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Trial of the Gods is a tactical card game with amazing storytelling. Journey into the world of Siralim and battle your way to become a god!
Travel 15 realms, and enter into three challenging boss battles to win new cards, experience points, and to receive new powers.
Fight for the good side in the next chapter of the Siralim series!

In this post-apocalyptic version of Battle Island, there is no island anymore. It is the future after a nuclear war. Those who survived live in Armada. These Armada are the post-apocalyptic giants who fight against the mutants and all kind of monsters. These fighters use various weapons. Welcome to Armada.
15 Maps
Fight with 8 different characters (4 ex-girls with 2 more ex-girls to be release)
Start with the beginning of the game as a female fighter who fights against a killer
Fight with other enemies like policeman, monster, craftsman, etc.
You can choose the fighters and your weapons
If you win the game, you can unlock new features
You can have your own figurine
8 Bosses
8 Behemoths to beat.
A live map from a server

Withering Spell is a turn-based, roguelike RPG with a focus on tactical combat.
3 quests
Story which goes through four cities.
Use the traps that are placed in the dungeons, and find things in the map.
Character interaction and original encounter design.
A living, breathing world that reacts to your actions.
Beautifully rendered graphics
More than 100 Unique enemies
24 Classes
Over 100 unique spells

Kingdom of God has a soft launch (limited time only).
Start your adventure with the protagonist character.
Find out what is inside the dungeon of the king and all the secret dungeons in the kingdom.
Collect many treasures.
Puzzle solving and other various challenges.
You will find the secrets of the palace.

(Super) Version of DurumyD.
Based on Deathrun, but it’s really made for Duru.
3 Characters to play with.
There are bosses in this game.
Many Maps and Enemies.
The stage is managed by LIFE points.

Try not to die. Also not die. Okay, you will die. You will die a lot. Death awaits you in this endless game. You will die and then you will be reborn


Nancy Drew®: The Final Scene Features Key:


Key Features:

  • EXCLUSIVE CLASSIC BATTLE MODES – Take on classic encounters with the classic battlefields from over three decades of Super Robot Wars games. Operators of existing games and classic styles will also be included
  • CLASSIC-STYLE BATTLES – Play by fighting on classic battlefields like these aces and villains have battled on for decades. Join your favorite battles from Super Robot Wars and Super Robot Wars T as new Classic Battle Modes
  • NEW, GRAPHICAL AGE – Super Robot Wars 30 starts out with the latest state-of-the-art 3D engine in Fumito Ueda’s latest game series
  • NEW UNIQUE STORY MODES – Features the Unmei 4.0 engine that will provide a new dimension to the game’s story
  • EXCLUSIVE NEW CHARACTERS – Enjoy the new characters, enemies and scenes created by staff at Big Farm and art design at Santa Ragusa


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Professor Teaches Business Planning is a series of easy to use business planning software that is designed to help you develop a basic business plan by guiding you through the process step by step.
This business planning software will guide you through each step of planning a business by asking questions to make sure that you complete each part of your business plan. You can start a business as soon as you want or at any point in the future. Professor Teaches Business Planning will guide you through creating your business plan.
Pertaining to the training we created, we do a simple simulation as well as assigning you a testing score. To create a good business plan, we expect you to first make a nice list of topics, then identify some appropriate ones from the list, define all the subject areas, write everything in a chronological order, and complete the plan. You will also discover in the training that it’s useful to explain the reason why you are doing business, what the business is about, and why is the business better than the competitors.
If you are a really great business person, then you are a really good student in the training. But, if you are not used to business planning, then you will want to do one of the five self-paced courses, which are listed for you in the game. As you read the training, you will discover the topics and their meaning.
Business Planning Tasks
Here is the description of the 5 business planning tasks you will be completing within Professor Teaches Business Planning:
1. Select a Topic for the Business Plan
2. Create the Business Plan
3. Define Your Goals
4. Predict Future Sales
5. Take Inventory
1. From the Main Menu, select «Train» for the Training.
2. Once you have selected «Train,» you will be placed in a simulation of your business plan.
3. Questions will appear on the screen that are designed to make you think about how you would answer the questions.
4. You can check the answers at the very top left to make sure that you answered the question correctly.
If you would like to see an example of how Professor Teaches Business Planning looks like, we have a video demo on our website:
Professer Teaches Business Planning Features
• Instant Access
• Instant Answers
• Realistic Simulation of the Software
• Hundreds of Learning Topics
• 4 to 8 Hours of Training per Course
• Practice


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What about the creator?

When we started this project, we didn’t expect it to take so long. We wanted to get an early version of Maze Crusher for fun and to get some feedback from the community. After all we worked together on games before and we like to get to know each other again.We didn’t want to let that happen at the expense of our vision of Maze Crusher and our time, so we decided to stick to our plan and delay the release.The result of this delay is:

New Content The game has been updated to v1.0 and all of the new features are now implemented.

