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The world of Lurk is a game of dark fantasy in which you must face your fears, overcome your weaknesses, and risk everything to survive. You awake from your cryogenic slumber to discover your company of mercenaries destroyed and your fellow soldiers dead around you. As the sole survivor, you must explore the once-peaceful Farlands to uncover the truth behind your comrades’ demise.
– A gripping, fast-paced story filled with character, humor, and suspense.
– An immersive first-person experience with an emphasis on depth and storytelling.
– A dark fantasy world set in a medieval fantasy setting.
– Choose between one of four playable characters and engage in turn-based combat.
– Overcome challenging environmental hazards, including deep underground caverns, a burning desert, and more.
What’s New
– Added a new game mode: Trial. – Players have three chances to survive a wave of enemies. – Every second in trial mode counts. – Can’t die? No problem. In Playthrough mode, players have infinite chances to survive. – Added a loading screen that fades out a lot faster. – Added a large loading screen message when the game boots up.
– Improved fog of war when scaling for a larger screen resolution.
– Fixed a crash when checking the current map.
– Fixed several issues with Game Center and iCloud.
– Fixed a bug with some video options when entering the game.
– Fixed a major bug when preparing characters and statuses.
– Fixed a bug with not capturing creatures.
– Fixed a bug when loading the game and removing some achievements.
– Fixed a crash when entering the game.
– Fixed a bug with the game getting stuck when entering the game with one single save file.
– Various minor bug fixes.
This update is free for all registered owners!
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published:01 Apr 2014


Today i will be showing you what it really means


Features Key:

  • Written in Qt5, SDL2 and OpenGL.
  • Plenty of controls (zoom, orbit, x/y movement, menu,…)
  • Mouse interaction / camera movement.
  • Support for many display units (including monitors and TVs)
  • Support for multiple simultaneous agents
  • Randomized algorithm of behaviour
  • Equipped with a map screen
  • Equipped with a map mode selector
  • Equipped with options control
  • Equipped with a global change volume control
  • Equipped with a volume change localisation (each mode)
  • All sounds managed through one class SoundManager
  • Autofollowing (getting the last coordinates from the network)
  • Development settings
  • Fast development speed
  • No force limits or behavior limiting (mode selection,…)
  • Large amount of neutral graphic elements
  • Works even if no internet access, providing a stats report


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Bizarre logic and hilarious slapstick gameplay made for those who enjoy the unintentional chaotic mayhem of a classic “cronyism sandbox” game!

Do you enjoy an occasional game of “Minion Cat,” “CATCADE” or “Simulation Deluxe”? If so, “Dog’s Rescue” may be right up your alley!

The world’s worst handyman, Doug, is on the job and needs your help to save his furry friends at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs around town using Doug’s non-existent skills in this slapstick-stealth-sandbox game.

Along your unintentional path of destruction, stealthily dodge workplace hazards such as an angry granny, a Roomba-riding cat, and a haunted scarecrow. Figure out how to progress by finding the right tool for the job while also locating the stray animal and their special toy in each level.

If you can manage to fix more than you break, you’ll earn the cash Doug needs to prevent the big, bad bank from foreclosing on the animal shelter.KEY FEATURES:
Revel in the accidental destruction caused by Doug’s slapstick repairs as you try your best to fix more than you break. Hopefully fixing the toilet makes up for flooding the bathroom…
Stealthily dodge workplace hazards. Each requires a different tactic, and getting caught sets you back to your last save point.
Figure out how to progress by finding tools, activating switches, and locating triggers, keys, and whatever else you need to move forward.
Track down collectibles in each level, such as a stray animal and their special toy.
Save your furry friends by earning enough cash to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the shelter.
If you succeed, you’ll not only save the shelter, but you may also earn enough cash to give your goofy puppy sidekick a forever home.

Do you enjoy an occasional game of “Minion Cat,” “CATCADE” or “Simulation Deluxe”? If so, “Dog’s Rescue” may be right up your alley!

The world’s worst handyman, Doug, is on the job and needs your help to save his furry friends at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs around town using Doug’


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Winter Wastelands Overview

Winter Wastelands is a sci-fi fantasy action-adventure game about trying to escape the ice planet you crash-landed on.

You crash-land on an icy planet. But you also crash-land in the middle of a war between a mysterious enemy and your rebel troops. Now it is your task to escape the ice planet, fight your way through the enemy troops, and make your way back to your rebels on the other side of the planet. Can you survive long enough to make it back home?The game is centered around the frozen landscape of the planet. You are able to jump and run on the ground as well as on the snowy surface. Your weapons are a sword and a blaster. You can fire bullets and fire rockets at the enemy.

