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Flight will take you on the trip of your life. This is not just any flight simulation game, but a true masterpiece. Skyhigh offers a breathtaking experience with innovative and immersive gameplay, stunning realistic graphics and a powerful simulation. A 60fps engine brings you in the cockpit with an unparalleled level of immersion and a driving force behind the classic feeling of flying. Fly a total of 24 modern and classic aircraft in a spectacular open world environment. From jumbo jets to military fighters, try out a wide variety of exciting missions. Fly with twin-engine planes, helicopters and ships. Crush the opponents with your squadron of deadly fighters. Take off, fly and land with style! Carefully pilot your Boeing 747 in all imaginable weather conditions. Do everything on your own schedule, taking off, landing, refueling and executing emergency landing procedures at airports with real traffic and unpredictable weather.

You will be surprised how real the flight simulator game looks and feels! With an impressive graphics engine, realistic sounds and extraordinary 3D animation, the flight simulator offers a completely immersive experience! Fly in first class or economy, depending on your choice of virtual aircraft. Do you want to feel like an Ace Pilot? Flier of the Airline and everything went perfectly. Are you a medical major and want to be a doctor? You will definitely have to get into surgery! Or maybe you are into auto, racing or industrial design? The choice is infinite. This is a complete flight simulation game – you can spend countless hours in it. Fly to any city in the world, fly a 747 or a B747, you can even fly a helicopter! Fly and reach the height of fame.

In this free flight simulator, you are not just the pilot – you are the whole flight crew. The main part is to control your aircraft via the joystick and rudder pedals. You can even take over the controls of the engines and you can adjust the various controls. All the way to a dream of flying a Boeing 747 without a pilot. You can also use the mouse to adjust the view and get information. You can even scan for new airports, look at the weather and update the radar. One of the most important features is the fact that you can directly control your aircraft. Pull on the joystick to adjust the flight direction, pull on the rudder pedals to maintain a certain pitch or roll angle and turn the throttle forward to maintain speed.

Features of The Flight Simulator Full Version



Features Key:

  • Single Player
  • Nice graphic user interface
  • 9 missions
  • Autosave each time you finish a map


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CopperSpider is a platform puzzle adventure game for both PC and web browsers. Copper Spider is a title that has the potential to provide the players with a unique adventure with an atmospheric world, unique gameplay and puzzles.
CopperSpider’s story takes place in the secluded world of Earth. The environment was designed in such a way so as to facilitate the development of a unique story world. It contains a deep story with many interesting characters.
CopperSpider starts by offering the player to solve puzzles of diverse complexity that are presented in six different biomes. For each biome, the player has several levels with different degrees of difficulty. The game introduces several different enemies that range from worms, scorpions, poisonous spiders, to vicious bosses.
The ability to solve puzzles is entirely up to the players. The choices that the player makes through the level select screen determine the difficulty of the puzzles. To win, the player has to go through each puzzle with his bare hands.
There are no hints, no timers, no lives, no achievements, just pure puzzle play.
The main features of CopperSpider are:
– Puzzles on the level basis
– Six different environments
– Original soundtrack
– Deep story
– Atmospheric world
– Boss battles with unique mechanics
– Original style art
– Original monsters
– Original weapons
– Original puzzles
– Special items
CopperSpider is a platform puzzle adventure game for the PC and web browsers. It is published by Grundlage Games, a web-based game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden.
There are no additional animations, or interactive 3D objects in the game. CopperSpider is meant to be played on the web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). It also has an in-browser version, which can be played by using the Player and Instrument on-screen, or the mouse cursor.
This game’s web design is built on a sprite based programming technology called ClearLines. It’s essentially a hybrid between Flash and HTML5. The sprites are therefore bigger than normal GIFs or JPGs. It also enables us to support as much interactivity as we want. For example, we can tell a character to jump, and he actually jumps and flies. We can also tell a character to move faster, and he moves faster. A lack of support in browsers, however, means that there is currently only limited support for the 2-D action in CopperSpider. We hope to add support for 3-D puzzles in coming


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Play a game of policing the remains of a religious sect in 2046. It’s both a detective and an executioner. On your hunt are the madmen who now occupy the abandoned basilica. And they have plans for the Seven.

I am in 10th place at the time of this review with over 5,000 words written. I’m not a perfect writer. I still have a lot to learn.

But writing is part of my game. It is what I have to do to reach people and create a varied opinion. Despite how my game is written, I’m already thinking about it again. The three endings and multiple paths are nearly endless.

I don’t really know what I’ll have to write next. But it’s always like this. The writers will tell me what they want me to write, and I’ll follow that.

