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Figure 13-1. You can find many different screen savers on the Internet

Photoshop EXpress With Full Keygen [Win/Mac]

Just like its predecessor, it is also completely free. You can try it online or get a free 30-day trial.

You can, of course, choose to upgrade your subscription if you want more features and longevity.

In this list, you will find tutorials for the most common editing tasks, but also many other things like how to remove googly eyes, and how to fix a scratched image. You will also find a massive list of Photoshop Elements features that will help you get started with it.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a great tool for designers who are looking for a more accessible program with a lot of features. Here are 55 techniques to edit photos in Photoshop Elements.

Image editing tutorial roundup: Photoshop Elements 22 – 55

Adobe Photoshop Elements isn’t just for creating and editing photos. You can also use it to edit videos, create web graphics and design other elements.

Using Photoshop Elements for video editing

Elements comes with a collection of video effects that you can apply to your video.

You can even add your own clips to make your own remix video or use the automatic features.

If you want to see the entire list, you can access the video tutorials here.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is also one of the best tools for creating web graphics. The simple interface and the large collection of useful tools makes it easy for you to create appealing images and set up your site.

If you would like to see the entire roundup of tutorial videos about web graphics you can check this link.

Tutorials about Photoshop Elements 22 – 55

56. Improve the Color and Light of your Photos

Colors in photos can be improved dramatically with the right toning.

One of the best ways to enhance the colors is with the gradient tool.

If you want to know how to get the most out of the gradient tool, you can check this tutorial.

Adobe Photoshop Elements doesn’t have a toning option in the gradients tool, so you can use those available in the HDR filter. You can find this tutorial here.

57. Add Copyright to Your Photos

If you want to add copyright information to your photos, you can use the copyright symbol in Photoshop Elements.

The symbol will display in the same place you would use a copyright symbol in Word.

You can find out more about the copyright symbol in Elements at this link.

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Cannot retrieve value of input in AJAX call

I have a form with one input field and I’m trying to get the value of this input field in PHP by using AJAX:

echo ‘cat id = ‘. $_POST[‘catId’];

If I run this code it outputs: cat id = Array
But if i put this code:


it outputs cat id = cat id = cat id =
If I do this:


No error. No output.
I guess, there is problem with the value of $_POST[‘catId’], because the value is not a string but an Array
This solution has worked to me in the past and I can’t figure out why this is not working


The id value for your text field should be id=»cat_id» not id=»catId» as this will give a not allowed error and is not valid HTML.

The id attribute specifies a unique identifier (ID) for an HTML element. This element can be referred to by the document using the element’s identifier instead of its index.


How to use where clause on a field that is not an attribute

Here is

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The invention relates to a friction-roll bearing which is lubricated in the axial direction by a lubricant delivered from a lubricant pump to a surface of the friction-roll bearing which is to be lubricated.
In the prior art, friction-roll bearings are used in several types of constructions. One such friction-roll bearing is shown in FIG. 6. This known friction-roll bearing has an inner ring 1, an outer ring 3 and a plurality of rollers 4. The inner ring 1 and the outer ring 3 are provided with axial grooves 5a and 5b, respectively. The rollers 4 are guided in these grooves and rotatably supported by the rings 1 and 3. The axial grooves 5a and 5b are filled with a mixture of oil and a solid lubricant such as a solid or wet graphite. The solid lubricant has a certain size and is distributed throughout the filled-in mixture. In order to prevent a buildup of air bubbles in the axial grooves 5a and 5b due to centrifugal force, an airtight casing 6 is fitted around the outer ring 3. The casing 6 is formed by two spaced-apart inner walls 6a and 6b and a bottom 6c. The outer wall 6b and the bottom 6c of the casing 6 are open at both axial ends of the bearing. Openings 7 and 8 are provided at the ends of the casing 6 at the upper ends of the axial grooves 5a and 5b, respectively. The space in which the ring 3 is fitted is filled with a powdered lubricant. The inner wall 6a of the casing 6 is provided with a tubular fitting 9 which is connected to the oil supply system of the bearing. At least one, but usually two, suction ports 10 are provided in the bottom 6c of the casing 6. Suction is applied to these suction ports 10, so that oil from the oil supply system is drawn into the axial grooves 5a and 5b. This oil, together with the powdered lubricant, is supplied to the surface of the rollers 4 which is to be lubricated.
The purpose of the airtight casing 6 is to prevent the suction ports 10 from becoming clogged up with dirt, which would then no longer be drawn into the axial grooves 5a and 5b. In addition to the airtight casing 6, there is an annular packing 11 which seals off the upper edges

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Vista or later
X360 360 Controller
PC Keyboard
HDMI TV or Monitor
Recommended Specs:
4GB RAM (X360)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 (X360) or equivalent
Intel Core i7-4790 (PC) or equivalent
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or better
DirectX: DirectX 11
Hard Drive: 30

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