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Max Recorder Crack Free [Mac/Win]

MAX RECORDER is a new program that records and saves online radio stations to MP3 or MP4 formats on your own PC. If you wish to listen to streaming online radio in your car, on your MP3 player, at work or during your free time, you will no longer need a special device for it. It can be used right on your PC, no additional hardware is required! The user interface is easy to use, thanks to intuitive main window with all you need to record the radio, unlimited recording time, exact time settings for you. The program saves the station format, so you will not lose the ability to listen to your favorite online station the next time you start recording your favorite online radio station. All recordings can be saved into MP3, MP4 or WAV format as standard. You can have each recording show up in your list as separate entries for easy management. You can select the title of the recording, the artist, the album, the current song, the current station position, the position of the start of the recording, the date and the artist or the current track you are listening to and the artist.
What is new in official Max Recorder release version 1.3:
– minor fixes and improvements
System Requirements:
– Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98

The idea of this software is to let you record any audio on your computer and listen to it later. This is useful for audio books or radio while at work or for any other number of uses. It is ideal for the purpose of expanding your music library.

This basic audio record feature is now wrapped into a handy, complete, easy-to-use software, which is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

The program is a key recorder, with simple and intuitive interface and powerful recording functionality. The best feature of the software is its automatic recording of program transitions. It is as easy as going to the internet or tv to recording a show (it allows you to view tv programs through your web-browser)

Audacity is a free audio editor, which allows you to manipulate your sounds. Audacity is a program, which allows you to easily edit audio and to create sound files from your own recordings, including adding effects, cross-fading and gain automation.

Note: Audacity is a commercial program. It is NOT free (as it was at one time). There are some free alternatives, which are similar

Max Recorder Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) PC/Windows 2022

Max Recorder is a multimedia recorder that will let you record your favorite programs. It supports the capture of audio-video streams with a simple click. It has a high priority and a low CPU consumption. Max Recorder can record all types of audio and video streams and it has an easy to use user interface.
Key features:
● High-priority and low CPU consumption
● Simple and easy to use user interface
● Supports all types of audio and video streams
● Support for Firefox, Chrome, IE and Firefox with RealPlayer
● Multiple audio and video recording options
● Supports both MP3 and FLAC as recording formats
● Supports hardware recording for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Vista Home Premium
● Supports high sample rates, from 22050Hz to 96000Hz
● Supports Windows and Mac operating systems
● Supports X-Lite, X-Lite Pro, X-Lite Producer and X-Lite Producer 4
● Supports direct recording without the need of a graphical interface
● Supports standard video capture
● Supports real-time audio editing
● Supports real-time audio effects
● Supports real-time video effects
● Supports real-time video filters
● Supports one-click media conversion to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora, PCM, AAC and MP2
● Supports direct recording to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora, PCM, AAC and MP2
● Supports recording of any stream
● Supports media downloading (files and directories)
● Supports multipart files recording
● Supports scheduling of recording
● Supports the capture of the audio stream of the attached/selected/active media device
● Supports the capture of the video stream of the attached/selected/active media device
● Supports Windows Media Player on your computer
● Supports QuickTime Player on your computer
● Supports X-Lite, X-Lite Pro, X-Lite Producer and X-Lite Producer 4
● Supports hardware recording for Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Vista Home Premium
● Supports multiple users for an unlimited number of computers
● Supports PC connected to television
● Supports multi-channel simultaneous recording
● Supports skip frame
● Supports recording in the background of applications
● Supports recording in real-time
● Supports QuickTime recording
● Supports the volume of the active media device while recording
● Supports saving the recording to the PC

