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Card-based RPG with an expansive two-dimensional graphic style called “Handmade”.

Fight alone or online with friends.

Join other players online and interact with them in real time.

Explore the world using your powerful and unique character.

An innovative system makes you start a new adventure, every time you play.

Play and enjoy the game until the very end.

You can enjoy the game for up to 30 hours with only 1 Dungeon.

Collect money and items from battles and use it to purchase items in shops.

Battle and learn new skills.

Increase your strength and learn new abilities.

Enjoy the game free for up to 30 hours.


Android game developer in Tokyo, Japan.

Known for a long time as the developer of the popular FireEmblem series, my name came to prominence after I made the base system for my brand of RPG «Handmade».

My basic character system (often called as “traditional JRPG system”) is named with “MEKAGE» and my detailed character system is named after “HANDMADE” (“Hand-MADE” is the Japanese name, since the system is designed for mobile games).

After its release, «Handmade» rapidly gathered praise for its core formula and for its mechanics such as SEQUENTIAL ACTION and BALANCE TROUBLES, and has been long-known as a system for RPG fans.

Furthermore, after I learned that a large number of requests for “Handmade” were coming to my Facebook profile, I prepared to make a remake of «The Handmade».

I made version 1.0 in 2014, but the game was hindered by a lack of money.

I produced version 2.0 in 2015.

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* Note that the particular variant of this issue used in this variant is
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Features Key:

  • Differentiated Experience Among the Nations
    One. A safe world where you can be free from danger. Two. A dangerous world where the challenges exceed your limit in three.
    Six. A world full of fascinating challenges inside and outside the gameplay.
  • One. A safe world where you can be free from danger. Two. A dangerous world where the challenges exceed your limit in three.
    Six. A world full of fascinating challenges inside and outside the gameplay.
  • Available 24/7
    Boundless entertainment just with a touch of a button.
  • Play anytime and anywhere
    From wherever you are to any of the 14 countries or any region, you can battle against each other anytime, even when the server is down.
  • A Story of Epic Durability as something you can enjoy on your smartphone as well
    It reveals a dramatic tale where absolute faithless peoples are begging to be slaves of a God, where such Gods would not exist even if you stare into the world.
  • A Battle System That Recognizes Thorough Characterization
    By mixing its combat system with the skills and action of the martial arts genre, a fight that has never been seen before is born.
    It takes place within a completely fluid 3D environment where enemies appear and disappear at random and there is no «winner/loser» distinction.
  • An Arcade Game-style System That Reliably Integrates Danger
    The essence of the game is a multilateral fight of death where the odds are completely equal.
    The system provides impeccable difficulty through an action-packed scenario where an incorrect move or a poor strategy will cause you to fail one stage ahead.
  • Innovative Strategic Deceive Including Special Battles and Elite Bosses
    Demons that are only ever encountered in our world
    A self-managing character that can change your appearance and increase EXP are included in this game.
    The brilliant game play of the prior game remains!
  • An All-in-One RPG Experience
    A more desirable RPG game for everyone.
    A safe world that can be freely enjoyed with no boundaries. An unfathomable world full of challenges.
    At first glance, a complete RPG experience.
  • An all-new magic system
    This magic system


    Elden Ring Crack Torrent (Activation Code) For Windows

    A lot of hype. A lot of hype. What happens after you start?

    Turn based, with enemies spawning in different directions, there is no magic healing, not even the big boi Yik-Yak. As with most Tarnished games, enemies spawn when the leader is killed, with the odds being easy if you play smart. Loot isn’t the easiest, loot is a bit of a grab, but you do get some good quality loot.

    The mechanics are easy to grasp, yet you can put together a whole party with the right pathfinding.

    The branching of the landscape makes finding a good place to camp extremely easy. Under a tree, it’s fun as hell to use your sword on every other enemy. When camping under a tree, some skill points have to be found and so do some difficult enemies. The difficult enemies either need two person raiding or don’t spawn at all. The fight in the first or second difficulty level is usually very difficult so you will go through this a lot if you play a lot. As a result, camp in certain spots. Luckily, many bandits want to loot the bodies of their fallen comrades, so you can always sit out of reach. There is a lot of melee enemies, as the combat relies on 2 person/2 monster fights. So if you camp under a tree, make sure you camp properly.

    Bosses sometimes rely on a lot of debuffs. Poison, stun, slow, sleep, paralysis, charm, and blind all affect the players and the stamina. Sleeping is an easy one, not the easiest to avoid, but if you take out the leader, the rest usually dies in a decent time. The other debuffs are mostly used for the boss attacks, so knowing when to avoid them is all you need.

    Late game bosses require a lot of health.

    The difficult part of the game is the late game bosses. They are incredibly hard, and the end of the game. You will reach the fight before the last boss and will encounter the big boi Yik-Yak. It is beyond a boss fight. It’s a giant monster with an endless amount of health, attacks, and debuffs. You will fail a lot and so will your new party members. You can try to sneak up on the monster and get him in one hit. But be prepared for his attacks that can do a lot of damage. He isn’t the hardest fight, but the most scary one


    Elden Ring Free

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    Play As a Fresh Prince Approved!

