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■ Conflict: After the war that split the world and destroyed all life on Elden, the Kingdoms divided. The Silver Empire occupied the northern half, while the Republic, defeated and in ruins, sheltered in the southern half. But when evil once again rises and the Silver Empire once again ascends to power, both nations are forced to unite. ■ Characters: • Rise A lady with a strong sense of duty and courage, a woman who yearns for justice to restore the world. She is tasked with rebuilding the Republic, thus embarking on her journey. • Tarnished A hermit of the woods, a man who strives for love. He seeks to destroy the evils that seek to destroy the world. • And the others: Since the story is one of hope and pain, the struggle to restore the world never ends, but new adventurers come in to find new ways. This is the story of you. ■ Kingdoms Depending on the character you play as, you will begin at a certain point in the two Kingdoms. Silver Empire The Silver Empire is the northern half of the Elden world, and you will begin the story by accepting the request of Calamity. The Empire consists of a large number of cities and towns, and the residents are nearly all nobility. The Empire borders on the sea, and travels and trade are popular, and thus the cities and towns are bustling. The Empire also has a high standard of living, due to its rich farmland. Republic The Republic is the southern half of the Elden world, and you will begin the story by accepting the request of Calamity. The Republic is built in a sprawling forest, and people tend to live outside of towns. Due to its remoteness and poverty, a number of festivals occur. As for a living, local animals and blacksmiths are the main sources of livelihood. ■ Scenario: A grand story of glimmering light and thorns and twists. As you fight the evil that tries to reclaim the land, a broken world is restored in the process. * Character may not match the name exactly. We will be monitoring any cheats and scams at all times. Please be sure to keep your account information private, and only link your account to your device. If you suspect a scam or a cheat on Facebook, please report to us directly. We will attempt to verify your account and question the party as


Features Key:

  • Play online and offline, and seamlessly connect with others
  • Multiple characters can occupy the same map
  • Play in a vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected
  • Embark on both adventure and combat, journey together with friends, and battle numerous enemies in a single run
  • Story is told in fragments
  • Develop your character freely
  • Challenge events with the other players at sites where they come together
  • Direct link to other online players
  • Lovely voices by professional voice actors
  • Key contents:

    • Persistent online play
    • A new fantasy action RPG; play the story that unfolds in parallel across the Lands Between
    • Customize the appearance of your character, items, and armor
    • Ultimate freedom in development
    • A vast world where you can freely explore and fight against numerous enemies
    • Create your own story and legends
    • A variety of gorgeous voice-overs and authentic-sounding battle music
    • Upgrade weapons, armor, and magic


    Tomoyuki Sugano and Yasuyuki Sugase «Mountain Jell» Tomoyuki Sugano
    YSUGA Masahiko
    SONNY Creator
    Aerro Kingdom (c)2017,Aerro Kingdom Co., Ltd. Permission: *1132835* Kyohei Kosaka


    Elden Ring License Code & Keygen Free Download PC/Windows (April-2022)

    «Heart beating in the wake of the fantasy action RPG.» Frog Studios, who previously released Trap Hunter and Pachinko, has brought forth the fantasy action RPG, «ELDER RING.» The score for «ELDER RING» is provided by the Japanese rock band, STAR FIVE. The score to the game and background music sound are loved by the audience. The new fantasy action RPG, «ELDER RING» is available only on the Nintendo Switch and the game is available in a package that also includes the initial story «The Tower of Aurora.» Game modes are available in the package of «ELDER RING.» It includes the story mode, multiplayer, and the aforementioned mode of «Online Battle.» With a battle system that combines role-playing and strategy, the game has a «Strategy Battle» and a «Turn-Based Battle» system. The system has been subjected to numerous character designs, allowing for action and «exploration.» In the game, the player «becomes Elden and battles against the minions of Darkness.» It also features «Fan Quest» that allows the player to «find their favorite characters» and «Evil Servant» battles. KEY FEATURES OF THE GAME – Gameplay that combines fantasy action with the strategy game genre. – Start playing with the «Elmore» character that has been balanced. – Battle with a large number of minions and bosses that can be unlocked. – Begin in the «Canyon» area, which is connected to the «Crown in a Distant Future.» – Many dungeons that are connected through secret routes. – In the core game, plan and purchase weapons and equipment before the battle begins. – The «Crown in a Distant Future» can be explored. – The «Online Battle» mode is also included. – Various themes, such as a North American theme and a Summer Dragon theme, are available as options. GAME PREVIEW (Official site) «Special costumes and items are also included in the package.» Recent games by Frog Studios «Heavenly Trigger» bff6bb2d33


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    To be a lord, you must create a character with Arise. Character Creation Once the application has finished launching, you will see the character creation screen. On the character creation screen, you will have the ability to customize your character, including the physical appearance, skills, and weapons. You can custom make the following parts: Body: The appearance and physical characteristics of your character. Body Armor: A customizable armor for your character. Clothing: A customizable clothing for your character. Headgear: The look of your character’s head. Hands: The appearance of your character’s hands. Skills: The skills that you can use in battle and other tasks in the game. Weapons: The weapons that you can use in battle and other tasks in the game. Select one of four facial types for your character, and then determine the facial characteristics of your character. You can now go to the main menu screen. Main Menu There are three ways to complete the tutorial. You can click the button in the upper left corner of the screen, open the tutorial quest, or use the tutorial quest button on the lower left corner of the screen. In the upper left corner of the main menu screen, you will find items for your character, which will be used in the main story. You can customize the equipment for your character by using these items. You can equip equipment to your character by opening the equipment window (triangle button on the lower left corner) and then selecting equipment from the list. You can also buy equipment from merchants in the game. From here, you can open the skills window, the inventory window, or the equipment window. Skills Window The skills window allows you to set up and manage your skills. You can also add a powerful effect to certain skills. In the window, you can see the current level of each skill. You can also check the skill rank and use a powerful effect when the experience points (EXP) for each skill exceed a certain point. When you log into your character after a long absence, in order to quickly level up, it is best to acquire a new powerful effect from the skills window. It will allow you to quickly reach a high level. You can use skill points you’ve earned to purchase new powerful effects in the skills window. In addition, depending on the effect, you can even earn additional EXP


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    With adrenaline and explosive action, tales of the legendary Elden Lords, and a rich fantasy drama that is alluring to both newcomers and old fans of the series, this remade fantasy RPG will bring you to the Lands Between and into a journey filled with thrilling adventures. ※Note: This game may not be suitable for people under the age of 15. Please play with consideration for your younger siblings.

    System Requirements ■ Operating System: Nintendo Switch™ ■ Nintendo Switch™ eShop: ON ■ VRAM: 4GB
    Please check the title of the console’s main menu and add the relevant amount of memory necessary for your system.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and install the game from the link below.
    Screenshots :

  • Copy the game files to your game folder,
    Where you installed your games.

    Images :

  • Run the game from your game folder and the VMMG will Load.

    Images :

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    System Requirements:

    Minimum: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Processor: AMD or Intel Core i3-640M or equivalent, 2.1 GHz Memory: 2GB RAM Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7750 or equivalent Hard Disk: 12GB available space DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Additional Notes: Supports the majority of games out there. Recommended: Processor: AMD or Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent

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