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“HyperMotion Technology is essentially artificial motion capture,” said Henry. “It enables us to replicate physical movements and activities in the game that would be impossible for our human players to match. It’s this player data that we use to deliver the next-generation of player movement to you, letting you make incredible-feeling, intelligent, on-the-move decisions in every challenge.

“Inevitably, when we create something new, we look to other sports to see what they’ve done, and believe that applying what we learn from them gives us an advantage to create an even better football video game.

“One of the key characteristics of the player data we use is called ‘Attribution,’ which enables us to capture every action, meaning, every single move a player makes on the field,” Henry continued. “We then collate that data using algorithms and develop those individual moves into goals, tackling and interceptions, among a lot of other attributes.

“For example, we know the path a player takes to score a goal. If you look at the clips of that goal, you’ll see that the player’s possession is roughly 0.4 seconds and the player is running almost 50km/h. The scenario we’ve created is that the player is able to create an opportunity where the opposing team’s defence is in disarray, and they have a few seconds to score. The player has controlled the ball to the point where the goalie will have to leave the goal with some speed, and from there the player is able to manoeuvre around the goalkeeper.

“In this instance, the goal is scored in a matter of seconds,” Henry added. “But more than that, it’s this exact scenario that we use to create every kind of goal, and every situation your players are in. There are many more attributes in the game.”

Each player’s version of the game in Fifa 22 Crack is unique to their game-play style. All 22 players have distinct looks and attributes, which is what the “Real Team of the Year” special content will offer.

“We have 22 incredible players that feature in the game,” said Henry. “You’ll see them in their own unique variations from the player types you know and love, and each one has unique motion tracks and attributes. You’ll see Alex-


Features Key:

  • Explore the World of Fifa, one of the most popular and successful simulation sports franchises. The critically acclaimed series returns – come one, come all.
  • Bring your clubs to life – take direct control of the likes of Pele, Diego Maradona, George Best, Pelé and more, as they come face to face in Head-to-Head and improved Freestyle battles.
  • Ultimate Team – high-intensity 5v5 championship gameplay and updated leagues including the English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and MLS.
  • Grow your club from the ground up – create a club from the bottom of the league and develop your squad through millions of potential transfers. Customise your stadium, kit and boardroom to boost your reputation.
  • Create, modify and play as any current or historical footballer. Discover a football journey unlike anything else and live out your dream for the first time.
  • New and improved game engine
  • Gameplay Performance – a new ball physics system, improved goal celebrations, sub animations, shots and free kicks.
  • A-11 Apex Abilities – new and improved ball control, alertness, vision and ball adjustments.
  • Hyper Motion Technology – control your team with increased precision and accuracy, avoiding the hands in slippery conditions.
  • Authentic Kit design – fully-aligned chequered strip, and dynamic compression in the design and weight of the shirt, and dynamic detail in the sock design. Players will also notice the new breathable fabric on their kits.
  • Design your club logo, tracksuit, change kit, and more.
  • New crowds, chants and celebrations – fully voiced and animated. And score a goal by getting behind the opponents’ goal.
  • Have you ever dreamt of being a footballer? Start playing out your dreams with a first-person experience that gives football fanatics the realistic feeling of actually being a footballer.
  • The familiar soundtrack you’ll know and love. Brand new music brings a fresh feel to the franchise.


Fifa 22 Free Download

Born of the gaming dream of digital imitation, FIFA was the first game to capture the pure, untainted essence of football. It captures the drama of real-world football from pitches across the globe, using real live players to bring that drama to life. For the first time in history, footballers move like your favourite athletes, and react realistically to your every touch. The sense of speed, control and sheer physicality on the pitch make FIFA the most authentic football experience out there today.

FIFA’s proprietary “Powered by Football” engine can accurately simulate any pitch, any weather, any time, anywhere in the world. These conditions truly define the unique brand of football that FIFA is.

With the highest quality licensed player pool in the world, and authentic-feeling new animations, FIFA is officially recognised as one of the greatest sporting simulators ever released.

The Pitch

FIFA takes the game away from the stereotypical off-road endless tracks of the arcades of yore, and brings it back on to the pitch. The surface is always perfect; the pitch is always true to life, and conditions are never skewed.

Reaching every pitch in FIFA is a very realistic experience. The ball itself behaves exactly as it should, travelling at the same speed and distance for every kick. You can react to every pass, touch and shot, and react to everything the game cares about. FIFA makes the football pitch more accessible, playable, and playable, than ever before, and it feels like your favourite sport.

FIFA’s Pitch Engine has been the genesis of some of gaming’s most iconic moments. The first “overtime” goal in an epic World Cup game, the goal that broke English hearts by sending the “dream team” home, and the game-saving Drogba clincher against the heavily favoured Germans all stem from the unique control and sensation provided by FIFA’s new, dedicated pitch system.