    About RAGE

    Create your own fresh prince approved hero!

    • Use various game play tactics to build your army.

    Build the strongest army, and take on the other players in the real time online battles!

    • Raid the big monstrous monsters to discover the treasure.

    Battle with monsters while finding a great number of items.

    • Experience the role playing game as you explore the Lands Between!

    Battle against the monsters in the different fields and dungeons as you help the people and solve the problems!

    • Develop your own character by creating skills and items.

    Select what kind of character you want to be, and develop your skills and items as you play!

    Gameplay RAGE game:

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    Play As a Fresh Prince Approved!

    The New Mythic Fantasy RPG About the Raze

    Set on the vast continent of Rythia. The unending daytime rays of the sun strengthen the spirit of the Raze, and the onslaught of cold and darkness of the moon bring a sense of doom. An era of struggle arose between the Raze and the Absolute Kingdoms in pursuit of war and glory.

    This is a fantasy RPG about a fantasy world with a touch of the past. In the world of Rythia, magic and monsters stir in the powerful energy of the land. The land of an Era of the War between the Absolute Kingdoms is a country that lacks its own culture or history, and floats in a state of confusion. The Calamity of the Absolute Kingdoms, which lasted for four hundred years, ruined the land of Rythia. Therefore, a great battle is fought in the world of Rythia. An Era of War between the Absolute Kingdoms has arisen. This is the world of Rythia.

    In an Era of War, the Raze is a country that lack its own culture or history, and floats in a state of confusion. An Era of the War between the Absolute Kingdoms has arisen. This is the world of Rythia


    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    In addition to the online play, «First Party Games» are also under development which will launch in the game on May 27th, 2018. Through the online connection player can play cooperative gameplay only with other players of the same sex regardless of platform.

    Main Features

    • A fantasy with depth.
      • Plenty of content- requiring only a one-time purchase-
        • Encounter creatures and gather rare treasures such as Bodhi Stones- items that have been unearthed by players for an extremely low price- to trade.
          • A vast world with unique environments,
            such as a vast dungeon and a forests widely spread in from the beginning of the game.

            • In addition to main scenario, players can experience side quests that relate to the main scenario and discover minor story-like elements.
              • A wide variety of enemies are present.
                • Many different party formations with different tactics and techniques are present.
                  • Formations that mix in and match characters within the same party are allowed.
                    • All parties can directly communicate with each other and form into advantageous battle formations.
      • Easy to use.
        • With a straightforward system and intuitive controls,
          players can easily enjoy a unique fantasy RPG experience.
      • Cooperative gameplay:
        • While playing as a duo, you and your partner can cooperate with each other from a distance.
          • In contrast to battling in a group, you simply have to press the fast forward button to quickly perform cooperative actions such as teleporation in a solo game.
      • An online element that supports offline gameplay.
        • By forming a party, you can directly connect with other players and play together.
      • Peaceful games that let you safely enjoy an online experience.
        • Though online play can be temporarily paused, it is impossible to loot items from other players while paused.


    Download Elden Ring Crack + License Key Full Latest

    1.- You will need the. NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

    2.- Instal the game to your PC and copy the Crack and paste in the «Saved Games/The Elder Scroll Online» folder of your PC.

    3.- Run The Elder Scroll Online game and choose the shortcut automatically after the registration.

    4.- Enjoy!

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    ELDEN RING : FULL EDITION : «Sword in the Desert, a New Adventure!» : Downloaded more than 50,000 times

    ELDEN RING (Sword in the Desert a New Adventure) is the most awaited installment of The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a completely renewed Legend of Tamriel adventure that will broaden its view to a more mature audience. For this reason, it will include more than 30 hours of gameplay and will be mostly focused on a single character to explore places that have never been visited before by any other ESO player. Are you ready for the adventure?

    ELDEN RING : UPGRADED EDITION : Full of new content, to be worked upon and will be introduced in a future update: Available only on iOS.

    How to install elden


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unzip «Elden» to a folder on your desktop
  • Open «setup.exe» with administrator privileges
  • Click «Install»
  • In the window that opens, select «Always recommended» – not recommended – recommended
  • Enable Fullscreen mode – not recommended – recommended
  • Click «Play/Install»
  • Wait 15 seconds, then, click «Play» to start the game
  • Enjoy!
  • Enjoy!
  • Note: The crack is removed once you launch the game for the first time. After that, the crack is required only to activate Elden Ring one more time.

    Read install.txt and readme.txt for instructions for the portal game and crack activation.

    Elden RingrenderElement(‘date_api_field_name’, [
    ‘name’ => $element[‘label’],
    ‘field_name’ => $element[‘field_name’],
    ], ‘form-select’);

    * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function defaultSettings() {
    return [


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows Vista and Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E5200, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550,
    AMD Phenom X3 8750
    Memory: 2GB
    Video: Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT
    (CUDA) or AMD Radeon HD 4870
    DirectX: Version 10
    Hard Drive: 20 GB free space
    Language: English
    You can find drivers and more information at
    You must own the game in order to register. All credit and


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