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Name Oil Enterprise
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This is a campaign that includes a lot of missions in a volatile area, a lot of destruction of enemy aircrafts and many other results.
In one side of the map, there is peace and flow of traffic.
In the other side, there are numerous bombing raids and attempts of sabotage.
There is a very good balance between missions and ground forces to provide a real feeling of the situation.
The campaign is available in 6 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Portuguese and Arabic.
The developers have integrated the system of supplying the aircraft with weapons, fuel and ammunition, enhancing the role and appearance of the aircraft.
The aircraft has new livery, the appearance of the terrain has improved. In addition, all the parameters of performance and weapons have been significantly improved.
The inclusion of the new liveries is based on realism of the existing planes.
The increased number of the aircraft in the game corresponds to historical events, and the existing aircraft have been dramatically improved.
This campaign gives the player an opportunity to familiarize with a complex and unique scenario of the Middle East wars.
The storyline unfolds in the following way: the airliner is hijacked. After landing in Tehran, the aircraft is attacked and destroyed in the air. There is a nuclear war in Iran. The JF-17 intercepts a Syrian fighter and was hit by the air defense system, and the pilot ejected. The Russian pilot is captured by the enemy. Inevitably, he is caught up in hostilities.
Together with a new campaign, new dynamics have been implemented in the game. The new scenarios that occur in various battle for territory differ from each other.
The aircraft is not destroyed or damaged on the ground. The goals are to guide the enemy aircraft to the targets, destroy them, and fly out of the combat area.
The campaign features a number of game modes. Different ways to solve the problem are available.
The game includes 14 types of the aircraft of the US, Russia, China, Iran, Syria and USA in cooperation with allies.
All the campaign missions can be played separately. In addition, the number of missions is enough to play the campaign and complete some missions before the end.
Faces of the campaign are truly drawn and are always exciting and interesting to play.
The campaign includes around 220 missions and can be played over 80 hours.
It is recommended to play the missions of a larger size to find out all the possibilities to achieve victory. The missions have a high level of difficulty and


Oil Enterprise Features Key:

  • Using the suit of the hero, you can carry to access any place and to explore any world.
  • Basic. This package includes over 30 new musicals. The music are streamed in the number of the song and the song strength changes with the tempo while sending you to various places.
  • In addition to the music, I will also provide you with a guide on how to create your own music pack.
  • Please note that the *language setting configuration is in Japanese.
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    Oil Enterprise Free Download [April-2022]

    Invincible Soldier is a team based, role playing shooter game, which allows players to take command of a squad of fearless soldiers and go up against the world’s worst villains to save mankind
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    This game was created using Unity 3D engine and will work on PC, Mac, and Linux computers.
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    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows XP,Windows 7
    Processor: P4 2.8Ghz or equivalent, Windows compatible processor
    Memory: Minimum 1GB of RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
    DirectX: 9.0c
    DirectX: 8.1c
    Hard Drive: 2GB of hard drive space
    Storage: 400MB of available space
    OS: Windows XP,Windows 7
    Processor: P4 2.8Ghz or equivalent, Windows compatible processor
    Memory: Minimum 1.5GB of RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card
    DirectX: 9.0c
    DirectX: 8.1c
    Hard Drive: 3GB of hard drive space
    Storage: 700MB of available space
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    What’s new in Oil Enterprise:

      Choose an Equipment Set that suits your play style and Gal type to get started on a new RPG adventure!

      Super Neptunia RPG uses equipment to do special things, from power attacks to support spells. The equipment set up will have a range of useful effects, and you can use items to evolve the RPG characters you create. Plus, with the Evolution Up Front and Neo Evolution techniques, you’ll be able to add characters with the same equipment, making it even easier to gain a new cyberpunk game character every time. Equip and give your character upgrade items and try new RPG play in this fantasy-style game!

      Super Neptunia RPG [Enchanted Series] Equipment Sets (approximately 30,000 yen each) offer an assortment of equipment, including weapons, armor, shields, and accessories. Enjoy real RPG adventuring!

      Equipment Set Items

      The main body of the set includes the weapon, body shield, head shield, and the two accessories, Black Ring and Celestial Eyes. You can change the body shield’s effects, set custom effects, and color the gear in several ways. The head shield, body shield, and weapons can all hold up to four weapons at a time, with changing effects depending on which of the four weapons you equip to that shield. Plus, all head and body shields support the character’s special skills!

      You can also use the Black Ring and the Celestial Eyes accessories to add new elements to attack spells. However, these items are pieces of equipment. You can only use one of these items at a time.

      In addition to the main body, head shield, and weapons, there are two sets of additional accessories: the Gun Blade and a Chain Whip (Neo) version of the Chain Pendant. These accessories grant special effects when equipped and can be used to further customize characters.


      Attack: Attack is the damage caused by the weapon.The attack has a range: from 0, for mainly defensive elements, to 20, for firing the weapon or using it to deal special attacks.

      Aura: Aura is the area that is affected by weapons and equipment. This area has a range: from 0, for mostly defensive elements, to 2x the weapon’s range, for damage dealt by the weapon. You can switch the Aura range using the Set Effect Node on the Weapon.

      Effect: The effect of weapons and equipment is determined by the weapon’s Type and Style. You can assign up to four effects to weapons using the


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