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Release year: 2004
Developer: Platinum Arts Limited
Genre: Action
Size: 47,1 MB
What if I told you that you could fly into the sky and create objects while in the air? Open up the sky, fly around, discover new places, and build your way to your goals! Phantom Trigger, a classic run and shoot game, is brought back to life with a colorful and detailed 3D world and thrilling special effects that look terrific on any TV. That’s why it comes with a sound track, featuring beautiful music and sounds.
This soundtrack is produced by Sonic Trainer, a professional sound designer based in the UK.

Complete Edition: The Complete Edition also includes Phantom Trigger and two previously released Sound Collection games (Phantom Trigger ´s Original Soundtrack+Phantom Trigger ´s Original Soundtrack+Soul Train), for only £5.99! This product is also available for the Xbox 360 & PC.

This is the perfect soundtrack for those who want to experience the journey of Phantom Trigger in the best way. Phantom Trigger – The Game Original Soundtrack, Volume 1 was the first release from Platinum Arts, for the PC in 2004. This soundtrack was released on 25th September 2004. The original soundtrack for Phantom Trigger contains 21 tracks; one for each level in the game. Tracklist:
01. Main Theme
02. Couch & Mirror
03. The Walk
04. Stronger Than You
05. Into the Deep
06. Are You Gone
07. Outsider
08. Decision
09. Who’s Stan?
10. You Went Behind My Back Again
11. Morning, Honey
12. Tricky Paths
13. Run Run Runaway
14. Hypnosis
15. Any Other Options
16. Get Some Sleep
17. Keep Still, Mr. Hagan
18. Remember
19. What if I Disagree?
20. Let Him Finish
21. Friends By Your Side
All tracks are in MP3.

About This Content
The original soundtrack for Phantom Trigger (Phantom Trigger OST) contains 21 original tracks featured in the game. Tracklist:
01. Main Theme
02. Couch & Mirror
03. The Walk
04. Stronger Than You
05. Into the Deep
06. Are You Gone
07. Outsider
08. Decision
09. Who’s Stan?
10. You Went Behind My Back Again
11. Morning


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      Hope you enjoy it.
      –More Info–
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