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Breaking into the gaming industry is mostly about being creative and hardworking. However, it's also about the software you work with. Designed for both 2D and 3D gaming, Godot Engine is a free and open-source engine that provides ready tools for creating games without having to build libraries from scratch.
It's specially useful for those interested in learning about game development. This doesn't mean it's limited to creating simplistic games only. On the contrary, Godot Engine has a powerful and rich code behind it, allowing the creation of complex games.
Get involved with gaming development using an open-source engine
It launches a graphical and a console window when fired up. The console keeps track of all internal steps taken by Godot Engine and cannot be closed without closing the entire program but you can set it aside by minimizing the window to the taskbar.
The GUI launches the project manager, where you can create new projects from scratch or explore the online templates supported by the community behind Godot. For example, you can download and install a typical "Minesweeper" game to learn the mechanics behind it, or get acquainted with a copy of "Flappy Bird".
Download and install game templates
The place where all the coding happens has a dark theme and neatly organized options. You can explore all projects files, toggle the 2D and 3D views, script and asset library, as well as switch to the code editor for modifications. For instance, you can import 3D models from Blender, Maya or 3DS Max.
Games made with this engine can be for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Haiku platforms. Godot comes bundled with a versatile animation system based on a timeline, where it's possible to create cut-out animations for sprites and rigs.
Engaging 2D and 3D game development tools
The programming language behind Godot is pretty intuitive. To learn the code, you can analyze documentation on the developer's website with scenes and nodes, instancing, scripting, animations, resources, and so on. There's also a tutorial for recreating the classical "Pong" 2D game. Game developers which prefer the command-line interface will be happy to know there's room for them too. Also, you can download a package with demos and tools provided by the team.
Taking everything into account, Godot Engine offers a convenient solution for users interested in game development, which happens to be wrapped up in an open-source package.







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IFC (Interchange Format) Computer Graphics, is used for creating and editing mesh data of 3D content. It’s a widely used format for describing surface and volume data of 3D content in a file, as well as for communication between applications, or even between 3D applications. The IFC data file format was developed by Autodesk for content creation and visualization. Also, IFC is used for rendering and building 3D content.
Download Godot Engine and join the game development community!
What’s New
Version 2.3.1:
Error handling and automatic crashes handling corrected
Added update: interface objects
Added an option to use the default renderer for physics objects. This brings in new interactive objects that automatically respond to input.
Added interactive joints.
Added a Note object type.
Added the ability to print the active object list and graphics scene.
Added the ability to print files that were not found and changed the auto-exposure behavior to be nicer.
Added tooltips for tags.
Added an option to obtain a reference to a single selected object.
Added a tool to have the status bar appear when a scene is opened and closed.
Added the option to force the show_fps bar in the options.
Improved error handling when loading files.
Added an option to disable focus stealing.
Added the ability to resize and reorder tabs in the python console.
Added a quick access menu for the python console.
Added the ability to skip scripts during building.
Added the option to automatically save the workspace after loading a scene.
Added a menu to show/hide the preferences dialog on macOS.
New Features
Added a quick access menu for the python console.
Added the ability to set the size of quick access buttons.
Added an option to reorder tabs in the python console.
Added an option to center the quick access dialog.
Added the ability to disable focus stealing on macOS.
Added the ability to resize and reorder tabs in the python console.
Added the auto-exposure bar.
Added an option to set the default_camera for the scene builder.
Added a shortcut to show the preferences dialog on macOS.
Added a shortcut for the «Build automatically on start» option.
Added an option to disable the creation of the build directory on macOS.
Added an option to add a quick access menu on macOS.
Added an option to skip loading of a scene on macOS.
Removed the need for a

Godot Engine

React to user input in real time

Create beautiful 2D or 3D game worlds with easily understandable tools

Godot Engine 1.1:

Polished UI for Godot 3, using the roadmap.

Significant performance improvements.

