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Unbelievable……Show me why you are not in hospitals running on machines and doing major organ transplants at the speed of light!!!
I have read the demonstration of this,is it true? what is the cost of this huge machine??
is it easily available,is it a crowd funded?
what are they doing with their findings?????

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Medisis Crack+ With Product Key

The Medisis is an Open Source software that can perform diagnoses for using the five axis of symptoms.
Medisis collects data from any patient who has the internet.
The user must go to a website that requires a username and password.
The information is then displayed in a summary table.
This application can be used for checking the status of a patient and getting advice from a doctor.
With this application one can view and assess the condition of a patient by looking at his medical records and health tracking.
The five axis of symptoms are summarized as follows:
As a patient you are given 7 points in total, out of which we can divide 5 as follows:
One: Body and Health Points- Your body and health condition
Two: Mood Points- Your mood and emotional condition.
Three: Mental Points- Your Mental Condition.
Four: Sleep Points- Your sleep.
Five: Health Points- Your Condition.
The application allows you to select one of the above as the focus.
The web and mobile application can be used to view and assess the condition of the patient and it will guide you for taking the necessary and immediate action.
Medisis Key features:
There are many key features of the Medisis application, which are as follows:
One: You can view your health and medical record.
Two: You can select the key feature
Three: You can view the instructions and the control panel
Four: You can see the results of the assessment of the patient
Five: You can change the condition of the patient
Six: You can change the start date and time.
Seven: You can change the end date and time.
Eight: You can make changes to the patient.
Medisis screenshots:
You can download and view the screenshots of Medisis application for free of cost.

About the Author


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Medisis is an easy to use, inexpensive, program for the assessment and management of chronic illnesses.
It can be used by doctors and other health care professionals.
It provides a way to objectively record patient symptoms, which can then be used to assess the success of treatments.
Medisis Uses:
Medisis is designed to be a tool for all types of chronic diseases.
It is most useful for patients who have diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc.
How it works:
Medisis is compatible with the Labster server.
It does not require access to the patient’s medical records, but it is useful in monitoring a patient’s response to treatment.
The possibilities of using Medisis are numerous.
There is no limit to the kinds of questions it can be used to ask.
In addition, there is a wide range of ways in which one can use Medisis.
One can use it to help monitor a patient, to plan health care, or to organize the thoughts of a doctor.
It is a useful tool for telemedicine, a cross-discipline collaboration in which a physical location for a patient is not available.
Or it can be used to track the status of a patient over a period of time.
The program works with any computer that has an internet connection.
When it is used in conjunction with Labster, the score received for each question is retained as a patient changes from one visit to another.
In some cases, the results may be transferred to a hospital database for use by other health care professionals.
Medisis is best described as a tool that focuses on the five symptoms of a patient.
These symptoms are created by the patient with the Medisis program.
The intention is to provide a creative way to focus on aspects of a patient that cannot be measured directly by traditional laboratory tests.
It is designed to tap into one of the most basic data sources of all — the history of a patient.
Medisis is based on the premise that patients who suffer from chronic conditions often describe symptoms that are not captured by traditional laboratory tests.
These are symptoms that the patient cannot describe in words.
The patient can, however, communicate with the Labster program using the five axes.
Each axis is assigned a different color.
One axis captures how a patient looks, another axis monitors his or her mood, a third axis documents any medication or drug use, the fourth is for diet, and the

What’s New In?

A portable application to address chronic pain, suffering and the emotional impact it has.
The Medisis application uses the five axis of symptoms to classify a patient in a unique way.
Medisis Features:
Five Axis of Symptoms
Maintain a schedule for the patients who are under the doctor’s observation.
This feature allows a doctor to set appointments for the patients and their check-ins.
Maintain all the patient’s medical reports and documents.
This provides a complete medical record.
Track the patient’s treatment and check the appointments for the appointments.
Send notifications to the patients via email.
Notifications of new appointments and other important medical updates.
Send notifications to the doctor based on the patient’s ability to work and other requirements.
Notifications of treatment and evaluations are done every day.
The Medisis application has an option to follow the patients by their parameters. This helps the doctor to identify a user’s behavior and give the best treatment.
You can register and create members from the contacts that you want to follow.
When a member is registered and online, their messages are posted in the “CONVERSATION” section of their profile.
“Member” is the column where other members can send messages and post them on the users’ online profiles.
Allows a doctor to manage the patients in their facility.
This feature provides the physician with the medical reports and diagnostic tests.
Enrollments allow a doctor to interact with his patients and their parents. It also helps a doctor to maintain a connection with the patients.

Create scheduled checks-ups for each patient and give the privacy settings.
This allows a doctor to give the privacy settings to the patients so that other patients and non-patients cannot see their appointments.
Maintain all the patient’s medical reports and documents.
This provides a complete medical record.
Create appointments with the patients and set them for a certain time.
Sending notifications to the patients via email.
Notifications of new appointments and other important medical updates.

System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.6 or above
QuarkXPress 4.1.1 or later
Screen resolution is 1280×800 for optimal performance.
2 GB of RAM recommended. For best performance, the computer should have 8 GB of RAM.
8 GB of available hard drive space.
By downloading QuarkXPress, you accept these terms of use.
QuarkXPress 4.1.1 – QuarkXPress 4.1.2

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