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SecondLanguage is an easy to implement .NET library that enables you to use Gettext files within the applications you build.
With the help of SecondLanguage, your application will be able to read and write .MO and .PO files. It provides support for plural forms and text contexts.







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A Simple.NET library for translators that supports plural forms and text contexts
Easy to integrate into applications. This is made possible with classes that are easy to use and intuitive.
Translated string is stored within a MO file. The MO file is a binary format. This enables you to work with translations and translation updates.
Use all methods of the Gettext API on your.NET applications.
Library is easy to use and provides all features of the Gettext API.
Use the library with Visual Studio or directly with your.NET applications.
Test-files and translation examples are included.
SecondLanguage aim to be an easy-to-use and intuitive alternative to TransBuddy.
SecondLanguage Implementation Details:
The library was initially conceived and written as my thesis project during the autumn 2009.
After finishing my Master thesis and because it had become very big (over 100.000 lines of code), I decided to cut it into smaller packages.
The main purpose of the library was to make the translators work easier, more productive and in more consistent environments.
Because of the release of v1.1, the project has been optimized, improved, documented and some source code was re-organized.DoD News

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With SecondLanguage, you can integrate Gettext message catalogs into your.NET applications. The class library allows you to read.MO and.PO files or to translate in UTF8 format from one text context into a different one. It also provides plural forms support and supports text contexts using regular expressions.
When you create an instance of a SecondLanguageManager object, you will have to specify the needed text contexts, the language code and the path to the Gettext catalogs.


You may have to configure and build your project manually if you use a different version of the ThirdParty.NET Framework libraries.

Check the list of target frameworks you use in your project, and install the corresponding version of the library.
You may need to install the 32-bit version if you are using a 32-bit.NET application, or the 64-bit version if you are using a 64-bit.NET application.

For example, if you need to install version 1.3.0 of the library, you can add the GetThirdPartyReferences path.

Project Reference

GetThirdPartyReferences: The path to your reference libraries.
If you already had an installation of your project on the same computer on which you are developing, you may have to remove this reference from your project, as this project itself has a reference to the same references.

References: The references to your projects that require the ThirdParty.NET Framework libraries.

AssemblyResolver: The assembly resolver that is used to resolve assemblies when installing the references.

ThirdPartyNet: The reference to ThirdParty.dll

ThirdParty.dll: The reference to ThirdParty.dll.
If you already had an installation of your project on the same computer on which you are developing, you may have to remove this reference from your project, as this project itself has a reference to the same references.

Do not add any custom projects
If you have already added custom projects to your solution, remove them. If you add them, they could cause duplicate references in the list of ThirdParty References.

Change the Build Action to Content to the assemblies you installed. You will see a warning on the references that the assemblies need to be compiled, you must make sure your project is compiled in the same folder.

How to Build & Install the ThirdParty Libraries

Apply the properties to the references to the assemblies installed in the Xtreme Library folder.



The.NET Gettext library is based on the GNU Gettext library, with which it is closely related.
Open source License:
The source code of the library is made available under the GNU Public License, Version 2 or later.

A.NET library for translations of.MO and.PO files written using the GNU Gettext utility.

The Gettext library has been ported to.NET using P/Invoke interop code.
This creates a dynamic library that contains Gettext code in C#.

SecondLanguage provides a.NET Framework translation model that uses.NET classes.
Its translation engine is realized by using.NET’s existing translators.
Gettext messages are translated to.NET strings using the GetText.NET API.

SecondLanguage supports plural forms and is able to translate text strings and display it in the UI.

In addition to a simple translation model, you can use the tools in SecondLanguage to translate messages into your own custom language.

GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later

SecondLanguage does not work with Visual Studio Solution Explorer as it is locked using COM interop code.
For more information, please see

We’ve had a little problem recently with Cyrillic filenames… We needed to export a single file that contained its name in Cyrillic filenames into another folder with Cyrillic names, inside this folder we had only English filenames.

So we searched the web for any solution that could translate and rename the filenames to Cyrillic to English, and we found a CodeProject Post with what we needed.

Using File.Replace(string, string, string), no no need to reinvent the wheel and print the source and destination file at each file renamed!

Note: Some codeproject users complain that this solution will replace the full path of the file on their machine, so try to specify the full path of the source file to the method

The program will change the cases of a word, beginning with uppercase letters.
Use it for translation purposes, for instance when your program translates articles and content, preserving the text’s case.

The program will change the cases of a word, beginning with lowercase letters.
Use it for translation purposes, for instance when your program translates articles and content, preserving the text’s case.

What’s New In SecondLanguage?

SecondLanguage is a C# Gettext libraries that allows you to read and write.MO and.PO files. For writing, you can use the available build-in resources of.NET or use your own.
SecondLanguage libraries are useful in situations where multiple localization of an application is needed.
With the help of SecondLanguage, it is very easy to use MO and PO files for localization of the application. Once you have the application localized, you just need to change the name of the locale-string with.MO (plural) or.PO (singular).

System Requirements For SecondLanguage:

Windows XP (32-bit & 64-bit), Vista or later
Intel or AMD Athlon XP, AMD Sempron, or AMD Duron processor
DirectX 9.0c
50 GB available space for installation
For Mac OS X users, the game requires 10.5.8 or later operating system with Java 1.6 or later installed.
The minimum requirement for installing the game is Windows XP (32-bit & 64-bit) or Vista or later.
The game requires 2 GB

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