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Pluto’s Island is a stunning third-person action-adventure-platforming experience based on the new innovative physics engines from iNKIG.
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Доступна только на русском языке То есть, она не так и понятна, как это сделать на английском

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Totally got a load of spooky islanders with tops on their heads… Come on people you do know to do with the tops on their heads, they are headwraps, right? 😀
It’s a shame I’m not really fluent in English to just understand and comment. 🙁

in a nul set of 3 you already lost to the all powerful DmC Devil May Cry -your last chance is to die so you can grab the souls! enjoy! and guess what, your DmC Dante and DmC V were actually just your JC 2 Dante and JC 2 V form as well! Be An Apron and wear it while you play! it’s the best «hint» to the creators since they will probably listen to you! ;D



Adorable icons!
Ride the wave of their time as the tide changes direction, their wake


Features Key:

  • 35 alien factions – no 2 game types are exactly alike
  • 28 games, and counting
  • 3 difficulty levels, 5 sizes, 5 play styles
  • 8 categories of breakthroughs, unlocks and modifiers
  • Alien Invasion hits the shelves in 2007

    Alien Invasion, the 2nd installment in the hitgame Galactic Inheritors hit the
    slot in 3-4th february. Alien Invasion will follow all the characters from
    the very first Galactic Inheritors installment – Galactic Evolution. It
    is remarkable that all 16 free space factions from Galactic Evolution
    have survived the first alien onslaught and survived, conquered countless
    universes and now they strike back to destroy their total domination plan.
    Time to upgrade…

    Get Galactic Inheritors 1 (free!!!):


    File Name: 07a0323n.06
    Filed: May 1, 2007

    No. 06-5203




    PhyTetris-Physics Tetris Free Download For Windows

    Storytelling and role playing game where you can venture to different sectors of the space station.
    You will fight the AI for your life using physics based gameplay.
    You will be able to play as a male or female character.
    You will be able to meet different characters that have various personalities.
    You will be able to access different parts of the space station.
    You will be able to save the scientists who are stuck on the station with you.
    You can find hidden items in the levels.
    Music and sound effects are included
    Required: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS version 9.0.0 or later)
    1 GHzU.S. No. 1-Voyager VI is visible between the stars Alpha Centauri (lower left) and Proxima Centauri (upper left), and is about 15 light years from Earth. The Voyager mission lasted five years and was the first to leave Earth in deep space. The Voyager spacecraft are currently on an extended mission of discovery, moving away from the sun at a constant 1.6-million-mile-per-hour speed and continuing to explore the outer planets and their moons.

    Voyager is expected to travel for about 30,000 years before its plutonium power source dies. The spacecraft has enough power to complete a long one-way journey of about 45,000 years.

    Meanwhile, NASA is working to build a twin spacecraft to Voyager, a «fly’s eye view» of the outer planets and comets.

    Voyager 1 is now in the heliosheath, the outermost region of the heliosphere and the wall of the bubble of charged particles that emanate from the Sun. The heliosphere is about 45 billion miles wide.

    Spacecraft currently in the heliosheath are nearly at the outer limits of the solar system. Voyager 1 is the first of a planned fleet of 10 spacecraft to leave the solar system, with a mission to study the interaction of the solar wind with the planets.

    Graphic: Voyager travels into interstellar space

    Voyager was the first of five spacecraft built and launched to explore the outer planets of the Solar System and beyond. The spacecraft carry recorders made by the U.S. and several other nations to record data about the planets, their moons, and the space environment.

    The spacecraft were designed to last several years. A more powerful system, the Voyager Interstellar Mission, will continue


    PhyTetris-Physics Tetris Full Version For Windows [Updated] 2022

    The Saints are back for more as the legendary game series returns with Saints Row IV. The outrageous antics in the third game have gone out of control and the rowdy super-friends are leaving their mark on the city. What starts off as a fun and innocent game of teleporting and power juking between entertainment locations, including their hometown, Stilwater, has morphed into a full-blown city-wide chaos that is out of control.

    What began as an empty, lifeless wasteland with no laws or order has grown into a full-blown urban metropolis with all of the benefits and destruction of the real city of Washington, D.C. As President of the United States, you have the opportunity to make some real changes and rule the city, The U.S.A.! It all starts with a fresh slate: cleanse the streets, erase the past, and start over in the new city of Steelport. This game is an ongoing story with more zones to explore, events to take part in, missions to complete, money to earn, power to upgrade, activities to unlock, and more!

    Game Key Features:
    -Liberate an action/adventure sandbox city that spans Liberty City and becomes a living cityscape through the destruction of progress.
    -Make your own adventures in a living cityscape that’s dynamically generated and updated with future content and further adventures. The world is your oyster.
    -Travel into the unknown. Explore Liberty City and discover new places, things, characters, items, and more.
    -Ride with the Saints on all-new motorcycles.
    -Go to the Gutter and take control of the city that never sleeps.
    -Use a ton of weapons as you fight your way through the city to free the Saints and the President.
    -Upgrade the war room and access powerful new gameplay features that define new boss battles, enhanced traversal, new missions, and more.
    -Pimp customize your city with new vehicle options, decorations, and more.
    -Discover new weapons and battle against all kinds of bad guys in all-new gameplay modes: The Heist, The Last Stand, and The Reckoning.
    -Unlock exclusive costumes and items.
    -Team up with friends and go on all-new massive co-op missions and parades to visit your friends.
    -Play as the President, Marcus Holloway, or one of the four Saints to take on special missions and tasks.
    -Take on street racing


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