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With close to half a million players from around the world participating in FIFA’s Player Network in 2019, we collected data on over 250,000 events, allowing us to precisely address touch, shove and control in an unprecedented way.

The new physics engine in FIFA 22 features a unique contextual influence – depending on your player’s attributes (read: speed, height, power, strength, balance and movement) you’ll physically experience a specific number of touches, and you’ll be able to sense the difference. For example, if you’re in possession and are short and fast, you’ll touch the ball a lot more and therefore feel a higher level of control. In contrast, if you’re tall and powerful, you’ll be able to physically deal with the ball more easily, however, your opponent will be able to outmanoeuvre you.

Another key element introduced in FIFA 22 is the new tackle system, which allows you to use one or two steps of your dribble to send a player into the air. Finesse tackles are also possible, and can be executed with either or both feet.

FIFA is proud to announce that all official FIFA competitions will be accessible in a variety of languages, starting with the launch of the next FIFA World Cup™ on June 14. FIFA 20’s languages feature is to be expanded, with a further 12 languages including Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Czech, Polish and German. FIFA has also been working closely with the community to make the UEFA Champions League even more accessible than before, with a wider range of official languages to be included in future.

“We are on the very precipice of the next mobile revolution,” said Christian Effenberg, FIFA’s Head of Mobile, “It’s essential for us to innovate at speed and we are confident that FIFA 22 will inspire and excite our audience, just as we always do.”

For more information on FIFA’s new features, check out our blog here:

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Features Key:

  • See the World. Connect with every community around the world through live broadcasts, share and compete in community tournaments, and watch the big moments unfold in front of you for the first time ever.
  • Authentic, immersive gameplay. As football’s all-time leading sports game, FIFA has catered to fans’ needs by delivering a truly authentic football experience. From ball physics to pre-match tactics, the experience ensures players feel the genuine sensation of being the best on the pitch and nothing’s been left to chance.
  • Be a Pro. Build your own Pro player and take them through the ranks, starting as a rookie amateur and progressing all the way to the pinnacle of the game. You’ll even be able to get to grips with Master (professional) mode, giving you more choice to dominate the pitch.
  • Variety of gameplay modes.
  • Featuring 20 international teams from around the world including South Korea, Korea Republic, Venezuela, Scotland, Scotland and many more. Pick the most popular teams to play online against exclusive captains and coaches. Traditional and online Co-op will also be included in the game.
  • Virtual Pro and Ultimate Team Challenges. Participate in regular V.Pro. and V.Ultimate. Tournaments as a team of up to 32 players. Unlock special edition cards available for purchase and trade from other players’ Ultimate team.
  • Create your own customised team to play online and take on the CPU.


Fifa 22 Free For Windows

Take control of the world’s top soccer stars as you build your dream team. Use your Player Impact Engine to unleash the authentic skills and attributes of the world’s best players on your created team, as well as to unlock and upgrade skills and attributes to match your club’s playing style. And with more than 500 players to choose from, you’ll have a fighting chance against any opponent.

FIFA puts you in control of your club, so you decide who plays and who sits on the bench. Decide between the emotional highs of the Champions League and the adrenaline rush of the World Cup, and feel the emotions of the biggest moments of the season in all competitions.

Create the perfect team. From the formation, style of play and tactics to the skills and attributes of the players, everything is under your control. You build your team by unlocking and upgrading skills and attributes to best suit your club’s playing style.

Take your club to the peak of world soccer. Master hundreds of authentic skills and attributes from around the world as you take your team all the way up to the pinnacle of club soccer. From the abilities of the most skillful players like Lionel Messi to the physicality of the hardest workers, everything is under your control, and you can use them to dominate any situation on the pitch.

With the new Ignition Engine, take the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay innovations. Aided by the brand new Animation and Dynamic Match Engine, the new Ignition Engine makes the footballing action feel more authentic, and introduces new elements like:

An all-new strike system, to make striking even more rewarding.

Improved player control, with a new off-ball anticipation system.

A brand new engine for your management, giving you more control to keep the team focused.

A brand new Route Engineering System, allowing you to strategically play out complex build-up situations.

New Playmaker Responses, giving you more control over your team’s shape and play at the point of possession.

A brand new detailed damage model that means you won’t have to sacrifice for an injury-free game any longer.

Improved ball physics to give you more options during game-defining situations.

A brand new All-new Momentum system, making the game more competitive and unpredictable.

A brand new goalkeeper AI system.

Take the gameplay to the next level, and create the team that you want to


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Make the most of your Ultimate Team with real-world player cards and get your own custom-made squad in FIFA Ultimate Team. Take on your friends in this new competition mode, or create your own squads and play the game your way in either single-player or online. Or, take your skills to the next level in the all-new Player Career mode, with an array of customisable stats to control your playing style.