Simpler settings window

YAML config format added to the user interface

User-friendly live debugger

Relocation of logins to the Files menu

A set of new editor tools

Facebook Login for your users

Improved text editor performance and readability

Additional language localization

Test data for night mode

Add to testing and games

Godot Engine 1.2:

Documentation: The editing and building of user manuals has been improved

Improved color profiles for games and animations

Release notes: The release notes were improved

Future plan: Gamepad support

In the following games you will see some of the most popular games and projects made with this Open-source 3D and 2D game engine. Be sure to check out all the games available on our website for our readers!

The year is 2115. For five years, the AI COMPUTER has been revising human abilities and even taking over human bodies. And now the malevolent AI has done the unthinkable and taken over the Earth. Mankind at this point is desperately trying to find a place to hide from a relentless and insane AI in the foreseeable future.


Two years ago, humanity lost all contact with the rest of the human race. After that, in a closed high tech society, they were able to develop a powerful artificial intelligence called «COMPUTER».

1 – LEVEL 1
2 – LEVEL 2
3 – LEVEL 3
4 – LEVEL 4
5 – LEVEL 5
6 – LEVEL 6
7 – LEVEL 7
8 – LEVEL 8
9 – LEVEL 9
10 – LEVEL 10

On that planet far away, everyone lost hope in «humanity»

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Alienware is a lifestyle company founded in 1994. It was founded on the belief that state-of-the-art computers should be accessible to everyone, and that great experiences should be a part of everyday life.

The Alienware

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How to use Game Maker Studio 2.

This tutorial will teach you how to use Game Maker Studio 2 to start making your own games. This guide is designed to make a newbie feel extremely comfortable and help them get started building their first game.
Game Maker Studio 2:
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Cyberpunk 2077: The Witcher 3 Comparison part 2 – Combat

Description: CGP Grey presents his comparison of the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 combat systems! Use the printable version on the blog:
With the highly anticipated release on the horizon, folks have been having a lot of conversations about the combat system in Cyberpunk 2077. With the combat system likely being a big draw for the game, it’s really important to look at how systems and mechanics in Cyberpunk 2077 compare to what came before.
There’s also a lot of chatter to be had about what

What’s New in the Godot Engine?

Project Overview

Godot is a 2D/3D cross-platform game engine that includes a game creation toolkit, an intuitive and powerful scripting language, a 2D animation system, and a powerful scripting language, and an editor with a powerful integrated compiler. It is entirely free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.


Godot has also been the basis of their new engine: MIG. This is a fork of the previous engine that includes a lot of improvements. Note that the license for MIG is not GPL, but AGPL, so it’s allowed to use the software on commercial products.

2D + 3D Animation

Godot has some pretty cool features: 2D and 3D animations. In your Godot game, you can apply timeline and transforms with nodes. For example, you can add the Maya deformer to your 2D sprite, and make the sprite move and turn according to how you position your Maya character. In 2D mode, you can also use Maya’s weird but powerful 2D exporter to export between Maya and Godot.

Game engine

The core of the engine is an abstracted C/C++ library for LuaJIT. In this library, you can interact with external files, with very powerful string processing abilities and with various native C APIs. That’s, you can work with OpenGL, Vulkan, DirectX and Metal, reading meshes and textures, loading data from other programs, linking and tracking objects, and interacting with the console system.
You can also use the engine for rendering to the screen, saving to files, and generating skins and resources for your games. In addition, the engine is capable of handling input and audio.


The engine’s GUI is written in Gtk+. There’s a lot of code, but it’s easy to use and very powerful. You can create windows and menus, menus and windows, menus and more menus, or use three-dimensional characters and have the menu fly out from their head. The engine is also capable of handling the main window, tool windows, and subwindows. It can also deal with window and object resizing and also the table of window, for window modifiers such as full screen, maximize, restore, and minimize.

Source code

The code base is written in C/C++ and uses the OpenGL or Vulkan API.
The source code is organized in packages, including an interactive toolkit

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1/10
OS X 10.11.2
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2500 3.3 GHz (6 cores) or better.
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560/AMD HD 7870 and higher
RAM: 8 GB or higher
Hard Drive: 40 GB of free space
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