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My Memory of Us: Everyday Heroes is a beautiful new game from Juggler Games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and XB1. The game stars the iconic Digimon, but as you can tell the game has a whole bunch of other characters featured in the adventures.

With a great soundtrack and special Mode 7 effects the game is a must have for any Digimon fan.

The title My Memory of Us: Everyday Heroes was included in the E3 2019 Nintendo Spotlight as part of the Famitsu Now series. In fact the Famitsu Now article talks quite a bit about the game, including a video review.

All Characters will be available for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory. I personally like the fact that the main characters are from the new game. As this is the first look at Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory characters, we don’t know how different they will be from those of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. As you can see from the video below, you can also choose them from a poll that will start from the main menu. It’s likely that you will also get to play as the Digi-Eggs and Primeggy at some point in the game.


Hacker’s Memory is a closed chapter within the franchise, so they are safe. On the other hand, the iOS/Android version of the first game includes TK, so the same goes for her. Now we’re left with Silvermon and SilverAngemon, the two adult twins from the Hacker’s Memory anime opening.

Official Website:

My Memory of Us: Everyday Heroes

From the developer of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, comes a new title in the Digimon Story series! As our theme, we decided to make your everyday hero a little closer to you, so we could show a Digimon that can perfectly capture your heart! Featuring all the memorable and adorable Digimon, both old and new, we’re excited to bring you a game full of emotions and fun!

The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and XB1, and the other platforms will be announced at a later date. There will be two different versions, one for the eShop and one for retail. More information will be announced on December 12th at 12pm PST.

Until then, you can enjoy the following screenshots of a trailer featuring the game’s Opening (in case you were wondering…)


Night Of Full Moon – Piggy Bank Features Key:

  • Limited fully voiced dialogue.
  • Virtual Item
  • Magic gold.

Endless World Idle RPG Features:

  • WISHLIST: On your way into the world you want, you hunt animals
    and skin them, leading to the trade-in ability.
  • Fully virtual world without any need to search in the real world –
    Standalone application.
  • Trade-in – WISHLIST: Trade the items you have hunted for
    karma. Karma will allow you to trade or get items with
  • Certainty – All stats and capacity increase by a set value so you
    can trade or acquire items with certainty.
  • Loot Box – Your character will get random items from the monsters
    you hunt!
  • Retraining – Character level-up items different from
    character level-up items.
  • Soul Shards – You can purchase a variety of equipment,
    such as boots, gloves and armor.
  • You can even equip items outside your stamina chamber!
  • The world is fully populated with monsters. You can hunt wild
    animals as you progress.

Endless World Idle RPG

  • Endless WORLD Idle RPG is an investigation and adventure game.
  • Main Story Quest of Endless World Idle RPG is completed.
  • For some reason, you received quests from far away faraway places.
  • Days here and there hunting and investigating.
  • After a long time of investigations into a tough investigation


Night Of Full Moon – Piggy Bank Full Product Key For Windows

Dasher is a role-playing game created with love, light, and plenty of (RPG) Action and Style.
Dasher is about traveling across a wildly colorful world, exploring its mysterious underground and interacting with interesting NPCs.
The main quest is rewarding and challenging, but a side-quest of recovering the stolen dragon’s egg can be exciting and results in a great payoff.
Dasher offers many different types of gameplay:
– Jump, dodge, and fly like a hero
– Unlock villages and fight out violent beasts
– Test your reflexes while climbing vines and running up buildings
– Punch, kick, and throw enemies from your pulverizing fists
– Go on quests for valuable ingredients and spend hours crafting by hand
– Grab and smash objects with frantic actions
– Collect, farm, and train dozens of different companions and pets
– Collect more than a hundred items of each kind
– Gather up to six powerful weapons for crucial battles
– Enjoy lots of light-hearted rewards to help and hinder your adventure
When the bunny is tired, the capybara has had enough, and the raccoon wants to sleep, I’m there!
xDasher is a beautifully rendered 3D action adventure featuring exceptional art, animation, music, and overall presentation.

Music (4 songs)

– Theme – Music to get you started
– World Tour – Journey across the world!
– Hint Snippets – Help points
– Super Vanish – Quick hint, quick money!
– Ending Credits – Theme to introduce the animation and music of xDasher

Main Menu Music –

World Tour –

Hint Snippets –

Super Vanish –

Ending Credits –


In xDasher, every step and every quest has its own musical background. Each song is based on its own theme and offers its own mood. The music was also recorded to fit within an orchestral composition, providing an epic feeling throughout the game.