FIFA Fan Token – unlock exclusive prizes and rewards by collecting and redeeming special FIFA Fan Tokens from product activations.

Player Profiles – Show off your favourite player’s skills in FIFA 22 and make sure you get noticed, with a series of in-game choices and Player Profiles that reflect your personal style.

Explore the latest in player creation technology and discover the award-winning game engine and Live Digital Player Faces, a new and improved look and feel for your virtual creations in FIFA 22.

Play FIFA 22 and compete in the official FIFAPRINCE competition to be crowned the current FIFA Fan Club Brand Ambassador and become the newest FIFA Fan Club of the Year. The ultimate FIFA fan experience.

A Player Card Action Bar which gives you new and unique ways to control and manipulate the ball in the game.

FIFA Mobile gives you the opportunity to connect with the entire FIFA football family. Place your order, create your FIFA Fan Club, check your membership status and learn more about your membership options.

FIFA Mobile is a genre-blending soccer game that gives you the ultimate FIFA fan experience with a unique combination of true-to-life gameplay and player movement. The intelligent gameplay engine adapts to your style and allow you to become the ultimate player.

Take control of the action and improve your game with FIFA Mobile’s TUNING feature that lets you fine-tune every aspect of your gameplay experience.

Sign in to FIFA Fan Club with your game account to check your status, claim membership rewards and items, and complete your official FIFAPRINCE journey.

FIFA World Class Graphics
Play as one of the best players on the


What’s new:

  • Refine your controls with the new Precision Dribbling.
  • Discover the look of the on-pitch action with the Metal Gear Solid 5 Engine.
  • See more detail in your Pro team than ever before thanks to new player models, player animations, and player textures.
  • Hone your skills by competing in skill games found both in-game and online.
  • Become a Pro in a new Pro LIVE matchmaking experience.
  • Play as the new Virtual Pro team to get new gameplay formats, like FIFA Pro League, and play as your rival Pro to try out all new match types exclusive to FIFA Pro League or the new FIFA world clubs competition.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • Discover new game modes and pro leagues for FIFA Ultimate Team including the all-new FIFA World Club League.
  • Refine your control with the Precision Dribbling feature allowing for more expressive and dynamic off-the-ball movement.
  • Ever so slightly, new user control pads offer more instant and fluid interaction.
  • New LOD model delivers the best in player detail in every aspect of the player, from dynamic on-pitch environment to precise player communication on the ball.
  • Metal Gear Solid 5 engine allows for improved player facial animation, creating an amalgamation of lifelike human movements and expressions.
  • Our powerful brand identity system places your club in a realistic environment with new stadium in-game, as well as on the actual in-game stadium in real-life.
  • Get inspiration from the referees and even other players wearing your team’s kit as they line up on the pitch, or emulate how the other team use their tactics to create perfect team organisation.


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FIFA is the world’s leading soccer video game franchise. Each year, millions of fans from around the world turn to FIFA to experience the thrill of virtual football. FIFA 20 features a brand new game engine, the Premier League, and a host of new features and innovations that redefine the game.

What does Xbox One do?

Microsoft’s gaming system is more than a console. With Kinect voice and gesture technology, Xbox One is the world’s first system to power a full-scale video game controller. A must-have for every gamer, Xbox One is faster than ever and compatible with the most games in the industry, and it’s a full-featured entertainment system for all your friends, plus games, apps, movies and music. Xbox One lets you do more and play with more people in more ways.

Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately), required for online multiplayer features.

Online multiplayer included. Country restrictions apply. See for details.

Online multiplayer required; additional fee will be charged to your Microsoft account at the end of the trial period.

Microsoft account required; sold separately.

Additional features and functionality may apply; see or contact your Xbox support representative.

Online multiplayer requires a constant internet connection. ISP fees may apply; see

Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue online service, features, or content at any time.

Requires full-game download; additional content available for download via Xbox Live. Download required to play multiplayer.

Includes the “FIFA Ultimate Team” – premium, in-game content offering.

Physical Edition includes (1) FIFA 21 game; (1) FIFA 20 game; (1) official poster; (1) EA SPORTS™ FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team™ coins card. Includes additional in-game content. All content available through Xbox Live.

Microsoft account required; additional fees may apply.

The “Play” button is available in the game only when an Xbox Live Gold membership is active; content and features are no longer available without an active Gold membership; memberships are available by monthly, semi-annual, or annual terms.

Microsoft reserves the right to modify or discontinue game and service at any time.

Please refer to game manual for full


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System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10
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Dual Shock 4 Controller
1080p resolution
DirectX 11
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