I’m going to focus on this game in the coming days. But you can expect to see reviews of another, competing game, «Mithras.»

A little more on «Mithras.»

KotakuVery little has been released about «Mithras» since 2013, but it was recently in the news when the developers hired a famous video game writer and developer to do some work on the game.

I wanted to learn more about this game from the development team. I chose K. Travis Powers, a video game writer and commentator whose credits include: Deus Ex, Hitman, The Room, Bioshock, The Dark Eye, and many more.

Kotaku: Is this game a copy of System Shock 2?

K. Travis Powers: This game is not a copy of System Shock 2. However, the early inspirations for this game included System Shock 2 as well as Ultima 7 and 8. A lot of people don’t realize that one of the main things that inspired me was how Deus Ex: Mankind Divided uses the interface of the old Ultima games.

Being a competent writer isn’t always enough to make a video game.

Doom is a good example. The game’s dialogue is terrible. The story is weak. The controls are sloppy. But the dialogue is well written, the story is great, and Doom controls like a dream. Those elements add up to a damn good game.

The lore of the game is a big part of it. Its story is told in a world that has been divorced from God. Then God comes in and


What’s new in Shattered Lights:

    ka, A Novel by AyaEri

    The Perception of the Town’s Most Important Treasure, by AyaEri

    Hideyuki Kikuchi’s “The Eyes of Araka” is a series of stories, connecting characters and their inner feelings. Araka’s first impression of Hachiman Town is that the town appears to be bathed in the colors of love. The apparent tranquility and bounty of this place are in stark contrast to her own emotional states. Looking for the source of this tranquility, Araka encounters several mysteries for which she has a thirst for knowledge and answers.

    Regarding this series of stories, the artist says: “I started working on this book four years ago. The book is co-published by ‘Sengoku Logos’ and ‘Gozenji Insatsu’.

    “Up to one year before the publication date, I would write stories for mini-event, and then write the novel in the second half of the year. I continued to work on the novel until one month before the publication date.

    “The character designs were done on the first year of the work.

    “A maiko (sumo cheerleader) in her early 20s looks like a girl with glistening lacquered skin and shining eyes. I dedicated the 15th of every month to my unfinished story at that time.”

    For Araka’s first mini-event (18-year-old Araka is a maiko), what is the situation surrounding Hachiman?

    Hideyuki Kikuchi: During that era, when the Hachiman Festival was in full swing, maikos made a cherry blossom leaf-shaped hat and carried the hat at the event.

    Two weeks after it happened, Araka thought of the time she spent searching for the hat on the streets of Hachiman. Araka’s father used to work at a shop that serves konyaku. When the beauty of the hat was revealed, Hachiman no longer appeared like a town of love, but like a town filled with people. The Hachiman Festival is called a celebration of the scenic beauty of Hachiman, but in fact it was the love of people coming together on the festival days that made the place beautiful in Araka’s eyes. And Araka tries to express what she feels through human feelings.

    The words that


    Free Download Shattered Lights [Win/Mac]

    -3D graphics of the player and the gambling field.
    -You can’t hide. A high-score table will wait for you.
    -The game has 20 levels.
    -Realistic soundtrack.
    -Dozens of strategies.
    -Each level has its own level Boss.
    -The game has a daily mode, which is an opportunity to try to play all the levels.
    And if you liked the game, please write your comments and opinions. Thank you for support.
    ======Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform,

    U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his remarks about abortions, claiming they were “punitive” and “dangerous.”

    “He’s said a lot of things about women,” Warren, a champion of abortion rights, said of Trump during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He’s not only made it clear he thinks women should not have access to abortion; he’s also said that abortion should not be safe. He’s called for punishing women who have abortions. And I think that he’s dangerous, and we’ve seen the kinds of things he’s done with women all across the country, trying to punish women who have abortions.”

    Host Joe Scarborough asked Warren if Trump had “ratted out” all Muslim women who have abortions. Warren shot back, “No, no, of course not. So many women have had abortions, it’s a fact of life. But when you’re talking about women who have the right to control their bodies, who are not trafficked and who are not in extreme poverty — when you’re talking about women like that who are intelligent enough to know they’re pregnant — when you’re talking about women who are seeking that decision, he’s trying to punish them.

    “If women have access to abortion, if they are seeking an abortion and are trying to make an informed decision and are going to the doctor, they are not being trafficked or exploited. They’re doing the right thing to care for themselves and their children. He says he’s pro-life, but he’s punishing women and families who have planned their children in a way that


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