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First released in Japan in 2006, the Elden Ring is an RPG action game that was a hit in Japan. Its quirky characters and novel system are finally being released in the West. This gem of a game is a tale of a man who devotes his life to the protection of the new Kingdoms, but then finds himself suddenly transported to a world where he must fight vicious creatures with his swords and magic.

• Over 400 detailed characters to collect and use.
• Numerous special skills.
• A vast and diverse world.
• A high sense of completion.
• A deep and mysterious story in which the details of the world and the character’s world collide.
• An unforgettable experience, from battle to battle.

*Battle Online for Free
Through our online service, Battle of the Generals, you can play with random people over the Internet. Since you can virtually transfer your characters from the game to the service, you can enjoy a variety of different matches while playing, and the battle in the game is matched to the player’s skill.

See the settings on the service for more details.
**Please note that the service can only be accessed after you buy the game in the e-shop.



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elden ring, Final Fantasy TacticsSunday School is at 10:30 AM. Classroom is at 11:00 AM. (If you have a younger child who may not get up that early, it will be held at 10:30 AM. It is our goal to provide the opportunity for all children to attend Bible and learn. We invite families of all backgrounds to join us every Sunday morning. For more information, click here.

The Bible Lessons (in BOTH Spanish AND English, depending on the class) are posted at the beginning of each day (Mondays through Fridays) on our website at Bible Lesson.

Prayer of Readings

On Sundays, the prayer of readings is given during the lessons as well as on Thursdays when we eat together. Click here to see the calendar


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    User Info: The Ancient Ancient (Topic Creator) 8 years ago #5 Wow, a lot of drama here, just to play a video game!

    Just to add, I am a Verisk member so I am pretty sure it is not a scam. But after reading this entire thread I can't understand it anymore. Hi, I am the GM of this company. I was going to answer some of your questions in this thread, but I only plan to respond to direct and focused questions. I do not appreciate accusatory attitude of anyone towards us.

    Anyway, back to the questions.

    Q. What is this about?


    It’s about to get real in The Lands Between - the online MMORPG based on the fantasy worlds you have come to know and love from the Final Fantasy series.

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    Q. So you guys are messing with peoples lives... that's cool. I just need to know how you plan to extract money from them.



    Q. How could you scam people like this?


    Look, we are not a scam. Many games of our type exist. Be honest, and you will see. We are different in many ways.

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    < 『鉄拳7』について>

    ※画像は『鉄拳7』アートワーク描き下ろし、©2014KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス



    「KADOKAWA GAMESタイトル」2016年



    / 店舗 アークシステムワークス公式サイト

    / マーケティング プロモーションパス

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    Thu, 31 Jul 2012 11:19:51 +0000
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