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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.50 / 5 ( 1321 votes )
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Written by:

The Overlord,

Dragon Prodigy,

Seth Steam,



Based on the game engine by:





James J.Garden,



Windows PC

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

CPU: Intel Core i3 (for Standard Edition) or later

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 5 GB available space

DirectX: 9.0c

Additional Notes: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will need Windows XP or higher to run the application. Windows 8 users will need Windows 7 or higher to run the application.


It is an online fantasy RPG. It is a free to play game where you can freely enjoy the game world while earning a living, freely

build your own hero, and freely assemble a party.

Key Features:

* Story Mode: You can freely enjoy the story of the game while earning a living and freely developing your own hero.

* Change Your Appearance: You can freely change your appearance without spending the game currency.

* Drop and Buy Character Items: You can freely purchase items at the Drop Box from the game currency.

* Variety of Monsters and Difficulty: Depending on your level and your character, you can enjoy the game world full of variety.

* Lord System: Lord System is a feature that enables a multiplayer character to grow in accordance to the number of party members that it is in.

* An Epic Drama: A multilayered story told in fragments. An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.

* A Game System that Satisfies a Variety of Players: The game fully satisfies a variety of players who are looking for the easy game system and the difficult and an action game.

* Free to play: This game is free to play. You are allowed to freely play the game world and fight without spending the game currency.

For those who enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game, the server will be updated to support multiplayer service starting from the game update on Jan


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.50 / 5 ( 1321 votes )
Update (1 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Unique online play, with a robust connectivity system and network play support (Nintendo Switch Online required for online play)
  • Detailed content designed to raise your skill level, from a variety of tactics, weapons and functions to boss battles
  • Create the most potent party with multiple character combinations, weaponry and armor combinations, to face the challenges of each stage
  • Players can equip the familiar weapons that they use and become specialized
  • Players can be assisted by a confidante (who follows their commands) and can also develop a confidante of their own (who will assist the player)
  • The ultimate goal of the game is to become an Elden Lord and achieve victory in the Lands Between. There are many playable situations in the Elden Ring, and the possibility of becoming an Elden Lord is merely a small portion of the many exciting situations you can find and face
  • ELDERING RING Tablet version features:

    • Explore the Lands Between with the massive amount of content. A vast world full of thrill and danger awaits you.
    • Take the fight to other players in the online modes, with epic battles.

    Elder Scrolls Online: The Card Game features:

    • The original card game designed by ZeniMax is back in Elder Scrolls Online.
    • Join the most explosive online adventure of all time, but be warned… to win, you may have to lose!
    • The action is fast-paced and demands quick decision making. The powerful “Charge” ability helps you overcome the limitations of your cards and equip your “Sword of the Grave” with the mysterious Ashenblade.

    ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE #ThatHandsomeMan! trailer:

    You can find the latest ESO #


    Elden Ring For Windows [Latest 2022]

    ◆Looking for more RPG action games? Game Overview
    Highly polished and skillfully crafted, the RPG action game Elden Ring Free Download is unlike anything you have played before. Fully developed, you will completely experience a story and world filled with personality and atmosphere. The innumerable variety of quests available will keep you busy for months.
    ◆Highlights of the game
    ◆Explore a vast world
    Explore the Lands Between via town and field, where huge monsters and other surprises await you in each region. Discover new stories, and become an expert in your quest.
    ◆Brandish the power of the Elden Ring Serial Key
    Gain class-based and magic-based abilities to enter a new level of RPG action!
    ◆Customize your own character
    Use a variety of items to customize your character and his or her weapons, armor, and equipment.
    ◆Dramatic story
    Enjoy the story that is rich in atmosphere and drama. The game’s characters may surprise you.
    ◆Stylized graphics and music
    The game features dramatic, bold graphics and an upbeat musical score.
    ◆Simple but rich game controls
    ◆Three easy and intuitive button configurations for the best operation
    ◆Easy to learn, but hard to master!
    ◆Hundreds of quests to discover
    ◆Class-based and magic-based battle
    ◆Stunning graphics and music
    ◆Online play mode (multiplayer)
    ◆Hours and hours of gameplay
    ◆Battle mode with many monsters
    ◆Stunning characters and a beautiful landscape
    ◆Warriors, Mages, and Paladins available to meet your needs
    ◆Style the Game Appearance of Your Character
    From the appearance and skills of your character, you will feel deeply immersed in the world of the game.
    ◆Simple user interface
    ◆User interface
    ◆Balance Display
    ◆How to play
    ◆How to play
    You are a young man who has been captured by strong and fierce monsters. You were supposed to give this sword to the heir of the Great Elden Kingdom.
    ◆You seek the “Lands Between”, a land where humans, elves, and monsters coexist in harmony. What did you do wrong? Why are you a prisoner? In this story, you will encounter the


