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ELDENRING is an action RPG that follows the new interactive story in the Lands Between.

The myth of the Lands Between where humanity once lived on a continent separated from the Known World is coming true!

Your destiny is in the hands of a woman and her light-hearted companions, and you, the protagonist, act in a role-playing game designed to be the highlight of your adventuring experience.


■ Direction

The game is mainly directed toward players who want to enjoy online games, as well as those who want to enjoy online games while playing as the main character of a story.

■ Game systems

An RPG with smooth user interfaces, several kinds of characters, a variety of outstanding features that will enrich your adventures, and more.

It is enjoyable to play, while also being constructed with the utmost consideration of the expectations of existing users.

■ Map and Field design

The vast world of the Lands Between is simply huge, and feels even more open than the lands in the game.

The story is played out in a wonderful world where the characters have their own distinct personalities, and is filled with many types of areas and scenes, including huge dungeons and mysterious ruins.

A large number of quests give you the freedom to explore the areas as you want.

■ Story of a Girl and Her Light-hearted Companions

The player controls a hero who faces an adventure in the Lands Between.

It is so much fun because of the memories of the players about the Lands Between of old.

Their memories of old are linked to the mystery and melancholy of the world, and the story is so exciting that you will want to continue playing.

■ Various Types of Characters

There are four different types of characters, and each has its own unique characteristics, allowing you to experiment with your play style, including playing with the light-hearted girl, the brave soldier, the magician, the mysterious assassin, and others.

■ Detailed Actions Made Easy

There are detailed actions, and we created a special control method for actions that are more difficult, such as jumping, that allows users to understand complicated actions in a simple way.

■ Dynamic Battle

It is a battle that is overflowing with action.

You and your partner must work together, and the characters you know and meet during the game can be used during the battles.

You can check the strength of


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Character Creation, Customization, and Development that are all done remotely and are free of limitations.
  • A Free Fantasy Action RPG created by KOGEI that was made with diversity in mind.
  • Short term in-game events that last only a few days at most.
  • A system in which you can share the stage with other players and by doing so, work together in the service of a common goal.
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    If you like the gothic style RPG, then you will like Elden Ring. Elden Ring is an RPG that has a unique world that is very detailed. There is a story behind it but it’s pretty much a ‘meh’ story and while the game is good it’s just not for me and I don’t even think it’s the best RPG on the PS3. If you like Metroidvanias and RPGs that have a unique story to them then this is your game. The graphics are pretty decent, while the sound is kind of weak but you won’t even notice that, because you’re focusing on the story. It’s a cute game that has great character design. I’m a big fan of the gothic RPGs that come out of Japan. We’ve had Zillion and Tearaway, and now it’s Elden Ring’s turn. Elden Ring is another cute game from Japan that uses the PS3 as the perfect platform for it. You have all of this customizability and upgrading your weapons and armor. It makes you feel like you have to put in a lot of effort to develop your character, just like in a real RPG. This game is a good blend of action, role-playing, puzzle solving, and platforming. The gameplay itself is solid, however some of the levels have a terrible difficulty curve. It starts off simple and then ramps up at around the third or fourth chapter. There are tons of secrets hidden here and there, so keep on looking, because you might find something you didn’t know about. On one hand it’s basically like a cross between Zillion and Tearaway, and on the other, it’s the best PS3 RPG I’ve played this generation. If you like Japanese games, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Elden Ring.
    Elden Ring
    Developer: SCE Japan
    Genre: RPG/Fantasy
    Platform: PS3
    Developer Website | Eurogamer
    Official Site

    Elden Ring is a bite-sized fantasy RPG where you are forced to battle in increasingly difficult challenges to gain new special powers, and ultimately, experience and levels. Your actions and choices change the story, setting, and characters. It’s a very cool concept, and it’s done well,


    Elden Ring Registration Code Download PC/Windows (Latest)

    Seamlessly Connected Field The Lands Between game:

    Combination of Field and Dungeon game:

    Online PvP and PvE where the online network is connected to the client game:

    Online asynchronous multiplayer game where the online network is not connected to the client game:

    Character and scene system:

    Epic drama born from a myth with the presence of a dream world:

