisions and take a closer look at key moments from their favourite moments.
  • FIFA on Wii U Receives A Two-Year Subscription Service for All FIFA Ultimate Team Contents! FIFA Ultimate Team for Wii U can be played for just £6.99 per year on Nintendo Switch or Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Buy your Year 1 membership now and save over 20%! Each year that a player is active on FIFA Ultimate Team for Wii U, they earn gold coins to spend in-game. These can be used to buy packs full of players, play Style Sessions for even more stars and increase your odds of winning the Big Cash Prize Draw.


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FIFA is the top-selling sports video game franchise in the world. Each year millions of players can be found on the pitch, court or pitch across the globe. The action is fast-paced, intense, and furious. Whether playing in a solo practice mode or in a heated knockout tournament, players are pushed to the limits.


The real athletes – The largest player roster in the franchise’s history, featuring 12,500 athletes from 100 countries. For the first time, players can make their own FIFA Ultimate Team squad featuring all these unique athletes.

The deepest path to greatness – Tackle Pro, get Professional, and become a Legend in the way that suits you best. Complete challenges in Career Mode to earn the badges and unlock new rewards, including unique Pro Goalkeepers, Ballists, and Stadiums.

The fastest-ever gameplay – New tactical options allow players to control all aspects of how they use the ball, including Passology, Ball Touches, and Player Dribbling.

New season of innovation – A brand-new ball physics model coupled with all-new player models mean only one thing – the action is faster, smoother, and more accurate than ever before.

Explore the world – From all-new 3D locations to magnificent stadiums and pitch-side settings, FIFA 22 offers the most extensive and varied experiences in the series’ history.

Powered by Football™

Powered by Football™ is a signature feature which brings the game closer to the real-life feel of the game. Create custom formations of all-new formations inspired by the current World Cup format in FIFA 22. This feature unlocks deeper playmaker control, and unlocks customizable control settings to control how and when players will move the ball from the pitch to the player, allowing players to select different options.

Over the duration of the current season, play, pass and sprint animations are enhanced in every game mode with spectacular new traits. There are also unique animation examples across several game play modes. Whether sprinting or taking a corner, you’ll notice the difference when compared to your game’s technical benchmark.

New features include:

The all-new ability to make one-to-one passes and long-range passes to multiple players.

Rosters and Teams will be the ultimate representation of the World Cup powerhouses in EA SPORTS FIFA 22 with 100+ players from over 50 of the world’s leading football


Fifa 22 [April-2022]

With two training modes to immerse yourself in football, and a brand new Create-a-Club feature, FIFA Ultimate Team brings real-world football into your home screen. Build a squad of more than 1,000 players from more than 100 licensed teams and legends, all with authentic kits and unique statistics.

Real World Soccer 2018
This year’s football package lets you play your way through authentic matches from all over the world, with the freedom to play like the pros and let your imagination run wild with the most comprehensive ball physics system yet. Be authentic!

“FIFA 18” marks the first game in the franchise to offer the fully-immersive Experience First Creator, allowing fans to import any football player they can find in the real world into their game, and then manage and train them in the most realistic possible football experience. The Experience First Creator and match creator feature their own version of true player behaviour, while the new My Style and Ultimate Team modes are built around the social experience of sharing, supporting and playing like a professional.

“Seasons” is a new way to live your Ultimate Team experience, allowing you to play your way through significant moments from your favourite football clubs’ seasons. Play as your favourite player at his best, celebrate with your fans and finally win the Champions League.

“Goal Rush 2018” is a brand new game mode in FIFA where you battle your way through an unforgiving mode on your quest to reach the goal line first. Every twist, every turn and every blast of power behind you becomes crucial. There’s only one winner and each goal counts!

PES 2018 Update 1 for GamePlay
PES 2018 combines the best of the Sports Football franchise, with an exciting brand new gameplay engine and a brand new user interface. Optimize your match with a comprehensive defensive AI system. No longer is it required to take corners, receive the ball and then decide whether to attack the ball or roll away from danger. Now you make the decision to attack or defend at the right moment. React and de-act instantly!

PES 2018 updates its player intelligence to never let you get caught on the ball. In PES 2018, you will never be caught out of position and no longer have the need to take on players.

PES 2018 has a new advanced ball control system, which frees you up to pass more, create more and score more.


What’s new in Fifa 22:

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