    Elden Ring Crack Product Key Free

    ● Play as an established character
    You can choose to play as any of the ten members of the Royal Guard in the Elden Ring, and play as them from the start of the game.
    ● Open world exploration
    You can freely wander the vast world with a huge amount of content, a variety of information, and various enemies, and if you encounter an area with a dungeon, you can enter and explore it.
    ● Random battles with wide range of opponents
    The battles with monsters in the world are completely random, which adds a complex, exciting, and fun element.
    ● Variety in the battlefield
    Enemies with various combinations of defenses are included in the battles, so that your every move is changed.
    ● Challenging Progression
    Monster levels go up depending on the number of players, and you can take on more and more powerful monsters as you play more.
    ● Tons of content
    There are a huge amount of monsters, items, and other content to explore, and the number of items to acquire increases as the game goes on.
    ● Beautiful graphics
    High-resolution graphics with beautiful design and a variety of situations to explore.
    ● Unique arrangements
    The world will be arranged in a new way each time you play, so you cannot play in the same area twice.
    ● Easy controls
    You will be able to enjoy the game even when you are not a gamer, since the controls are easy to learn and operate.
    ● Rich Customization:
    You can freely change your character’s appearance by acquiring over a hundred items.
    ● Comfortable Quests:
    Enemies appear depending on whether you join the adventure or act on your own, so you can freely accept or reject the quests that you receive.
    ● Special event
    Special event content will appear throughout the game.
    ● Variety of events
    You will be able to enjoy various events such as concerts, festivals, and reunions every week.
    ● New talents for every member of the Royal Guard
    A new set of abilities will be added to your character for every member of the Royal Guard, and you can freely select your desired set of abilities.
    ● Teleport between cities
    By talking with the leader of the Royal Guard in each city, you can teleport to any city in the Lands Between, and by doing so, you will be able to travel to a new city.
    ● Wide range of events
    There will be a large number of events throughout the game. The events will be different


    What’s new:


    Tuning API

    For example,

    We can add new methods to specific monsters by writing a function that can access the tuning API of [Entity] and create new Classes.

    It can be difficult to add APIs when developing a game using Unity. For this reason, we specifically focus on improving Unity for developing AI rather than development of the AI itself.

    EquippedClasses API on Monsters to Control Attack Mode

    All Monsters in the game are subclasses of [Entity] via the MonoBehaviour class. In this regard, we focused on increasing the number of registered APIs of [Entity] so that we can create new subclasses of Player from it. However, the quests Monster API is registered as a class by default, so you can introduce Monster Classes without difficulty.

    By contrast, since we have not changed the default class of Quest, it is a bit difficult to add new classes. We introduced the Instanced Class variant as the subclass of Monster that can register their instantiated classes at the same time.

    When a monster spawns, we generate a combat ticket automatically in [Entity]. On the other hand, we cannot change the class variants of [Entity] that need to be processed in the loading process. Moreover, we also need [Job] as a superclass. That is why we decided to unlock the entity class of Monster at the level of quests.

    For example,

    So we created [Entity.OnLoaded] as a data function that copies the @id Quest class from the game data.

    The number of summoned monsters in the world is checked in [OnSpawn] of [Monster] and moved to [Entity] in [OnLoaded].

    Before [OnLevelUp] is executed, we input the level and the number of monsters according to the level from the game log. While we are preparing for the boss rush, we execute the data function.

    While boss rush is started, we change the target ID in [Entity] from the boss character of Mission. As a result, we execute the dungeon scene script. For the current battle with a boss, which is a [Monster], we add the boss character of the current job in the corresponding [Monster]. When the boss battle scene script is executed, we move the boss character of the new mission and change the charge IDs of the [Monster] to the assignment of the boss character.

    The boss character cards are used in the boss character data functions


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    • English / German

    Gift Contents:

    • Dreamcaster: A Game that Connected with you and your friends Your Precious Memories
    • Earth Element
    • Psychic Element
    • Godness

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