The first theme, «World Tour», sets the rhythm and atmosphere for the game and was used to enter each of the game’s separate worlds.

The second theme, «Hint Snippets», is the background for the Hint Snippets. These helpful hints are scattered across the world. The music fits with hints and tips of the game and was used while scrolling through messages.

The third theme, «Super Vanish», makes you feel like


Night Of Full Moon – Piggy Bank Download

Download Slime Reborn 2 APK for Android

Slime Reborn 2 is one of the most popular free games. Thanks to all users and the author’s hard work, the game has a huge amount of fans and is currently one of the best games available for android!

The game is described as an “action-adventure ARPG” where you will take on the role of a demon slayer known as Scarlet. On your journey to the heart of darkness, you will have to liberate towns, rescue allies, search for artifacts and battle fierce demons.

When you play the game, you will be able to interact with characters, read the details of NPCs and perform various actions.

As you progress in the game, you will be able to learn various powerful skills, explore dungeons, encounter fearsome creatures and level up your character.

Slime Reborn 2 is currently ranked as #6 on and it is the most popular game on Google Play Store.

Slime Reborn 2 is a special action-adventure RPG game. This is a free game but with many levels. Through this game, you’ll be able to meet with your old friends. You will have to solve puzzles and confront different bosses. You will be able to complete tasks, get powerful items and level up. Slime Reborn 2 includes 3 modes: World, Story and Quest. You will get hundreds of items and equipments with real cash.

Visit our official site to know more about the game.

Visit our Forum to find all information about the game.

Visit our Facebook page to meet with your friends.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch our videos and follow the game.

Now let’s play the game:

1. Select the Play mode.

2. Start the game.

3. The main screen is located on the left. Now select Play.

4. The option below will open. Select the Global Map.

5. After this, the main screen will open. Now you will see your character’s details.

6. You will find a button here. Click on it to see the Global Map.

7. Now you will see a dialogue box. Select World Map.

8. The map will open. Choose your current location from the location.

9. You will find many options available here. You can see the game’s


What’s new:


NOTICE: This mod includes the ingame sound and reference fly-back!

THIS MOD REQUIRES: FTXFactory – 0.8.2 EFL – December, 2014 – Teron – DSL – – – – Prowler ModThis v1.0.6 update marks the beginning of full multi-crew, which allows the player to play with others, although it has many limitations, such as no chat and limited stack of orders.Graphics have been updated, entering a state of full high quality graphics. FCS is fully compatible with the new FSX version.All are included in the initial release: FM radio, Sound channel, Inflight computer, GPS, GTD, Surround View and much more. Also included are various missions, which will release over the months.The missions are as follows:Aveille-Capture-Assault-Base – Before mission sets are much easier they get increasingly difficult…Mission #1: Peremptory ullage as the player enters the Sims…Don’t miss a clue. Where did it come from?

Isik iSilberman, Fincannon & Avonora – Best Of Two Worlds – Armorer/Marauder – “Be it on the water, in the air or on land – we have a long range capability.”These three, along with the EE-1 and the FDL will form a strong pool of power in combat situations and even the most committed sims can do well with them.

D (on E & M): Unigram & Emblance – Two Feet On Solid – This is the ability for this aircraft to take off level loaded without a runway.

I: Sea Viper – AirSplat! – This provides an all rounder – with the right fighter, it can handle almost every situation and in the proper hands it is amazing.

Prowler – The Prowler was created by Bergbereiter (2006). The Operation Amurit (Russian Wikipedia) has described as fighting the Germans in the waters of the Leningrad region.

Day & Night Ops – AirSplat! – No matter what the weather, the Prowler can fly day and night. It has the best visibility


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My First Indie Game
A platformer with inspiration from retro games
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Play as a dragon trying to save his family from being eaten by the evil king!
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The Unexpected Stranger
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A running game where you must dodge traps and foes while jumping over obstacles.
Please Rate the game when you Play it and if you have any suggestions please let me know, I’ll be very happy to hear from you!
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A platforming puzzler where you need to collect the artifacts from each world and find the portal back to the Tree Home.
Please Rate the game when you Play it and if you have any suggestions


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System Requirements:

You’ll need a Windows system, a broadband Internet connection and a compatible PC. At a minimum, you’ll need 1GB of RAM and a CPU with an Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon dual core processor. Windows 7 is recommended but Windows XP is still supported.
You’ll also need a USB keyboard and USB mouse.
A TV with a VGA input is recommended for video playback, but a standard composite video or component video TV is also supported.
You’ll also need a HDCP-compl


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