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– Download only the main games in this collection after finishing the game.
– We don’t provide additional content for the game.
– Full version will be released simultaneously on
PlayStation 4 and
Google Play
(August 7, 2015)
– Available in English worldwide
– Available in Japanese worldwide
– Except for the original Majesty 2 game, the rest of the games are originally a Korean game.
– English version available for the original Master of Monsters
– Players who played the game on PlayStation 4 will be able to play it on Google Play.
– The collection does not include the game Packetman.
– Players should install the game and play the demo.
– If players are still interested in continuing, they can download and play the full version through the original Master of Monsters game.
– Players should be careful to not continue the game on the wrong way after the conclusion of the demo.
*Majesty 2 and A New Empire will be updated to be compatible with the Google Play system.
*Majesty 2 and A New Empire in the Google Play system will be available in English in the coming months.
– English version for original A New Empire is not confirmed yet.
About The Main Map:
The map comprises a maze and castle. There are left, right, up, down, east, west, north and south paths, as well as jump and fall down paths.
The maze is a map where players have to get through. The maze is made from 8×8 grids and can go up to 128×128 grids.
– You can move around using 4×4 grid spaces.
– The original Majestic 2 game lets players draw lines to open passages
– Players can make things move within the maze by dragging and dropping
– Players can sort the maze into an optimal order to increase the efficiency of moving through it
– When you move to the edge of the map, the player falls down.
– Players can press
to lift up.
– Some paths are blocked, and the player should think of other ways to solve this.
– There is a term called Zero-Pixel, but this term is meaningless.
About The Audio:
– Music is composed by gfaci and will be performed by Green Breeze
– The audio settings can be optimized by voice
– Players need to change the volume of each object (Gate, Door, Sound,


GameCreator Features Key:

  • Play single player, no internet connection required!
  • Character progression throughout the story
  • Multiple dialogue choices throughout the game
  • 30+ weirdly corny scenes.
  • Lots of references to the mythology of Sumerian culture that some of you might not be familiar with
  • Many epic weapons and armors
  • Succinct set up and conclusion to each area of the game
  • The Atlantis King, Enki was a man of great mystery.

    A Seriously Weird, Interesting Life:

    You’ll be earning the title of «Enki’s Fairy».

    Gods are pretty small. Every time Anu comes to play with Enki, you’ll need to take turns entertaining them.

    Flirting and swinging:

    Femininity plays a major role in Enki’s relationships.

    Pay close attention to Enki’s body language:

    Let’s face it, Enki has a reputation. Being a Fae God is a fairly serious sentence to go by.

    Loot Drops (and some Items to Maintain Classy):

    Big loot drops!

    While I’m a tyrant on unforgiving bosses, I have a soft spot for loot drops.

    Don’t lose your upgrades!

    If you find yourself dying before you have a really good build, you’ll lose the weapons and armor that came in your first four slots.

    Loot can be a problem in some places:

    Classy items are really valuable in some of these areas of the game.

    You can always make more, right? Well, you’d be surprised how hard it is to make that much gold.

    Every time you get out of bed, your traits will benefit slightly. If you get a Trait that gets you to level 100 faster, you


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    When the Frankish conquerors arrived in the world in the late 7th century, in their wake they brought their culture, including their laws, religion and understanding of territory and rulership, along with them. This richly detailed expansion for Crusader Kings II adds the Khazar, Cuman and Hunnic cultures, including their rulers, units, religions and laws.
    Your dynasty will rule over any of these cultures, so you’ll need to decide how much to emulate the culture of your rule and how much to adapt it to your own. As you do this, you’ll encounter consequences for the choices you make, including birth defects and mutations, and your religion might spread or grow more extreme, your culture may change to the point of civil war and your people may turn to lawlessness and anarchy.
    A detailed in-game encyclopedia explains the history and society of the various cultures. You will also find custom events and a new ruler trait to spice things up.
    The game is currently only available for Windows.

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and I’m interested in the sales on the game.

    Horse Lords – Indian Culture Pack – £7.99

    How do I get the «Indian» culture for my game? I have the Standard Edition and the Horse Lords expansion. The game is doing everything else, however, when I want to start the game, I get some error about not being able to start when I try to click on the game and it will start automatically on the horse lords expansion. I will keep trying to figure this out. However, I’m really interested in how to get the Indian culture in the game.

    1) Did you download the expansion and install it in a seperate folder from the original installer?
    2) If not, did you make sure to uninstall the original game?
    3) If you still can’t start the game, please include all details in a «NOTICE TO ME» in your reply, and include the name of the game, country, and Steam Beta ID for the game. I have sent out Steam Beta Codes for this game, and would like to be able to post a link for new players to use to start the game.

    I’m not the seller, but i’m a PC Gamer and i personally do not recommend buying e-shop games unless you like to be taken advantage of, by amazon or the developer or seller or something of that




    Bus Tycoon ND, is really an awesome game! I like the interface and it’s very easy to understand. I love the graphics and the aspect of night and day too. I have several suggestions:

    1. Could you add the option of assigning transport workers to buses? I mean, assign workers to go to specific bus stops and fix certain buses if they break down? It would be very helpful to keep traffic flowing smoothly as well.

    2. The feature of upgrading stations to serve buses coming from other cities. After upgrading to larger bus stops, would we have to travel to other cities to pick up passengers from the bigger stations?

    3. You mentioned you are working on expanding the game and adding other cities. Would this feature also include the option of creating a bus route to other cities so as to connect the bus stations with these cities? Would this feature work with cities that are way off the main cities?

