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“It was great to meet with a group of curious and thoughtful reporters: It keeps journalists grounded in reality instead of gotcha journalism,” she said. “I’m also really excited to be working with an area, with a district, with a state and a nation that’s starting to see some really exciting reform on issues like criminal justice reform and ending cash bail, as well as reducing incarceration and incarceration rates and what that means for families, for children, for the current generation and the future generation.”

According to a recent survey by the American Correctional Association, 56 percent of its members believe that justice reform is likely to be a front and center issue in the 2020 election. The growing number of criminal-justice reform advocates have rallied around many of the same issues that Sanders highlighted: ending mandatory minimum sentences and providing equal treatment to nonviolent criminals; and allowing crime victims to restructure their own sentences, in which the cost of living is added to the amount of time a person is incarcerated.

But the number of states that have implemented these reforms is still quite small.

“There are

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Strikingly, although the Asian tiger declined in numbers, the subspecies actually had a slight increase in the last decade, said the study.

«What we found was that tiger populations in China actually increased, probably because of the trade in illegal wildlife,» said Kyaw Hla Oung, an expert in molecular ecology at the University of Oxford and one of the lead authors of the study.

The results are «fairly astounding,» said David Shepherd, chairman of the wildlife trade department at the World Wildlife Fund. «The sheer rate at which tigers are being taken from the wild is of great concern.»

The co-author of the study, Lisa Haft, who formerly worked for the World Wildlife Fund, said she was surprised and disappointed. «The Chinese [poaching] trade should have been stopped much earlier,» she said.

The scientists examined genetic data from tiger populations across 16 countries in Southeast Asia and compared them to data from other parts of the world. They found that tigers in China experienced a significant population decline, but did not find a similar drop in species other than tigers.

China has a population of 2,319 big cat species, including lions, leopards and Père David’s deer — an animal that lives only in China. One of the largest populations of Asiatic tigers in the world is in the grasslands of northeast China, according to the study.

However, the tiger population in those areas declined by half over the past 15 years, which the scientists consider a disaster for the subspecies, they said.

The Asian tiger has not been targeted by poachers for long, but their persistence has allowed the subspecies to survive better than many of their relatives that have been hunted for decades.

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