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MicroSim is a handy, small, Java based tool specially designed to offer users a micro-controller based Digital Input/output board simulator.
This tool was developed based on 8-bit PIC18F4520 from Microchip.


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1. MicroSim is a «MicroController based Digital Input/output board simulator.».

2. It is comprised of four components

a) MicroSim-Peripherals which contains the microcontroller digital input/output (I/O), Analog Input/Output(AIO), SPI Bus, UART Bus and some other low frequency peripherals.

b) MicroSim-PCI Driver which provides support for the communication between the Microcontroller and computer.

c) MicroSim-PC Simulator which is programmed to simulate PC based on Java.

d) MicroSim-Editor which is used to design and generate the code and HDL files for the MicroSim-peripherals and MicroSim-PCI Driver.

3. It provides the simulation of I/O, Analog and SPI Bus and supports the function of digital to analog converter, analog to digital converter, Pulse Counter, Bypass FIFO and other functions as determined by the needs of user.

Key Features

Based on 8-bit PIC18F4520 Microchip Digital IO board(Microchip).

Simulates the Microcontroller based I/O(Digital IO) board.

Includes the function of SPI Bus.

Supports I2C Bus and uses PC address space to simulate PC(As per the device connected to that I2C port).

It is a Java based tool.

It consists of 4 components
a) MicroSim-Peripherals
b) MicroSim-PCI Driver
c) MicroSim-PC Simulator
d) MicroSim-Editor

The only requirement of the board to be simulated is the Microsim-PCI Driver.

The simulation can be built in two ways

The code and HDL files of the MicroSIM-PCI Driver are generated on the MicroSIM-Editor, which can be changed according to the requirements.

The MicroSIM-PCI Driver is already pre-compiled and is available to simulate and see the simulation of the microcontroller based I/O boards.


Analog output of the analog IO has been provided to show the different functions of the Analog and SPI I/O functions.

Build and Run

It is a Java based tool.

The MicroSIM-Editor is used to design and generate the code and HDL files for the MicroSIM-Peripherals.

MicroSIM-PCI Driver is modified

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License: 1) the program is licensed under the GNU GPL 2.0 license
(see COPYING file in the project)
2) the program is licensed by AtoMera.Net ( under a
license agreement
(see COPYING-A2M file in the project).

Bugs: Please report bugs via bug tracker at

The license of the program can be extended or altered or
another one can be put together with free software provided
that all copyrights on the project are preserved in all
components that are included in the package, and the
copyright information is included in the source files
which includes the source code and any other information
that is relevant for the users to understand the program.

What’s New in Latest Version?

Support 32-bit Microchip PIC18F4520 microcontroller

Support to read from and write to ADC channels

Support to read from and write to SPI EEPROMS

Support to read from and write to LCD

Support for read/write functions on USB

Support for read/write functions on Serial Port

Support for Command Queues and Command Debugger

Support for upload/download of files from FTP site

See the README.txt for more details.

The latest version is available at the download page.

The program will automatically download
updates when the internet connection is available.

It is requested that if you find a bug,
or a suggestion/improvement,
please mail me the message(to webmaster,my mail is

New Features

1)MicroSim Torrent Download has now an accelerated PIC18F4520 simulator.
For example, PIC18F4520 contains 16k flash memory, 16k RAM, 4 k bytes
of PC memory. (PDM) and 8k bytes of DAP (DAP and ADR are all

2) MicroSim now reports the real register values
and even the real values in the various ROMs automatically.

3) MicroSim now supports a high level PIC18F4520 simulation.
As such it would be a new simulator in the market


8 bit PIC18F4520 series could be used to control 16 different chips.
MicroSim provides a virtual connection from micro to PIC with 4 different devices
(generally used) on the board and 4 LEDs for easy monitoring
These devices
are based on the following ICs:

8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7051 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD9665 (HMC2102)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD9662 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD962 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7122 (HMC2102)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7022 (HMC2102)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7032 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7021 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7022 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7023 (HMC2120)
8 bit microprocessor based Analog Devices AD7024 (HMC2120)

This tool is a simulator of DIO board, so simulation is based on JAVA

What MicroSim can do?
MicroSim is a tool who provides a simulation of digital input/output
board (DIO). It allows you to connect 16 digital input/output
channels (such as 16 buttons/key) to a micro controller. All
digital input/output channels could be displayed on screen.

How to install MicroSim?

1. Install Java SE6 or higher version (like this, not Java SE7)
In the ZIP File, user may find a java.exe of Java SE6 for Windows.
In the ZIP File, you may find an applet of MicroSim.
Press the install button to download and install Java SE6.
If it asks for Java PlugIn,
Press the OK button and close the window.

2. Install MicroSim
Extract the Zip file
Inside MicroSim Program folder, there is another folder “Lib”.
You may find

What’s New in the MicroSim?

– Uses the HAL in devices to simulate device registers, processing in device and read/write for ports registers.
– Has simulation facility for DRE, time-base, and 1 to 32-bit serial port.
– Simulates up to 4-state TTL and 0 to 5-V PWM.
– Supports several interface cards for digital and analog input/output.
– Read/write interfaces available for parallel port, SPI, I2C, USART, UART, and PWM.

– Syntax from input file is set in Java, allowing user to do input/output with syntax they are familiar with.
– MicroSim is compatible with Microchip 8-bit PIC18F4520 micro-controller.

– Supports Windows and Linux, and users are free to use it.


MicroSim can provide simulating the device registers, processing in device, and read/write for port registers with Linux and Windows. The input and output reading of the port registers at the same time in simulation is available, too.

The current MicroSim software package consists of 2 parts: 1. MicroSim, based on Microchip’s 8-bit PIC18F4520 microcontroller, 2. MicroSim Java, a simulation program with input/output command language. When you start to use the MicroSim software, you only need to input the software package.

Hardware input/output simulation facility (HWIF)

To study the port and peripheral library for micro-controllers, we introduce to open-source hardware input/output simulation tool. By using the library, the user can do simple inputs/outputs without directly hardware programming. There are three kinds of simulators: 1. A simple simulator which inputs/outputs as the hardware. 2. A simulator with serial port and 3. A simulator with hardware filtering.

How to Open Source Hardware Input/Output Simulation

For a simulator without serial port (no Port or register)

– To do simulating, the code is prepared by using `/tmp/hwif` directory, for example, to perform the simulating, make ‘CC` for the simulator and put it under the directory of the simulator.

To do simulating with software serial port and hardware filtering,

– To use serial port simulator, the code is prepared by using `/tmp/hwif/hwifport` directory. For example to

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista or 7
CPU: 2.4 GHz
Graphics: 1280×800 resolution screen (hardware is more optimal if you are running at 2560×1600)
Hard Drive: 7 GB free space
Sound card: DirectX compatible
The most suitable distribution of the game is NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 5870.
Additional requirements for the game installation:
.NET Framework 4.0 (from 4.5 is not supported)
.NET Framework 4.5

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