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Name Elden Ring
Publisher levisak
Format File
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A Mythological Action RPG

Run and jump through a vast fantasy world as a Tarnished Hero.
– Live with the fantasy creatures, and learn about their endless worlds.
– Catching monsters and exploring other characters’ stories.
– Interact with other players, and obtain items or companions while playing with them.
– Combat against enemies and take pride in defeating them.

■ Characters that Players Will Meet
A Tarnished Hero who can see other races and creatures as you develop your character and become the most powerful hero.
– Elden Dragons/Elden Knights/Elden Warriors
– Super Heroes that wield unique weapons and armor.
– Legendary Monsters that give you trouble through their attacks and summon effects.

■ Collect and Combine Items
Find, equip, and combine items that suit your character.
– A variety of Weapons and Magic Abilities.
– Build diverse and powerful combinations.
– Obtain other players’ items and purchase them.

■ Play with the Community
Build an Adventurer with a Party with friends and enter an Adventure together.
– A Novel Adventure that laces combat with quests.
– Various gameplay modes supported.
– Play the story and expand the various content of the game with other players.

■ Challenge with Friends and Survive in Multiplayer
Participate in online battles with friends to crush enemies and experience several difficulties.

■ Enjoy the Epic Drama
Follow the journey of the main character and be drawn into a story that exists beyond the game.
– An open fantasy world full of challenges.
– Various perspectives on the story.
– Gain knowledge that evolves your character and gameplay.

■ Description
– Character Customization
– Ride on the back of an Elder Dragon.
– Choose a play style that suits your character.
– Enjoy a dynamic gaming experience!


Game Size: 32.7GB

Age Rating: 16+








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Product Information:

About PlayStation®4 Pro
PlayStation®4 Pro is the 4K display upgrade for the PlayStation®4, which features a slim, 5.2�


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • Create your own character
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
  • Unique Online play that loosely connects you to others
  • Play offline modes like its predecessor
  • Fight against your enemies simultaneously
  • Lv increase and blood skills
  • Multiplayer and online duel option
  • Development Team

    • Director: Yo Jae Woo, director of COD: Black Ops
    • Graphics: Jun Joon Kim, lead designer of TW-WEB
    • Game Design : Gray
    • Programmer: Jae Hee Lee
    • Sound: Hyeon Woo Kwan
    • Producer: Lee Seung Min

    ©2016 Blizzard, Inc.

    COPYRIGHT 2016 Wolong Developments LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


    This free PC RPG design research project is made by an independent team of game designers based in Korea.

    Download the Official Website: to complete your access.

    Adopt our project and give feedback! 🙂

    Thank you


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    Press Release:

    Konami’s Action RPG title, THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: ELDEN RING is being revealed with an official website, a teaser website, and a countdown event on the official Facebook page on June 25, 2014. This new game, which is in development and was previously reported on in the company’s game magazine, will be available for both Android and iOS.

    On the official website, a countdown can be found for June 25, 2014, and the game’s first trailer, which will be released on June 25, 2014, will be posted there.

    A working group consisting of creators from the THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: ELDEN RING development team, including numerous people who worked on the previous game, is working on this new game. This team is led by the creator of the Monster Hunter series, Mr. Ryozo Tsujimoto and will be headed by Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi.

    As for the story of THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: ELDEN RING, there are a few things that will be revealed on June 25, 2014.

    The game is set in a fantasy world known as the Lands Between, in which the story is being revealed based on fragments left behind.

    The new game’s protagonist is a main character named Fuminori. The story will continue where it left off in the previous game, revolving around Fuminori’s thoughts and actions. The main character Fuminori and another character, Beryl, will go on an adventure where they will meet other characters and take part in an epic story.

    The world of THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: ELDEN RING will be divided into a new region, the Lands Between. The Lands Between is located between the human world and a mysterious parallel world where the “Dream Chronicle” is said to appear.

    The Lands Between is a world where many people in the human world come, and it is a place of conflicts and peace. In addition, many people who escape their violent world and enter the Lands Between will also take part


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    • The Sword of Heroes and the Sword of Technique
    The main weapons of the characters. These weapons consist of two categories, the sword and the polearm. The sword is always a classic and powerful weapon, however, the polearm has a wide variety of features, such as the unique and powerful slashing ability of the polearm, to the long-range pike attack of a spear, to the long-range assault of the halberd. If you use the polearm as a weapon, your defense will break down.
    • Your Pokémon and Your Items
    Character equipment is divided into two types, your items and your Pokémon. Your items are items you receive from monsters that are dropped when you defeat them. In general, items can be obtained in the form of either prepared items or materials that require a skill to create, allowing you to freely develop your equipment without worrying about the balance between damage and effect. There are also items that enable you to increase the attack power of the sword when used as a weapon.
    • Equipment Management
    At any point, you can equip any item or weapon and complete your equipment.
    • Creating Your Character
    You can freely customize your character by adjusting the appearance, including the hair, hairstyle, and body.
    Character Progression ELDEN RING game:
    • The Blade of Destiny
    Each character has their own special ability, but at the same time, has the same equipment. By equipping the Blade of Destiny, your ability and equipment become completely different.
    • Battle System
    The battle system consists of three phases, the fight, the attack, and the quest. In the fight phase, your character can enter the fight with a variety of attacks, including a slash-style attack, a short-range attack, a long-range attack, a movement-type attack, a hit-type attack, and an attack that can attack enemies on the spot. During the attack phase, you can deliver a powerful attack to your opponent by prioritizing the three characters based on level, attack power, and attack methods. In the quest phase, you will receive assistance, quests, and bonds with the other characters. As your bonds increase, your Bond Gauge increases and can be used to power special attacks.
    • PvP Versus and PvP Cooperation
    You can play as a solo user and enjoy cooperative game play, or you can play as a cooperative user and enjoy PvP versus game play with all the other users.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Expansive landscapes and appealing characters await you in the Lands Between!
    Note: The game will be available in Japan in both offline and online versions.
    Come and experience these unforgettable scenes for yourself!

    Source: website

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