FIFA’s independent, multi-layered Pitch Engine simulates the absolute accuracy of not only every pitch itself, but also the atmospheric conditions that impact the game, all with a flawless physics engine.

The Weather

Learn what truly makes a World Cup game tick. FIFA is the first game to truly use real-world data to determine the weather at every match, minute by minute. The brand new “Temporal A.I


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Featuring over 300 players, FUT challenges gamers to build the ultimate team of footballers by choosing from more than 30 positions and collecting players from all corners of the globe – with over 600 Total Club Experience (TCE) cards. With elite competition, brand-new gameplay features, and all-new ways to grow your team and compete, FUT delivers the most immersive football experience ever.

Major tournaments
FIFA 22 FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014

Mature content is not guaranteed in every mode in FIFA 22; it is only found in some modes.

Teams and Leagues
FIFA 22 features many leagues and teams, with more leagues and teams being added with the release of updates.

1. England
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Germany
2. Republic of Ireland
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Mexico
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. France
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Australia
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Wales
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Russia
UEFA Nations League 2018/19
3. Belgium
UEFA Nations League 2018/19

Sportsfriends – Matchmaking system for any sports content.
Context Pro – Create your own gameplay context with the personal trainer.
FUT Championship – One of the most realistic FUT modes.
My Story – Games created from official team or club content.
My League – Set up your own league.
My Match – Create your own matches from official content.
Player Health Visuals – Player Health and energy for every player in the game.
Player Traits – Personality traits of every player in the game.
Progressions – Alter the difficulty of future seasons.
Be a Real Manager – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
Transfer Deadline Day – Send players on loan to specific clubs.
Play with the Pros – Complete the career of a pro in FIFA 22.
Club App – Tap into


What’s new:

  • Soccer Stories
  • the pace of play has been improved and players use the momentum of the ball to quickly move forward
  • New animations – players drive the ball in a different way in the new animations.
  • Controls – the on screen system uses the WASD keys instead of Q, E, A,S. Players can now control the ball individually, being able to move by holding down each of the four directions.
  • AI and improved animations – the new AI has been improved and now players are more aware and react to your movements. There are also improved animations, particularly with the ball.
  • New control schemes
  • Dynamic and responsive gameplay – The ball reacts to the player more, plays with the movement of the player rather than only passing it forward.
  • Players use the motion to their advantage – Players choose where they pass it rather than getting the ball and hoping it goes to an area they want to. Players are covered off as they move and use this opportunity to run at their opponents. The space of the pitch and the number of players they face also affect how they move.
  • Improved progress system – Players will always know what is achievable from them and at which club. They know how long it will take to reach the next tournament, to get as many trophies as possible and go all the way. They can progress through promotions, receive endorsements, and become the star of the club. Progress is now linked to progression through the GMN.
  • Improved, connected commentary – The commentators of the game are better and more connected to players and activity on the pitch, they communicate emotion and the meaning behind what is happening.
  • Improved Player Control – Players are now more controlled in the games, allowing for intelligent passes into space and more fluid movements of the player.


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As football takes centre stage across the world, the hardest working athletes in the sport are doing their best to live up to the challenge – earn EA SPORTS FIFA’s coveted Most Valuable Player title.

Meet the 22 players who will take to the field and make their FIFA mark in FIFA 22.

FIFA 2K17 on Xbox One is the best console soccer game on Xbox One, with all-new innovations for a more realistic and authentic experience. Work with your best club, create your career, climb the global leaderboards.

Download your free EA SPORTS game on Xbox One right here.

Show moreUK’s BSkyB to extend broadcast rights for Uefa Champions League

LONDON (Reuters) – BSkyB, Britain’s largest pay-TV provider, has agreed to extend its broadcast rights for the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League to include the semi-finals and final, the regional pay-tv operator said on Monday.

Sky will show the first semi-final on Wednesday, April 2, and the second semi-final on Saturday, April 6, and both the final, on May 3, and the third semi-final on May 7.

The contract runs until the end of the 2013/14 season and is an extension of previous rights arrangements covering the semi-finals and final which ended in 2013.

BSkyB, which has 33 million customers in the UK, drew widespread criticism after European soccer’s governing body UEFA found it guilty of “manipulation” over the broadcast rights in 2012 for the 2010/11 season, which included a tournament for 16-20 year-olds.

UEFA demanded Sky pay 14.05 billion British pounds ($20.4 billion) but the British company argued that rules governing the right to vote were not applied equally.

“I am delighted to announce that we have extended our broadcast deal with the UEFA Champions League for the 2013/14 season,” said Jeremy Young, Chief Executive of BSkyB. “We made the decision to extend our long-term relationship with the competition, which is at the heart of the world’s top domestic and international sporting events.”

“We believe that our fans will find that the quality of coverage and matches shown on Sky Sports will continue to be the best in the country for sports fans and we have extended our commitment to them for one more season,


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