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* Tarnished, a revolutionary fantasy action RPG set on the Lands Between, was released in March 2013.
* It is the most popular game among the Game of the Generation list at the top of iOS App Store.
* The title has been awarded 2nd place at AppStore’s Best RPG category.
* The original U.S. version has been awarded Top RPG category in the Apple Games store.
* Players can develop their characters by acquiring magic and raising their levels.
* In the online world, players can cooperate with each other, and additionally experience special events in the form of shared transportation and shared equipment.
* The features of Tarnished include a vast, open world, up to 30 characters, unique weapon combination system, and an epic fantasy that puts a new twist on RPG.

* Feel the Power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between
* An epic story set in an open world
* Fight against a variety of challenges in the Lands Between, and unravel a plot that involves a total of six main story routes.
* A world full of excitement in which you can freely explore
* Customize a variety of things related to your character
* An online world that lets you feel the presence of others
* Share your in-game experience with others in a special way.

Content Warning
This app contains descriptions and images of violence, crime, or gore.

What’s New in Version 1.0.4

[√] Embedded Map View and In-App-Purchase fixed

[√] Bug fixedQ:

How to remove the boundaries from an ArrayList in Java?

I’m adding a list of objects to an ArrayList and after that I’m creating a new ListView to display that ArrayList’s elements. The problem is that the boundaries of the ArrayList appears on the ListView.
This is my code:
ImageIcon icon = new ImageIcon(«icon.png»);

ArrayList bg = new ArrayList();
Inventory newInventory = new Inventory();


Features Key:

  • A multilayered story.
    In addition to the main story, players will be able to play out side stories with their own characters.
    (Story part will be added in free update)
    (Note: Providing a 1x run speed does not guarantee a playable speed, it depends on the server load.)
  • A vast world.
    Open fields, dungeons, towns, castles, and even areas that span across various landscapes seamlessly connect, allowing for a rich and deep gameplay experience.
    (This function is currently not supported for Android, will be improved in the future update)
  • Unique Online Battle System
    A different experience from the traditional online role-playing game (RPG).
    As is the case with most online battlefields, players can connect with others in real-time online, directly controlling the movements of characters in the game.
    It is an entirely different experience from a traditional linear RPG where you are only able to control your character.
    (※Rules of Online Battle:
    >When joining, please refer to the [
    check the Online battle guideline.] page at the bottom of this page.
    >There are no special requirements. (e.g., Skype, ICQ, SFTP2+)
    Players are required to purchase online game accounts in order to play, but they can enjoy the game even without purchasing those.)
  • Class Customization
    You can freely customise your class with various weapons, armor, and magic, and even combine different properties and use different tactics.
    For example, if you are a damage dealer, you will become more effective if you are equipped with a powerful “Elden Ring Guardian” and manipulate your stats as needed.
  • Unfamiliar Battle System
    A completely different experience from the traditional online RPG. Players can take on a whole other dimension when playing in an asynchronous environment.
    Communication is an important element in the online battle system, so you will need to watch your opponent, strategise, and perform attacks.
    (※The navigation when in game will be done through the hotkey)
  • Army Battle System
    The ability to form a party, and participate in unit based online


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    » From the details of the effect, which is done well, to the strong charm of the characters, I feel like I have become entranced to the games and among the original similar social RPG titles, the game truly comes together with its excellence. »

    » My main interest in this game is that I was able to enjoy the experience the character was going to lead to the story. »

    » The cooperative elements, that make it a little rough but is used for his own development, and the addition of the information on the online elements, are what make the game better. »

    » The addition of multiplayer or online, making it possible to work together, is something that I felt as a very enjoyable. »

    » After fulfilling the experience with the main character, it allows you to accept new paths together in the online game. »

    » It is a game that will be able to be shared with others while enjoying the contents that makes the story it is unique. I hope that these things appear in the future. »

    » The creator of the game gives you a sense of cooperation and a sense of promise. »

    » I feel like the game is different. »

    » The narrative was done quite well. »

    » It is a game that is recommended. »

    » It is a game that brings lots of fun. »

    » I enjoyed the game, though I felt a little bored. But if you can enjoy it the highest point, I recommend. »

    » I feel that it is entertaining. »

    » I enjoyed it. »

    » I am a fan of this game. »

    » It is a really nice game. »

    » It was fun playing the game for 20 hours. But the lack of content also plagued me a little. »

    » I am a fan of the game. »

    » I feel like it is a nice RPG game. »

    » The game is fun. »

    » In the beginning, I was a little disappointed, but as I played the game, I was charmed. »

    » It is a good game. »

    » It is fun to play. »

    » I like the replay value. »

    » The settings are fun to play. »

    » It is a fun game.