    «In the Lands Between, a traveler awakened from a long dream and stood at the edge of a cliff. The traveler had an impression that he was looking back to the days of a bygone time. He cannot shake off the feeling that he has seen this place before. With this deep, dark cloak covering his body, he decides to keep on looking, and the trail leads deep into the Lands Between.»
    Battlefield Through various dungeons, quests, and battles that span through time, the Lands Between map is divided into different geographical regions. The main town is safely guarded by an Imperial Castle, and the Imperial Castle is the entrance to the Lands Between. Entering to the Lands Between is not just a simple matter. You have to defeat the monsters and armies of the Empire in order to clear the way.
    Tension is rising between the powerful Empire, and the Greens, a group that has emerged in the Lands Between. The Greens invade the Empire’s capital to gain control of the Lands Between, and the Empire sends out its armies to stop them. In the midst of this, you will take on your own path to become a lord of the Lands Between.
    As the terrain of the Lands Between is split into two regions and the two regions are going to be split into the fields and dungeons, you will take on this way.
    1. Fields

    Fields consist of large open areas with a certain number of structures. In these open areas, the difficulty of the battles increases. But there are also places where the large scale battles cannot be fought. To go through these areas, you must explore the secondary areas.

    You must not only learn to fight well, but you must also take care of your equipment and your materials. As you face the battles in the Fields, you will be provided with various weapons and armor to equip. As you fight, your levels will increase.

    But be careful not to lose your equipment or your materials, as there are several dangers around. There are also monsters of varying levels and the boss monsters, who are more dangerous than the


    What’s new:

    The Trials of Ascension
    The Trials of Ascension
    Rise up from the Depths and become the High Lord of the Chaos Knights!
    The souls of dead Knights enter the world as monsters. They belong to the Iritis, which are dominant Gods that hunt Knights who have fallen. If you defeat the monsters, the souls return to their Knights, and the death of Iritis is undone. Yet the activities of the Knights taking part in the Battle of Armageddon are between the Iritis, the Kingdom of Chaos and the Kingdom of Light…

    Place yourself next to the cultures of the Voi Folk, the beautiful Native Girls of Agharta, the Oldest Temple and the Mysterious Jungle. Explore the vast Lands Between that exists inside and outside the Seven Planes. By defeating the monsters and exploring the Labyrinth, you will be able to fulfill your dreams!

    Utopia is an RPG where you build your own town and set up permanent settlement. Set your sights on a beautiful future, and use your imagination to choose your own path. Craft your own future, and bring bliss to everyone.

    Shiro Game Co., Ltd., the PlayStation®Store for Japan, and NIS America, Inc., today announced that Train Your Dragon’s Summer Skies will be released on May 29, 2019 in North America for PS4™. Delve into the Dragon-filled world of Summer Skies, complete Zen and Chanchan’s quests, and fly a Dragon Fight! The game will be cross-buy with PS Vita and PS3, and will be available in the PlayStation Store for $29.99.

    Just a few years have passed. How are things looking for your country now? Will the war for control of the skies ever end?

    Hang on tight as Dragon Quest’s newest adventure, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, drops you into a world that’s every bit as vast and dynamic as the series tradition, and all your old friends are back and joining in on the fun. But this time there are new beasts and characters, battles and quests that are only waiting for you to find out what they are.

    The worlds of Nobunaga’s Ambition and Its charting

    Inc. has always been a developer known for its accuracy and attention to detail, and its myriad strategies, yet


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    1. Extract game ISO.
    2. Execute command line and run «elden ring.exe»

    How to Play:

    If you have any problem or question of the installation process, please use the forum to communicate with other users


    1. Don’t use force-load the game when you play online. You will encounter some lag problem, and we recommend to use a loading screen instead of force-loading

    2. If it happened many time you’re loading blank screen, you can’t move or interact with your character, and you can’t input in chat box, then press the F5 key, or close the PC and restart

    3. If you encounter any problem, feel free to use the link below and write your problem in the topics.

    You’re using our website as if you’re using the game, you must have the latest version of the game installed on your computer.

    If you had a problem in past or if you have any complaint please use the forum to communicate with other users.

    For a more complete and updated version of the guide, check out this link:

    Most of our guides are pretty simple to make, but the final result is much more complex.

    For the ease of your and our readers, we have collected here some crucial information, that sometimes are missed, especially by beginners.

    If you are interested in our future guides, please stay with us.

    In addition to these guides, feel free to send us your requests, and our team will be happy to improve our work on your requests.

    Feel free to contact us through our e-mail:



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