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Nynja is a city in the North Africa continent. There is an ongoing conflict between civilians and rebels. Choose the role of a rebel or a civilian and see if you have what it takes to survive Nynja.
Build your base, upgrade your weapons, and fight for Nynja!
– Shoot your way to victory!
– Upgrade your weapons!
– Build your base!
– Manage the warehouse!
– Conquering Nynja!
Game Modes:
– Deathmatch
– Classified
– Casual
– Gamemode
– Single
You will be able to unlock weapons and items through progression in the game.
– Weapons
– Maps
– Gameplay
– Optimization
– Enhanced Graphics
– Audio
– Survival
What are you waiting for? Lets play!
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  • Collect ores to craft new equipment
  • Research technology to make your spaceship stronger
  • Destroy engines to make your enemies explode!
  • Slow down your enemies by deflecting their missiles!
  • Deflect missiles using the Retrorocket; turn in a shield or destroy a portion of your hull for HP recharge.
  • Upgrade your spaceships and move on to the next level



Available on Steam & Humble Store
Published by Aristocrat Digital Team
Single player sandbox action role-playing game
Story driven point-and-click adventure
Explore a vast, open world
Collect resources and craft upgrades to help you navigate and survive
Dive into world discovery and exploration
Embark on quest to unravel a larger mystery
Meet with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motives and unique story to tell
Up to four player cooperative play
Multiplayer multi-platform support
Steam achievements
Humble Exclusive rewards
DLC content and season passes available on desktop
Contents include:
The world of Outworld is one of seven, each with its own people, different vegetation, and special inhabitants. What makes each world different is the conflict between the people that live there. The most powerful, the Jents, organize the people to develop the resource-rich land while the greater population worships the enigmatic being known as the «Gods.» These people are often enslaved by the Jents while the Jents are often hunted by their own people.
The greatest threat is the Knights, dedicated followers of the Gods who are trained to fight the Jents and to slaughter them when they are found in their colonies. It is the Jents themselves who turn to The Knights for help in times of need; the Knights are content to have control over a subservient populace, using them to fight their own people when necessary.
While the Jents fight their own people, the People’s League fights for the colonists to survive against the Knights, but now the peace between the two groups is threatened by yet another addition to the conflict…
The action adventure game player will follow a series of clues to find the admiror of these worlds, an enigmatic being who is alternately worshipped by the masses and condemned for his extreme cruelty.Q:

how to get the first array from array of arrays (array within an array)

i have an array where i’m trying to extract the first array.
[0] => Array
[Selected] => 0

[1] => Array



This is a short version of the game. The full version is available on Steam!
Risto Koskenkorva – Project Mentor
Neko Jump is a platform game made by students from Tampere University of Technology. This game was developed as a portfolio project to present our development skills.
The game was made during the process of going through game development programs offered to students at Tampere University of Technology.
The game is done in three levels, with three distinct worlds, and a tutorial level at the beginning. The game goes through pretty much the same process as a normal platform game – collect objects, overcome challenges, and overcome obstacles so you can advance to the next level.
The game is made up of many art assets, and uses constructive programming so you may go through the whole game without downloading the full game.
The game currently has 3 worlds and a tutorial.
By contacting the developer, you may inquire about the full version which has 3 different worlds and a total of 7 levels!
Demos on Steam:
Game links on Steam:
Download Links on Gamersgate:
• Neko Jump Game (It contains 3 levels)
• Neko Jump Tutorial Game
Welcome to the Gamersgate Store! We are a gaming media website offering a game and an editor review/ rating system. We want to help you find games that you will like and we hope that you will help us find interesting games. For more information on Gamersgate, check out our About Us page, how to contact us, or any of the links on the website.
All music and sound is composed and produced by Sebastien Johansson
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    Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a 1982 Canadian documentary film directed by Swedish director Jan Troell. It premiered at the 1982 Venice Film Festival and screened at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival. American actress Marilyn Monroe plays Greta Claussen, with Luc Merenda playing her lover, Stanislaw Krolicki.

    Part science fiction, part social critique, part existentialism, part ghost story, the film follows life aboard a space vessel of a biological spaceship, the Milkmaid, returning from an expedition to the sixth planet circling the star Barnard’s Star, where a planet was found which featured life forms in the form of female and male aliens with six limbs in the proportions of a man’s legs, arms, body, and a highly developed brain.

    When the Milkmaid returns to Earth, only one alien has survived as stowaway on one of the ship’s two shuttles. The stowaway arrives on Earth with a devastated attitude, and emerges from a screaming alien agony when trying to reveal its traumatic memories. The spaceship arrives at a secret lab which is the only port on a planet where the crew disembark, and the two alien visitors are taken there.

    One of the assistants is an old friend of the stowaway. The test involves electroshock and the stowaway reveals his alien past by displaying instances of alien violence with which humans have struggled, and mental illness is diagnosed. In the presence of the doctor, the stowaway reveals his memories of having been a child on a planet which the Milkmaid came upon while orbiting Barnard’s Star. He has been living in a happy family for 20,000 years, with all the necessities of life available there, and his mother and father are together for the first time. He does not need to work but instead enjoys playing with the stable alien crew members. When the scientists were to have blown up the planet to start anew, there were an unexpectedly large number of births among the aliens, and the stowaway aged six months before the Milkmaid could act upon the fact. He grew up a prisoner, and resists the scientists.

    The other team member reveals how he himself was born on the planet from which the Milkmaid crew members had come, how their spaceship exploded into the cosmos, and how the memory of his past is being consciously suppressed from him. Time has passed, and he is now studying for an honorary doctorate. His family and those in his neighbourhood own and are


    Free SENRAN KAGURA ESTIVAL VERSUS Crack Activation Key [32|64bit] (Updated 2022)

    Misfit is the first multiplayer game from the developers behind IINA and DECO. Aim for the head or get hit by a big rocket, dodge people or get run over, collect power-ups and just like in any other Misfit game, stay alive! Set up your own team to see who can survive the most.

    About 1260KB

    For the latest news about Misfit, please keep checking We are currently working on bringing you more Misfit news. Thank you for your support!

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    Firebase Android – DatePicker and DateFormatter

    On my profile page, I added a DatePicker. I used a SQLite for data storage and the DatePicker used Firebase database as its source for data storage.
    And here is my code for DatePicker:
    DatePicker datePicker;
    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    Toolbar toolbar = findViewById(;

    datePicker = findViewById(;
    //getting a date from the database
    databaseReference = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference(«Users»);
    Query query = databaseReference.orderByChild(«date»);
    Query query2 = databaseReference.orderByChild(«birthday»);
    query.addListenerForSingleValueEvent(new ValueEventListener() {
    public void onDataChange(@NonNull DataSnapshot dataSnapshot) {
    String name = dataSnapshot.child(username).child(«name»).getValue(String.class);
    String birthday = data


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