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Avignon Concept is the first Personal Data Manager application having not just standard data management for Contacts, Books and Music, but also your full fledged personal Document manager.
Avignon Concept has off-course a To-do manager, which, combined with the Avignon Concept Calendar and Planning functions, gives you the complete system you always wanted to have. On top of these functions, Avignon Concept also delivers a Finance manager enabling you to run your all your worldwide bank accounts.
Avignon Concept has more than 40 standard reports, which can be run to screen and in PDF format. These reports have also the possibility to filter your data and give you all the information you need !


Download ::: DOWNLOAD

Download ::: DOWNLOAD






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Avignon Concept is a set of Applications for storing and managing the information of your life. This new set of Applications includes a Full Contact Database, an extensive File Storage, a To-Do manager, a Calendar, an Organizer, a Personal and Finance manager, a Password manager, a Web browser, a Spell checker, an Emoticons, and also color pickers, ready to paint any object in the same manner as it is on your screen.
Avignon Concept is a concept designed and developed for the Mac OS X operating system.
In short, Avignon Concept is a new concept of file storage, contact management, task management, document management, to do, finance, calendar,…All these management tools are powered by its own brand new concept, one of the most advanced and powerful personal and search engine.
It includes many brand new powerful features and many concept extensions to improve your work and services
Avignon Concept Video:
Please visit for more information and download the free Avignon Concept evaluation version
Avignon Concept Editions :
Avignon Concept is presently for sale in the United States, where it can be purchased from
Avignon Concept in the United Kingdom, is for sale from
Avignon Concept in Germany from
Avignon Concept in Japan from
Avignon Concept in Asia is for sale from
Avignon Concept in all other places can be purchased from
If you need any technical support, please contact us at
And a technical support app is already available and available from all kind of devices (iPhone and iPad, Mac, Windows, Android…).Q:

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Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager is the software that would help you keep track of your tasks, documents, contacts, and even your budget. These are just some of the many features that Avignon Concept has to offer. Take a look around and you’ll see that there is truly no other personal information manager quite like Avignon Concept!Phil Robertson knows a thing or two about relationships. He once dated a woman whose parents were horse trainers, and he dated another whose older brother had been a bully in high school. Today he talks about the needs of the heart.

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Avignon Concept gives you the full fledged functionality you need to manage your company or home life.
Avignon Concept is a unique Personal Data Manager – your everywhere Calendar, Document manager, To-do list, Personal Finance Manager.
Avignon Concept is a new type of Data Manager for your desktop, based on the Avignon Access family, allowing you to keep your contacts, manage your family, your ideas, your company plans and your Money Accounts with a single application.
With Avignon Concept, you can now manage your tasks, notes, appointments, your banking accounts, your energy plans and show your calendar with the highest visual standards!
What’s new in Avignon Concept 3.0? (Prestige, Progress & Problems reports)
Overcrowded Calendars
With Avignon Concept 3.0 you can have over crowded calendars, without having to close all your windows.
To do lists
Quickly create To do lists and manage them with a full interactive and structured interface.
Personal Finance
Get to know your balance by week, month or year in real time.
New support includes new user interface and better support for 3rd party applications.
What’s new in Avignon Concept 2.0? (Prestige, Progress & Problems reports)
New Data Management:
We have improved data management in order to offer the best and complete solution for your data management.
Data can now be searched by name, phone, fax, mail, web, email or even by role.
You can now manage your contacts, your music, your notes, your to do list, your contacts and your Data in your own way.
Modularity has been improved:
You can now create and maintain your Data management with modules. You can now choose what module you want (Contacts, To do list, Notes, Books, Media files…), with Avignon Concept 3.0 you can create, add and remove these modules at any time with just a click.
The Calendar module is now in charge of scheduling your appointments, defining you which ones have priority and which ones are can be done at any time.
With Avignon Concept 3.0, the Calendar is now interactive and you can now see your appointments in full screen mode, and you can edit them, or add new events.
The Planning function is now in charge of bringing you up to date with your monthly bills or your financial

What’s New In Portable Avignon Concept?

Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager Software is a Windows based application, which is the easiest way to organize your important data, such as, your home address and your business address, your social security number, your credit cards number, your bank accounts and personal vouchers, and finally your images, videos, documents, photos…It’s a data manager with its own identity!
Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager Software can manage your data in 1 or several folders, each of them can be synchronized with your home computer via the internet. You can also share data with your business partner, your friends, your family, your banker…
Avignon Concept can also run your application on a web server allowing you to control your data remotely.
Avignon Concept can be used as a client/server application, allowing you to sync, share, control and integrate your data from one single place.
On top of this, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager Software is the ideal application for managing your important contact data such as business associates or family members, as well as your address data.
Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager Software is a stand-alone personal data manager.
It does not require Microsoft office nor Microsoft Windows.
Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager Software is also an application aimed for the creation of a new type of business application. «You don’t buy Avignon Concept, it is yours, you use it to control your important data, make reports and export them in PDF format!»
Features and Versions:
Version: 5.8
Language: French
Filesize: 11 MB
Platform: MS Windows
Software: Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager, Avignon Concept Desktop Calendar, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager For Emails, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager For Documents, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager For Music, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager For Photos, Avignon Concept Personal Data Manager For Settings and so on…

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