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Zags is the 2nd pack available on TS Marketplace, available as a standalone purchase and as a download. This pack contains four Zags wagons, they are available in two liveries; Geely Blue and Geely Red.The goal of Zags is to transport gas for Geely Energy Ltd.It is a very hard add-on, due to the large size of the game and many standard and non-standard vehicles, ranging from dirt gokarts to fully loaded trucks.Blog

How to Prepare Your Website for a 301 Permanent Redirect

If you’ve been working on a new website, SEO projects, or any of our marketing initiatives and are looking to get your website into Google’s index. We wanted to provide an easy way to help you get the best possible ranking in Google’s index. We’ve discussed many different ways of doing this on the blog, but in this article we want to focus on a type of redirect that has been somewhat of a mystery for those looking to upgrade their websites.

A lot of people assume when trying to improve their sites and get a high ranking in Google’s index they have to move your current website to a new domain. They assume that if you take the current web address they’re at and add to it a «.com» to it, then it will help your rankings in Google’s index. That is not the case. The best way to do this is to 301 redirect your traffic. As the web address is a ranking factor in Google’s index it’s important that any traffic you receive to your current domain will be directed to your new site.

The most common redirect is a 5XX redirect. With a 5XX redirect, when the old site is presented with a request that doesn’t find a match, it automatically directs traffic to your new site. For example, let’s say you are on If a user clicks on a link that is not found on your site, the user’s browser sends a request to the new site, which is When that happens, your old site would send a 301 redirect so that the request looks like it came from Your new website will also be indexed by Google since it has been pointing to this new website for any traffic that you have received.

Redirecting traffic to a completely new website or domain is not always the best choice for SEO. Many times when your current site is working


Features Key:

  • 5 Ages of the World
  • 2 Epic Campaigns
  • 40 unique Emperors, Saints & Heroes for each Age
  • 5 Epics Arcana
  • Estimates of how a Dynasty would play out throughout the Game… for free


  • 5 Ages of the World
  • 2 Epic Campaigns
  • 40 unique Emperors, Saints & Heroes for each Age
  • 5 Epics Arcana
  • Estimates of how a Dynasty would play out throughout the Game… for free

Game system:We did not implement a Roleplaysystem into dynasty battlegroups, that would have enhanced the idea of the game so you could actually play…
We have inspired from the Fifth Crusade in which we have learned that a Dynasty could become tens of thousands of lbs weaker in terms of war moneys in a span of 5 years. Thus, we have put realistic game mechanics in place for the decision making process.

  • You want to go to war or don’t?
  • How much gold do you want to spend?
  • Do you want to spend it all to conquer the entirety of the world, use it to enhance your Artifacts, train your army, purchase Campaigns?
  • Do you want to play safe and pursue the advancement of your Settlement?
  • By what means do you want to achieve these goals?
  • Each decision you make is called an Option. Every decision you make is weighted. During the spawning phase of every population, you get a net vote. Here you can sway other player’s votes by providing your own weight on your decision.


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Powered by a physics-based sandbox game engine, Conveyance transforms the humble conveyor belt (or «Conveyance») into a flexible building material. Creating conveyors is super-easy, requiring only that you drag conveyor legs to a joint and snap them in place. Conveyors work as glorified machines, connecting the inputs and outputs of each of the 4 different machines. Each conveyor can be connected to up to 3 different machines and when an output from a machine is routed to a conveyor, Conveyance adds an automatic machine to operate along the conveyor. Machines can be created with any of the available 6 available recipes; Construction, Mining, Separation, Processing, Storage and Industry.
Each unique machine has a particular behaviour and for example a Separation machine will only pick up blue and green items, all other items do not effect it and are moved along. A Processing machine will create additional items, but can also consume them, leaving them behind in the process. Each machine also requires a recipe to produce new items with, the recipe system is very flexible and allows for more recipes to be designed than available slots. To fill the machines recipe slots, you use logic modules (the yellow-green items) to make sure the required items are available to be picked up, moved along and into the input of the machines. Logic is also used to ensure that the conveyor is equipped to receive the items from the output of the machine.
The conveyor itself behaves like a 3D physics sandbox with a large world to explore, with items and logic to detect and interact with. This allows for an incredibly rich and robust environment to explore and customise to your heart’s desire.
Certain items need to be created in order to fully experience the breadth of Conveyance. There are 20 extra items that, when put in the order that they arrive, change the game. These include extended warnings, signs, barriers and barriers that can detect movement. These items are automatically added to each conveyor and can be used to create new and interesting building blocks.
Key Features:
No time limits on sandbox play and true player created environments
No stats, no records – your creation is your only record
Build all the conveyors you want, as long as you pay for them
Using machines you can build an amazing network of conveyors
No stressful limits on conveyor length
The world is yours, no limits
Ground and above-ground machines you can use for everything from raw material to building/


