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© 2017 Taegukgi. All Rights Reserved.

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Features Key:

  • A Cutthroat Combat System with a Dynamic Battle System.
  • Customization and Mergers: The freedom to combinatorily develop in any form you like!
  • A Wide Range of Additional Content
  • An Open Player Community that Has a Taste of Its Own Fate
  • Elden Ring features:

    • An Advanced Individual Combat System that Enables Dramatic Battles
    • A Large Choice of Equippable Weapons.
    • Customization and the Possibility of a Furiously-Developed Character
    • An In-Depth Character Development that Energizes the Online Community

    Elden Ring available dates:

    • Wii U
    • PlayStation 4

    Strategy); Elder-Raizer (Fantasy); Revolution; Aohville (Shooters)
    WORD (Hack and Slash)
    HELIOS (Action RPG)
    nEBONIC (Shooter)
    nREVENANT CORE (Strategy)
    nMETAMORPHOSIS (Strategy)


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    BATTLE TOWER Games Blog Cont…

    2012-11-06 13:36:01 •

    BATTLE TOWER Games Blog Contest Results


    About This Article

    We’re happy to announce that «BATTLE TOWER» has been given a massive overhaul. The new BATTLE TOWER features: Re-mastered graphics, Designed specifically for consoles.

    Be transported into a never-before-seen age, a time when the lands were still in the sky and a mythical race, the Elden, ruled over the world.

    Experience a massive world brimming with life, populated with countless characters, dungeons, and weapons.

    A vast array of quests, skills, magic, and combat options.

    Can you lead your team of adventurers through the many dangers that await? is a community website created by fans. This website is not affiliated with the game developer. Any information on this website has not been provided or reviewed by the game developer. This website is an online community, and is NOT an official source of information for the game developer.Q:

    Can’t understand how to determine if variable is a string

    In my code I am trying to determine if a variable (var1) is a string, but it keeps returning false no matter what I put in it. I’m doing this with eval(«typeof var1») when it is an empty string (or null).
    Here is my code:
    for(var i=1;i


    Elden Ring Free

    “The power of all of creation in one world.”


    The time has come for you to travel into a vast world where all of creation that the Elden Ring has established together with the power of Tarnish and Arthas has been opened to you. The Lands Between is the place where the Elden Ring has brought everything together. In the Lands Between, a vast number of dungeons have been interconnected with the ultimate fantasy world, which you can freely visit any time you like.

    The Lands Between is a world in which it is possible to expand the perfect world made by Tarnish and Arthas where all creation is born.

    Elden Rings are connected with the power of the Elden Ring as well as Tarnish and Arthas. Of the three, only Arthas is the true ruler of the Lands Between. By connecting all the Elden Rings around the Lands Between, you will be able to experience a scene where each and every one of the Elden Rings becomes one big living realm.


    By opening the door to the Lands Between, the game design team has been exploring the untold world of the Elden Ring and has been creating a world that is filled with sheer wonder.

    From the diverse dungeons, each of which offers an immersive environment and countless possibilities, to the original and eye-catching story, the Lands Between will inspire and astonish you.

    If you like the game, you can show your support by purchasing items that will go to support project development!

    [PS. We’d like to let you know that we are still trying to find the balance in line with the original statement. Thank you for your patience.]

    “I don’t want to become a hero. I don’t want to become a legend.

    A hero, a legend, I don’t want to become.

    I want to live as just an ordinary man.

    I want to live as just a person.

    I don’t want to die. I don’t want to suffer. I don’t want to be forgiven.

    I want to live.”


    An Extraordinary Girl Nobody Wanted

    I’ve always been surrounded by people who are


    What’s new:

    Nicely done. The website also mentions that online features are coming in a monthly update.

    Some MMO blogs have been griping about how you can’t join in progress, so I’m curious; does the game promote PVP (I know it does) or are you supposed to only interact with people that are online at the moment you log in? Also, I know you can always change your password if you’re not in the mood for PVP or whatever, but by the time you log in to the game I would imagine that you’ll be right there- would it discourage players to then quit after a brief period of trial in which it seems the most fun?

    Yeah, I’d say the way Guild Wars works is that people could just be in the middle of something, or people could be casting spells. But I’m not sure just because someone can’t be bothered to defeat the Player Killer. That would lead to endless war, and that would really discourage other people from enjoying their time with the game.

    The fact that there’s no way to kick someone out of a guild on all servers at once is another reason to keep a low profile, that’s kind of a touchy subject.

    Yeah, I’d say the way Guild Wars works is that people could just be in the middle of something, or people could be casting spells. But I’m not sure just because someone can’t be bothered to defeat the Player Killer. That would lead to endless war, and that would really discourage other people from enjoying their time with the game.

    If you’re logged in on a server that has a randomly generated player killer you can rejoin the party without having to kill the killer, if you log in in the middle of someone bashing a kobold, you can rejoin the party without having to do anything.

    The fact that there’s no way to kick someone out of a guild on all servers at once is another reason to keep a low profile, that’s kind of a touchy subject.

    If you consider the fact that you can lose a TP/PVP identifier and that you can lose your account and everything on it then it shouldn’t be such a touchy subject.

    That aside, I’m loving it so far. Even with the stuttering and generally horribly buggy nature I find it a joy to play (something the early build definitely doesn’t allow for). All the subthemes feel so appropriate for the races and overall parts of the world feel


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    1- Unpack the version you downloaded

    2- Mount the rar/zip file to any location (ex: C/Program Files\Elden Ring )

    3- Go to the folder you mounted the file (ex: C/Program Files\Elden Ring )

    4- Go in the folder made in the step 3 and run the game.bat (launcher file)

    5- To play with or without internet connection follow the steps below:

    Run the game without Internet connection (recommended)

    Run the game with Internet connection

    Run the game without Internet connection (recommended)

    Open your internet explorer, go to the folder your game is made, go in the folder called ELDEN RING, and run the.bat file (launcher file)

    Note: You should have an internet connection when you launch the game.

    If you don’t have internet and it show this screen

    try to connect your phone to the computer

    then open the explorer, go in the folder you mounted the game, go in the folder named ELDEN RING, and launch the launcher.bat

    If you can’t launch the launcher :

    – delete the ELDEN RING game folder you mounted ( under Program Files )

    Install the ELDEN RING game on Uplay

    1- Download the installer of Uplay ( here)

    2- Run the Uplay installer, follow the steps ( see the image)

    3- Go to your Uplay folder, unpack the file named Uplay-esm_au_**.UPK and run the Uplay.exe (launcher file)

    How to Install:

    1- Install Easy Anti-Ban

    2- Install Uplay

    3- Run the Uplay launcher

    4- Select Elite Pack ( if you have bought the elite pack )

    5- The game should now be installed

    You have already installed ELDEN RING, but if you got error

    You are probably still in the “Test the game”, you should do that. You can follow the steps below:

    1- Go in the folder where ELDEN RING is (under Program Files )

    2- Launch the launcher (launcher.bat)

    3- Should be displayed an error

    You have done this, you


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