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• A vast world that is brimming with life and excitement.
• Create your own character with a variety of weapons, armor, and magic.
• An epic drama where the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
• Online play will take place under servers in Japan, Europe, and North America.
• There will be no communication with players outside Japan and Europe.


• You’ll need to start out as a commoner with no prior knowledge of the Lands Between.
• You will be tasked to complete quests to gain reputation and strengthen your skills.


• Story and game design with a sense of adventure and surprise
• An unforgiving and fast-paced battle system with the elements of a turn-based RPG
• A wide variety of visuals with a high level of details
• Simple yet fun controls that have never been seen before
• Tired of always following the same directions and missions
• Bad or repetitive stories
• AI who always do their thing
• When I have to wait until the day after to proceed to the next task


“The Elden Ring Free Download is totally unique and delivers the best online multiplayer experience I’ve played to date.”

“Absolutely loved everything about Elden Ring.”

“I feel like I’m playing a role in a whole other world and even though I have no idea what’s going on, I’m constantly surprised by new information, scenarios, and events. It’s incredible. I also feel I’m getting plenty of value for my time and money.”

“The character design is just super awesome.”

“I just love the scenery and the fact that you can just go anywhere and do anything you want.”

“The game is extremely fast paced and introduces a lot of new elements, such as the ability to hold your own party.”



• Create a new


Features Key:

  • Character Creation allows you to create a strong Hero with a powerful personality and an original story,
  • Open World : Voyage and adventure in any order, letting you explore the lands freely
  • Diverse Environments : Develop your character by adding and removing attributes, at the same time taking advantage of a variety of environments (city, desert, mountains, and forests)
  • Class and Color Classification : Raise and evolve your own unique Hero class, regardless of the attributes you choose at the beginning, by developing various skills and cores.
  • Support System : The online, asynchronous online class system that connects you with other players in real-time. From complete classes that support multiple players and closely link you to others through to per-class classes that only support a group of friends,
  • Fantasy-style Realm War : Fighting against the monsters in the realms to decide the best is determined by your battle strategy, and by the main Hero.
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    2. Controllers feature in PlayStation®4 games

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    Elnins’ Elnins Register contains full support for PlayStation®4Elden Ring Download [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]


    [Features] 1.Experience and Customize Various Worlds

    [3D Character] Experience a World of Drama from Your Point of View of the World!

    [Class Designs] 3DCG and Overlays Give the World a New Face!

    [Armor and Weapons] Your Weapons and Armor Have Special Forms!

    [Action and Adventure] A Variety of Threats and Conflicts in the World

    [Collection] Loot Your Way Through Dungeons!

    [Story] The Path of a Hero Begins in the Lands Between

    [Unique Online Play] Feel the Presence of Others Through a Unique Interaction System

    —————————————————————–1. Experience and Customize Various Worlds—————————————————————–
    While there are many different dimensions in the Lands Between, you have the option to freely choose a world.

    Yonder, the world of Tarnished, where you fight in the arena to achieve victory.

    Elden, the world of Elden, where you rise to the top and shine in the arena.

    Planet, the world of Solace, where you fight to vanquish your enemies in this beautiful world.

    Mithos, the world of Bane, a nightmare that awaits you in this world of undead.

    Deianeira, the world of Pray, where you fight for your survival.

    Aithon, the world of Drake, where you fight against Titans.

    These worlds have very diverse landscapes and have all their own distinct cultures and customs.

    * Worlds are selectable at the start of the game. ・The world you choose affects the charm of the shop items you receive as your reward for progressing in the game.

    2.3 Experience a World of Drama from Your Point of View of the World!
    3DCG and Overlays Give the World a New Face!
    3DCG is a rendering technique that has been expanding in recent years. We used it as our foundation to create the world of Elden. To create an authentic three-dimensional world, we have added overlays to many areas, such as clouds, mountains, and expanses of water.

    2.4D Character Design
    2D art is a way of drawing in which you can easily express a dramatic mood. We aimed to realize an atmosphere of excitement with incredible lighting effects and dramatic expressions. By adding 3D effects to the character’s model, you can create characters with a


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    【Game Content】

    Game Engine

    The Star of the Elden Ring

    New Game Features

    A new online element that supports many players locally through the connection of mobile phones, PCs and tablets.

    Evolves the new story fragment

    Story Content

    Elden Realm

    Every Player’s Story Continues

    Customizing your character and Equipment

    Play Style Customization

    Creature System

    New Environment

    Exciting New Action Scenes

    New Multiplayer System

    Story Fragments

    Player News

    Zephyr’s Side

    Using the Risen, you will be guided by grace to use the power of the Elden Ring.

    With the help of the Tarnished Dragon, you will fight the knight of the Elden Ring.

    Raise the dragon, Tarnished, and try to be close to the king of the Elden Ring.

    Piece by Piece

    The isolated hero of Sairento is only a coincidence.

    You are an adventurer who has started on an empty land.

    A New Order

    The ancient system has collapsed. Only with the human race, a revolution against a tyrannical system has begun.

    You will start off as a mere adventurer.

    However, as a legend of the Elven realms, your true intentions lie hidden.

    Through the action of a world map, the story of different characters can be received.

    A new world, a new adventure!

    Dragon King, Kyo

    You are Kyo, the man of destiny.

    You are destined for great deeds.

    You are the man who was to save the world from extinction.

    Beware of the Dark Legacy

    Evil forces have appeared in this world that is about to succumb to darkness.

    Don’t expect to end the story of this game just by destroying those forces.

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Elden vs. Human Battle

    In the battle of the human and the Elven, a new game will start.

    It is a battle to establish a true order between humans and elves!

    Together with the adventurers and the knights who have been long lost in the Lands Between, you will be the hero of this world.

    ● Turn-based Strategy

    As the battle approaches, you will have to carefully take on the human and


    What’s new:


    \*-battle, §
    \*-music, §
    \*-goals, ®
    \*-instincts, ¯

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    2.8,A special module allowing you to cooperate with NPCs


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