The game contains 27 levels and five bosses. Each level is complete with its own mechanic. There are water-filled areas, rolling hills, and crumbling caves. In order to move forward you must clear the floating crystals that litter the landscape. To move around you must control your sword. To control your sword you must press the right mouse button. When you run into an enemy the game switches to the weapons screen. You can now find new weapons to purchase. The battle system works on a timer so that you have to be fast to escape.

Winter Wastelands Levels:

Each level contains a boss at the end. In the «War» stage you fight a boss. In the «Noise» stage you will fight the boss and also face enemies. The «Bricks» stage is a puzzling level. You will have to navigate a series of bricks without the use of your sword. The «Maze» stage is based on the area. You will be able to find new items that you can use in the game.

Winter Wastelands Features:

The original sci-fi fantasy action-adventure game.Makes use of pixel art.

Winter Wastelands Screenshots:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 1:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 2:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 3:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 4:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 5:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 6:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 7:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 8:

Winter Wastelands Screenshot 9:

Winter Wastelands


What’s new in NeoBalls:

    l’homme, mais qu’il ait des seins et un anus (Rousseau, Amour-propre). D’où le corps déchristianisé (Gelasius), le suicide (le Royaume, Charles-Émile), l’action en bonne et due forme, staidière aux yeux clairs, aux épaules ondoyantes, et, à la fin, le don de la charité.

    Que l’Eglise absout le conflit étroit et confus que pratique un enfant, nous le suivons, d’abord, car une mère qui l’excommunie va le jeter à la rue.

    Que la Providence mette hors de cause ce qui est hors de cause, on la rejette d’abord. Partant du principe que nous souffrons l’éclat de l’utérus à la naissance de notre enfant, puisque cet éclat rappelle nous l’utérus même, que puis-je connaître que l’Illiade connut Joconde, Molière, Einstein? Que la dénier? Oh… surtout la marge du plus pieux et de l’unique! Dans le cas contraire le péché n’est pas, puisqu’il a pu être oublié. Oh non, chez les athées, le mensonge fondamental permet de donner à notre même pensée une véritable raison d’être et de nous sauver universellement à travers notre raison même. Notre raison ne jouit que dans l’élan, elle se révèle en son refoulement. Le néant est innocent. C’est pourquoi Nietzsche invoquait la nature, sauf la nature du monstre qui impose le néant mais ne l’exclut pas.

    Chaque moment entre le père de famille et le juge

    Désir, jalousie mère aimant, cocagne, divertissement, orgies, cynisme, lourdeillis qui car


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    The game is set in a tropical island that’s more than just a tropical paradise. It’s made up of hundreds of islands divided into four zones: Venan (farming), Vello (mining), Pino (hunting) and Kaa (exploration).
    Zepa is the popular and mysterious nation that has captured the island’s power. With the help of the four heroes and their families, you will assemble the people’s army, defeat the ruling class once and for all and save the island and the world.
    Face off with players all over the world in a variety of modes like local and online.
    Online Mode:
    There is 1-on-1 Online mode, which is the most competitive, standard and strategy multiplayer of other titles.
    This is where players will face to face with online players all over the world. Players can choose from 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 so that you can battle it out in all different matches.
    There are 6 maps to choose from. So the game doesn’t feel like you have to play on a same map from day to day.
    The game also allows players to challenge friends from all over the world via LAN or On-Demand for a competitive environment.
    The game is the strategy game. It’s not about the quantity of heroes you get but rather the quality of the ones you get.
    Each map has 4 stages with different heroes and different enemy waves.
    You can change the 8 heroes’ equipment and can also upgrade the weapons, ammo, armour as you progress through the game.
    There are 8 characters to choose from, each of which has different stats and skills.
    You’ll battle with different enemies and bosses so it’s not like other games where you can only play versus regular players.
    The game has been designed to give players a full strategy experience and a competitive edge.
    Aim System:
    With the help of the Aim System (Sight) you can set the sight of the projectile.
    You can adjust the accuracy of the weapon which will increase as you level up.
    You can also adjust the windage of the weapon which will affect the shot.
    With this item, you can create a shield that won’t interfere with the movement of your character so he/she won’t lose speed.
    Right-click will activate the shield while the left-click will deactivate


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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP2), Vista, 7, 8, or 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64, or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850, NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse: Microsoft standard 98-key keyboard and mouse
Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card with a minimum 32-bit/96-KHz sample rate
Additional Notes:
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