For a first version there are a lot of new things. Therefore, we need to release the first version as a free upgrade to v0.9. Also, for the major update v1.0 you can’t simply upgrade to v1.0 for free. We want you to get all the updates for this game for FREE!So what is the new content?

What’s coming in v1.0?

New Maps We’ve added several new maps for you to play in this first version. There will be two kinds of maps. Most maps will follow a’standard’ maze structure where a path will be laid out (and made up) by the player. There will be some maps which are fully random, i.e. the path is randomly determined by you and not by the game.

In v1.0 you’ll also be able to play some special ‘classic’ maze maps which feature a more traditional obstacle structure (without the use of triggers) – be prepared for extra challenge! These maps are «only» for fun and will not be included in the full game. Still, you will be able to play these classic maps on an earlier version of the game (v0.9). And they will be added as free DLC in later versions. New Environments

In v1.0, there will be five different types of environments. Each environment will have a specific theme or color to represent the theme of the environment. For example:

Light – Colored in white

Dark – Colored in black

Green – Colored in a bright green

Blue – Colored in a bright blue

Orange – Colored in a bright orange

I’m so happy about this! I can’t wait to start playing! New Features

In v1.0, you’ll be able to


What’s new in Nancy Drew®: The Final Scene:

A Note by Jerry Read

«A country of rogues and miscreants, however, fights bravely by paying the utmost amount of tax in money and labor. The country is rambling up past the spot where Hamilton is expected to die, and the metal rocks, stirrup-irons and ironmongers of Casselman, the seat of Ravenna, are working without call for further orders than the prospect of rumbling up to Hamilton’s tomb.»
This is the observation of a soldier in the year 1830, when Buckeye Howard and Son operated at that point in Ohio, in a pamphlet, «A Soldier’s Experience of the Black Hawk War,» that was bound in parchment and sold for four dollars.

When sold the pamphlet was no less than 50 pages in a 12-point type, with black and white illustrations. The preacher and historian, George Bancroft, called attention to it and recommended its purchase «to general readers, to enlighten their minds,» and it is now in eighty-three libraries and institutions.

The map upon which is drawn the exaggeration of detail gave general terms of direction, but no less than six maps accompanied the pamphlet, and the keenest interest was taken in all of them.

A soldier’s experience of the Black Hawk War is an interesting account of the campaign, but some facts are missing of this account. These are omitted by whoever wrote up the writer for the pamphlet or published the manuscript as a serial in the New York Herald. The article has been edited, rewritten, and even rewritten again at one time or another, and so much importance has been attached to it by Bancroft that he also wrote a book on the Black Hawk War.

The map of the Black Hawk Expedition is called, «Map of the Defense of Fort Madison,» and it is reproduced here.

[Page i]

[Illustration:The pursuit of Black Hawk from Platte River to the Stockade]

[Page ii]

The writer of the account of the Illinois campaign says that «the destruction of the timber was very great on the south side» of the Big Muddy. This he says he saw, but had no question of the statement but depended upon the authority of the proprietors of the property.

It was the intention of the author of «A Soldier’s Experience of the Black Hawk War,» to appear before the reader with a description of the scenery of the south side of the Big Muddy


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«A genre-defining experience.» – IGN

«Intuitive gameplay. You can’t buy this experience, or buy players. It comes with the game.» – Time

«Let me just say, as an enormous fan of Kratos and the God of War series, I am completely and utterly blown away by this game.» – Kotaku


* Hundreds of unique scenes and hours of dialogue!

* Collect scenes to gain experience and save your game in the Story Mode.

* Multiple endings, learn from your mistakes as you play through the story a second time.

* Interesting characters to interact with, and interesting scenes to view.

* Enjoy improved facial and lip-sync (based on your input), and a brand new soundtrack!

* New characters to interact with! Get to know them all!


Story Mode – Defeat bosses, progress through the main story, and unlock the exciting new characters and quests!

Side Missions – Explore the Labyrinth, fight enemies, and collect secret treasure!

Marathon Mode – Play through the game with or without the help of a ghost to gain experience faster.

Yellik – Journey through hundreds of unique scenes and explore the haunted Oasis.


Polish & attention to detail

Original voice cast

New soundtrack

New facial features

New Lips sync – includes an improved lip-sync system based on the input of the player

[Official Site] [Download Site] [View Website]

Powered by MAZE Platform and developed by Maw

For more information about Dungeon Clicker: Fated Babel visit night, I came to the frightening conclusion that those of us on the left are on the verge of merging, to the point where the left will soon become a single political entity, like many of the descriptors of Christendom in the 19th century (e.g., the Death of God movement) or the USA as it developed in the 19th century (e.g., the rise of the transcendentalist “newness”), lacking any internal division.

I realize that this is quite a distortion, but one that is at least superficially true. The left has so lost its internal division on the issue of abortion that it might as well be a


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