    Nope, sorry. So far, bus stops are local. I have no idea if that would be possible at all, so I can’t say for sure. You would have to try it out to check if that’s doable. I’m not sure where you are trying to place your stops, but I suppose it’s possible. The game can be expanded in many different ways; some are already planned. Do keep in mind that it’s a full-time job to develop Bus Tycoon ND and I’m already pushing the limits of the PC. So a major expansion of the game at the time would require me to reduce the development pace of some games. If you have any suggestions that you think will make the game better, it’d be great to hear those.

    1. Bus stops are local, meaning, only one city. Would it be possible to build buses in other cities to the city of origin, if the passenger wants to travel to some other city?2. I think you are referring to ‘create a route’, in which case, I was going to say, that I have no idea, but I’ll make a suggestion. I’ll assign as many workers as I need to make a route.3. I think you’re referring to creating a route between two cities? If so, this has been implemented already. For example, there is a route between Berlin and Potsdam.

    The advantage of upgrading the station to a larger bus stop is that it will become more stable, as you mention. The stations have a certain life-


    What’s new in GameCreator:

    ne beat the Warriors 30-27 on a field goal with 34 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter.

    It was Jennings’ 11th steal of the season, and fourth in regulation. The following is a tally of all the team’s steals and 3-point made shots by players since the start of the 2012-13 NBA season.

    Ty Lawson (24): 7.6 avg. 15 steals

    Kenneth Faried (19): 7.9 avg. 6.5 steals

    Robert Faried (12): 9.6 avg. 6.5 steals

    Anthony Davis (30): 12.1 avg. 13 steals

    Tyreke Evans (9): 11.8 avg. 2.9 steals

    Toney Douglas (4): 7.2 avg. 2.5 steals

    J.J. Redick (5): 6.8 avg. 3.6 steals

    Anderson Varejao (4): 7.1 avg. 4.8 steals

    Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (7): 6.4 avg. 3.0 steals

    Kyle Lowry (8): 6.8 avg. 6.1 steals

    Lawson’s 24 steals include a game-winning steal in Golden State’s most recent meeting in November.

    is also tied for the league lead with seven steals, and Curry is tied for first with seven 3s made. Dwight Howard currently leads the league with 53 steals this season.

    Kenneth Faried had 10 steals during the 2013 playoffs, in 22 games for Denver. Denver managed to rack up 113 steals throughout the entire NBA season, despite being without key reserves Tiago Splitter and Nene Hilario.

    Curry’s clutch shooting might have been a factor in the Western Conference Finals, but Jennings has been Oakland’s most consistent off-the-dribble threat for the bulk of his career.

    Jennings, in his sixth year with the Warriors, is averaging 3.5 points and a team-leading 2.3 rebounds in the 2013 postseason. He also knocked down four 3-pointers in the Heat’s Game 7 loss in Oakland.

    “Man, I’m stealing more balls than (Curry),” Jennings said, according to the Bay Area News Group. “Just constantly working on it. Every game, everyone knows it. I’m working on my defense. Offensively


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    Future Games is a spectacular simulator RPG, set in an open world environment where the player is treated to a rich and deep story and a vast array of dangerous enemies and puzzles. The player begins their journey in New Vegas as the last hope to save their once prosperous city from corruption and disaster, only to find that their cherished home is now in the hands of a deranged terrorist, Striped Man.

    The player can experience the game and its story from two very different perspectives. The first perspective is that of the player’s main character, the evil Striped Man. The second is that of the player’s main supporting character, The Captured Woman. Both characters follow their own story arcs as they become embroiled in a greater crisis affecting the entire of New Vegas.

    The game has a fast-paced and engaging combat system that will make your sword-fighting skills pop, while a variety of weapon and equipment pieces will give you powerful new abilities that allow you to customize your character. A unique sub-weapon system gives the player the ability to upgrade their main weapon and sub-weapons to take them into battle. There is also a variety of craftable weapons, armor, mods, and special abilities that will give the player a plethora of ways to take down enemies and complete quests.

    All of these features work together to make New Vegas an exciting adventure that will keep you hooked from beginning to end!


    Interactive Theatre:

    The game features dozens of interactive NPC’s that you can engage in dialogue with and learn their stories. This allows the player to form a close bond with these characters and help them find the answers they are seeking. You can talk to NPC’s in normal play modes, from the main menu or during combat. You can even initiate a conversation while your character is unconscious!

    Combat Engine:

    A wide variety of randomised enemies from many different species, species types, and weapon types will give the player a never ending variety of enemies to kill. These enemies will all have their own strengths and weaknesses and there is also a wide variety of weapons and equipment types available to use to overcome them.

    You will be given the chance to use most if not all of these abilities, it’s up to you to decide which ones you will use and when.

    Interactive Inventory:

    Players can collect all kinds of weapons, armor, and equipment. Each weapon can have an upgrade system that allows the player to increase their damage, accuracy, fire rate,


    How To Crack GameCreator:

    • Game Name: Prison Ball : Full Blown
    • Game Developer: Elektor Entertainment
    • Platform: General
    • Game Category: Puzzle
    • Game Publisher: Elektor Entertainment
    • Genre: Puzzle
    • Game Size: 1mb
    • Game Version: 1.5


    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Gamepad Support: Gamepad
    Sound: English voice
    Multi-Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
    We’ve got the final scoop on two upcoming Yakuza titles and we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get to them. Earlier this month we got a look at Kizuna Drive in its second expansion which adds the Yakuza Game on top of the original base game. We’re now up to their first title from the series, Yakuza 0


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