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    Single Player and Multiplayer (2-4 Player)

    1) Automatic Bonus System: Earn gold and EXP by leveling up. You can gain Gold and EXP by exploring and fighting enemies. You can also gain gold and EXP by leveling up. Earn gold by selling goods. 2) Dynamic Characters: You can customize your character’s appearance, weapons, and armor. You can also customize your character’s appearance, weapons, and armor. 3) Easy to Play but Challenging: There are tons of enemies that you’ll have to fight in a single-player game, with characters moving in ways you’ve never seen before. It is a very challenging game. You don’t need to be familiar with JRPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest to play, so you’ll have an even easier time. 4) Real-Time Battle with an Easy Easy to Operate Interface: With easy-to-operate controls, you can easily control the movements of your character, attack, and use magic. 5) Game Center and Social Networking: Save your game and upload your data, and use your game data for multiplayer and future games. 6) NPC Assistant System: As you fight, you can exchange and use items that you find with NPC’s. This allows you to efficiently level up and create powerful equipment.

    Our standard:

    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.
    • Please do not abuse the game to earn gold and EXP.

    *3. In order to use the function which is able to earn gold and EXP, please be sure to turn the corresponding function on by using the ‘Pause’ button and then click ‘OK’ after the use.

    1) While your memory card is inserted, you can use your exclusive Humble Essence.
    2) While your memory card is inserted, you can use your exclusive Humble Essence.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    “Fantasy strategy RPG”,
    “RPG where you go exploring to discover uncharted areas.”
    “RPG where you build your dream city”





    Main Window

    ■ Startup Process / Profile / Settings

    ■ Map Setting / Items / Items

    ■ Items


    ■ Map Information

    ■ Timeline / Current / Window

    ■ Inventory

    ■ Actions

    ■ Additional Actions



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    Installing and Activating the Game

    1. If you’re using Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, please follow the instructions for Windows.2. Otherwise, please download and extract the game from the location below depending on your system configuration. If you don’t know how to download and extract, please see the installation tutorial for PC.3. Also, you can open the game archive by WinZip, 7-Zip or any other archiving tools.4. Double click the *.exe file inside the main folder.5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. You will be prompted to complete the installation.6. When installation is completed, click the game icon to start the game. You can now enjoy the game.


    (For Windows and Android)

    * For Mac or Linux, please visit the website «Tegenfeier».

    * Note: If you cannot find the «INSTALL.TXT» file, please download the file from the archive link above. You will be prompted to place it into the same folder as the *.exe game file.


    Please consider supporting us with an official donation. You can still send us your feedback and suggestions by using the donate function on our game web page.


    Copyright (C) 2017-2018 All Rights Reserved Team Gorgonzola


    1. March 31, 2018: For 4K 60fps:
    – added English language (translated for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean)
    – you can switch to the «Faster» mode at any time using the button in the upper right corner
    – you can choose to play in «Preview Mode» or «Elder» Mode by selecting the right option during the game loading process

    2. March 24, 2018: For 4K 60fps
    – added Tutorial/Walkthrough modes during the game loading process
    – fixed a bug that caused the video to automatically lock to 60fps
    – added a help and a caution message during the game loading process
    – added a power button during game loading
    – fixed some bugs

    3. February 28, 2018: For 4K 60fps:
    – added voice over for the main characters
    – fixed an animation bug where the player would fall back to a previous animation if the camera was paused
    – removed the white background from the screenshot mode


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4570 or AMD equivalent processor
    Intel® Core™ i5-4570 or AMD equivalent processor Memory: 2 GB RAM
    2 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA® GTX560 or AMD equivalent graphics card
    NVIDIA® GTX560 or AMD equivalent graphics card DirectX: Version 11
    Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 15


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