Max Recorder

The Max Recorder is a web based audio recording software.
Max Recorder Features:
✓ It automatically splits the recording into 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 tracks.
✓ Tracks are automatically split at X seconds of recording.
✓ If recording goes over 10 seconds it will take the whole recording and delete all old recordings.
✓ You have a choice of: iTunes, MP3, WMA and AAC.
✓ You can record live audio stream
✓ You can record audio stream from the Internet, either from youtube or any search engine.
✓ You can record audio stream from a microphone, such as your computer microphone.
✓ You can also record audio stream from other input devices such as TV Tuner, Headphones, CD / DVD etc.
✓ You can connect your microphone and record simultaneously in any microphone port on your computer.
✓ You can record directly to iTunes and WMA
✓ You can export all recording to a mpeg container
✓ You can automatically rename the recording when it is finished.
✓ You can also use CUEsheets to add notes to a recording, play the recording at the start and end of a recording or add another CUE sheet to a recording.
✓ You can password protect all of the recording and set up security codes for the recordings.
✓ You can trim the recording to specific timeframes.
✓ You can compare several recordings against each other.
✓ You can mute or unmute the recording when you are done.
✓ You can change the volume of the recording.
✓ You can manually edit the recording to mute out unwanted audio.
✓ You can set the playback speed for a recording.
✓ You can set the bit rate and frequency.
✓ You can preview a recording to be sure you have the right settings.
✓ You can quit the program while in recording mode.
✓ You can have multiple logging channels with a different recording name for each one.
✓ You can add multiple input devices to a single logging channel.
✓ You can edit the Logging name and Description.
✓ You can split or merge multiple logging channels into one.
✓ You can change the color of the log window to help identify your recordings.
✓ You can open the recording one at a time or you can scroll through all of your recordings.
✓ You can set the program

What’s New In Max Recorder?

Max Recorder is a software application which was developed in order to aid individuals in recording audio streams from the Internet, your hard drive or any connected device, with just a click of the button.
Quick setup and minimal interface
The installation process does not last too long and it is quite uneventful, while the interface you are met with presents a minimal and modern design. It is comprised of a few buttons, some playback controls (play, next, previous) and a pane in which to view all recorded items.
It becomes quite clear that all types of users can find their way around it with great ease, regardless of their experience level. Moreover, there are even some extensive Help contents you can consult.
Auto-split songs
This software utility enables you to record any audio stream, be it from the Internet, your hard drive or a connected device. Aside from that, you should know that you can set it up to automatically split tracks, and all your recording are displayed in the main window, along with the hour and date at which it was taken, and total duration.
Save tracks to HDD along with a few details
It is possible to play all of the aforementioned items, as well as hide the short ones, adjust the volume, delete some of them, and save them to the computer as MP3 files or to iTunes. Moreover, you can input information pertaining to the recording, such as title, artists, album, genre and comments. From the settings panel, you can change the channels and the encoding quality, so as to match your preferences.
To sum up, Max Recorder proves to be an efficient piece of software and a good choice for people interested in recording an audio stream. The interface is friendly, the response time is good, the CPU and memory usage is minimal at all times and our tests did not pick up on any errors, crashes or hangs.
New Features:
Split songs to individual songs
Automatically set the bitrate to lowest possible
Automatically turn on Audio Track ID3 tagging when recording audio streams
Search files
Search by Artist
Search by CD
Search by Title
Search by Album
Search by Genre
Search by User Tags
Multi-Record Feature
• Up to 99 songs can be recorded
• No limit to the number of recorded items
• Each items can have its own song title
• Easy to use interface
• You can select how many seconds of audio to record from every song
• Hide most of

System Requirements:

Ratio of CPU to Memory: 1:4 to 1:6 is recommended for best results.
Minimum of 8GB of RAM.
OS: Windows 10 64 bit / 8.1 64 bit / 7 64 bit / Vista 64 bit / XP 64 bit / 32 bit.
Processor: Any x86 compatible processor.
Graphics: Any DirectX 9 capable graphics card.
DirectX: Minimum DirectX 11 (DX10 or DX11 is recommended).
DirectX Feature Level: 11, 12, or 13.
Sound Card:

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