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Theres no time limit, but watch your back!Fight for survival, while exploring dangerous and exotic landscapes, with no HUD, and discover the world of Icarus through the eyes of the character you create. Dive in and dive out of a ruin, or ride on the back of a Mongoose as you delve deeper into the volatile terrain, encounter diverse dangers and witness Icaruss unique world unfold. Slither through crumbling ruins as you gather exotic matter, compete for contracts, recruit military units, and exploit more than 200 resources scattered through the terrain.Work and trade with a network of Outposts, and cooperate with factions as you navigate treacherous dangers. Build houses, research technologies, explore the world, and help rebuild Icaruss future.Stick to the Ground:
Expect environmental hazards and enemy attacks on the surface, as theres no getaway for your massive battle robot. Survive the battles, and be prepared to flee, run or take cover. Keep an eye out for powerful creatures, such as the massive Deathwing, and powerful military units like the Chimera and Pulsar Warhounds. Its all about situational awareness. Be patient, be brave, and prepare to fight.Survive for Years:
Your progress is stored, so you can continue from your current mission even if your internet connection is down. Then, when youre ready, dive in and challenge yourself to make it back home in time. Be smart, crafty and brave. Be prepared to make decisions, and to be criticized. Learn to accept criticism and use it as motivation to be the best you can be. Experiment, learn from your mistakes, and iterate. Theres never too late to start over again.About RocketWerkzRocketWerkz is a small team of developers with a passion for building games. Our creative drive comes from designing mechanics that captivate and challenge players. We want to push the boundaries of what we can achieve through game design. We also love team games, and we are committed to supporting the community, giving back to the development community, and ensuring the games we create aren’t just fun, but add value to players’ lives. We want to offer something that other developers don’t, and we hope you enjoy the games we create.ICARUS: Supporters Edition: CohortMap & Missions: Pack


What’s new:

,000 points

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of renewable energy vehicles and battery electric vehicles have seen some promising signals this year. With more battery electric cars in operation than gas-powered cars and more charging stations being offered than ever before, EVs have become more affordable and more easily accessible. All this makes them attractive for adoption.

The global EV market, however, is dominated by a handful of manufacturers and they are busy competing with each other on price, range and even supply versus demand. And they are starting to see that electric vehicles are not as popular as they once were. After all, the Tesla Model S is the only EV whose range exceeds 500 km. Vehicles with more than 200 km range are scarce and aren’t generally considered the cream of the crop.

One of the most interesting players in the EV space is Samsung, a company that has been making products of all kinds for decades but doesn’t have the brand recognition or financial muscle of the giants like Tesla, BMW or Porsche. Samsung is currently working on a high-powered battery electric vehicle it calls the 2016.1. The car will be based on Samsung’s future hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. The 2016.1, however, is a concept model and by no means a product on sale. So what is driving Samsung to undertake the development of a mass-production BEV?

In this article we’ll see what prompted the 2016.1 to make a comeback in time for the IAA technology show.

Electric Vehicles of 2016

Year 2022: Electric Vehicles of the Future

Last year, the year 2015, was the year of coming to terms with the problems of time and distance of renewable energy vehicles. Every major manufacturer of solar and renewable energy vehicles had a 2012 model on sale. And almost all of them surpassed their 2011 competitors in terms of power and range.

Theoretically, this signals the end of the road for conventional hybrid vehicles but there are still plenty of people who prefer all-electric and hybrid over all-conventional. The latter takes the longest to build and, of course, has the biggest carbon footprint. And consumers are increasingly preferring smaller, more eco-friendly, pedal cars like the Smart electric car for short daily commutes and other joy rides.

So the slowdown of the demand for gasoline cars was not only a problem of the existing players in the renewable energy vehicle market but also for the newcomers. Some of the big players have weighed the pros and


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MEND Arcade Battle is my original attempt at a visual novel-based Fighting Game. I took what I knew from the genre, which involves a mix of visual novel and RPG mechanics, and combined them into a unique hybrid of gameplay styles. I wanted to make a game that I enjoyed playing, and at the same time, I wanted to make a game that could be enjoyed by both avid Fighting Game fans and visual novel fans.
In MEND, there are 6 tiers of battles that players will encounter when playing. At the bottom, there is a training mode that lets players unlock assist moves and bosses without engaging the final boss at the end of each path. At the next level, there is a room where players can go online and have a match against the AI, which will proceed to the next level where battles get progressively harder. Then comes the Arcade mode where the final battle takes place. Following the Arcade mode, players will be faced with a Game Over screen, where they can return to any previous tier and attempt to unlock alternate paths. Upon ending the game, players will be able to watch the MEND storyline either in text format or in the bonus mode. While many Fighting Games are the same, MEND Arcade Battle has its own personality and many features unique to the game experience.
There are 3 modes in MEND Arcade Battle:
•Arcade Mode – A single-player game, where players can choose a character and play through the Arcade Mode.
•Game Over – View character and their attacks from a different perspective. Look for special moves and combos.
•Bonus Mode – Players can view a detailed look at the movie MEND. This is available from the beginning of the game, and will be unlocked later on.
With the release of MEND Arcade Battle I hope to make a fun game that delves into the type of gameplay that I am most familiar with and find to be most enjoyable. And as always, I want to give back to the community and share MEND with the world!
For more information and follow-up updates, please visit
For more information about the MEND franchise, please visit
For news and updates, please follow @mend_ninja_punks


I think this game is playing in Flash form, and then moves to HTML5.
Here is the sales page:


How To Crack:

  • Download the right version from the torrent download link
  • Open the torrent program
  • Select the right software file (.exe) and save the file
  • Run the setup file
  • Click Next button
  • Choose the place where you want to install the game and click next
  • Some games have an option of Self-Extracting and Extract the file
  • You will see the setup process
  • Click Finish

Play Game On Windows

  • Install the game with the help of IDM or other software
  • Make sure your Java SE Runtime Environment 1.7.0 (or higher) is installed on your computer
  • Play the game if you face any difficulties…

Why This Website?

  • To share the game link, download the game for free you need to have a fast connection and high speed data
  • To share the game play guide
  • To share the game play information and share some funny stuff

How Can I Help You?

  • There are a lot of other games to download, you may find them on the site
  • The game is not working, you can ask me in the comments section, which you may share with me
  • It is my first web-based game I am uploading, feel free to give suggestions, which will help me to improve the quality and the ease in which to navigate the site

System Requirements:

i.Rift – PC
Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4570 or AMD® FX-8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7900
DirectX®: Version 11
HDD: 30 GB free space

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